Been feeling a bit (or a lot) blah lately?

Want to move that blah?

Is your energy in need of a boost?

Is it time for a vibrational tune up?




  • Simply
  • Effectively
  • Effortlessly

Are you ready to increase your vibrations?

I like simple, doable practices. Things that take 2-5mins a day. These I love and can do. Stick to or keep in my reservoir for when I need them.

So I have pulled together everything that has worked for my clients and me.

All tried and tested.

All you have to do is try them and then do it.

You will receive a prompt and practice for 10 days.


So Are You Ready?
Join Me on Thursday, December 1, 2016:

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Come & Play. Raise Your Vibrations.

Receive the tools that I, and millions of others use every day.

Tune Up Your Vibrations.

It works if you work it and you are worth it.


Thanks Maria, I really enjoyed your challenge & I love the cards. I've done a few challenges recently but most were way too heavy & demanding. Yours was light & manageable. It was a great reminder to go back to the basics of what makes me happy.

Catherine Joy | 
Lined with Silver


Thanks very much Maria- it is a great gift!

Thanks for your love!!!



Loving your FB posts I love your work. I love you! 



 I've loved your course. The course definitely affected me, raising my feel-good vibe. I feel that whenever I open one of your email:)

Susan Seale


Thank you darling Maria. I have really enjoyed doing this challenge and have looked to receiving your email daily. A beautiful reminder of the simple things we can do daily to raise our vibration. Much love and many blessings to you. 

Meegan Hirst  


I really feel like I have a much clearer direction and am feeling calmer over all.

Cat Kerle