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Is losing weight a spiritual process?

26165833_10155604180542479_3197253846801062266_nLast night I received a beautiful insight into weight and why we hold onto it.

It has to do with the hunger cue – is it physiological or spiritual? 

What does the hunger cue feel like for you?

For me, when I felt into the depth of it – it felt desperate, like my breath was being taken away – felt deep – like a karmic wound. 

Last night I sat with it and didn’t react on impulse – allowed the feelings to come up. Became curious and whoa – so insightful. 

If you are carrying more weight than you would like to (like I am) listening to your body and discerning between spiritual and physical is a great step towards release.

Geneen Roth, author of “Women Food and God” speaks of the spiritual element of weight “issues.” In this book the author shares concepts that can be appreciated intellectually but to actively be inspired to follow them in the moment, is a learning curve. Being curious is the first step towards greater awareness of patterns and a clue to the layers of self sabotage.  It can be tough to follow through with what you know versus how the body reacts to its environment.

Taking a moment to pause, reflect, breathe, gives life to a new way of being. All you need to do is repeat often and create a new neural loop.  Awareness is the key. Inspired action is the step. Calling in awareness takes a moment and the result will be, breaking the feedback loop and creating a new you.

Another part of this exploration is to discern between physical hunger, spiritual hunger and emotional hunger and learning to feed the body physically only when it really needs it, and feeding the soul/spirit regularly with spiritual practice.  What spiritual practices have you introduced to your life or can you introduce to your life?

Some have reported to change the relationships with the sensation of hunger. As a result they move energy far differently than they experienced in the past. For example with the simple observation of a 48 hour fast monthly and intermittent fasting too. Others have said that this seems to reset the urgent need to eat too, that instant need to eat. Fasting has also healed low thyroid function 

Another resource is Julia Cameron’s Writing Diet. She uses journaling to access some of what you speak about here. Use it and discover why the cravings and patterns?   And there is also permission to eat food from childhood (mindfully, fully remembering what it brings up) and trying new foods on food dates. This book is similar to her famous Artists Way book, but all around food.

The processes shared in this book dovetailed nicely with using food as medicine. The cravings are messages about what the body is in need of for physical sustenance rather than emotional or spiritual sustenance.

Mirror work is another powerful tool to reveal any undercurrent stimulus to patterns and behaviour.  

Mother Earth offers many resources too. Think essential oils that stimulate the olfactory sensations.  Also think crystals which connect you to earth and grounding. Spiritual? Yes and physiological too!  The impact on senses can change the way you behave around food, therefore establishing healthier patterns and choices.

Then what about posture – something to say when the spinal – kundalini energetic challenge is kept clear and clean – do you have more flow? Yes! More energy? Yes!

When you explore the matrix of physical, emotional and spiritual components of weight and why weight, there is definitely a more graceful and longterm, sustaining approach to weight management. I am loving this journey – I hope you will too.

As I discover the spiritual component of weight, choices and freedom are on the increase. No more need for a quick fix. Compassion has been restored. Acceptance has been returned and love has been invited back. A much happier and more confident individual has been re-birthed.

If this is something you would like to explore, join me. I would love to connect. Click this link to gain access to the workshop as well as other insights for a more graceful way of living. 

Spiritual Mentoring – is it a good biz thing?

Can it make me money?

How can it contribute to my success?


Oh my goodness.

Today I have my first session with my new Spiritual Mentor.  It is something I have been looking to do but had not connected with the right person to administer this insight for me in my business and life.

So yes today I am excited.

I am walking my talk.

I do believe we all need to be seen, witness, honoured in sacred space.  No judgment – nothing to do but be heard and steered towards the light.  Especially when we are sitting in our shadow.

To navigate the shadow by yourself can be scary, hairy, unknown and a struggle.

But to have your spirituality witness – when I say spirituality, I mean God within – the light, then this brings peace, resonance, balance and alignment.  All great things.

I will speak about me, I re-member that I am not alone, I am part of the whole, I part of community.  I am held, witnessed and loved.

From this place, I can do anything.


How about you?  Can you imagine what will happen when you bring yourself back to what you are meant to do?  When you listen to your soul speak to you.  When you hear your spirit – words being voiced, mirrored back.

I so excited about today and wanted to share it with you.

If you have craved the success you know you are meant to achieve in this lifetime.  Hire a Spiritual Mentor – it is truly is a divine gift you can give to yourself.  As an entrepreneur, my time with my Spiritual Mentors have proven to be the most impressive on my bottom line.  I have achieved so much more, have increased my profitability and enjoyed the journey with panache, ease and grace.

Who doesn’t want that?

Life and business gets easier and so much more graceful.

If you are looking for a Spiritual Mentor and a Spiritual Mentoring Group – you should check out my “Journey to Life” Spiritual Development and Transformational experience.  You won’t be sorry.  You will supported, seen, witnessed, held and loved.  Enough to see your own light and forge the path ahead.  Click this link to find out more.



Dripping taps and pain – both motivators for inspired action!

Why does a dripping tap annoy you?




Drip, drip, drip, drip . . .

It’s the continual, repetitive,  innane action going nowhere that annoys, frustrates and even makes you angry.

 Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 12.43.43 pm




Then you start to ask through the annoyance – why is it dripping? For some this takes a while to get to. For others who have experienced a dripping tap before, it’s relatively short or even instant.

When you reach that tipping point of total anger (frustration) (insert your own adjective – it could even be failure – a much deeper subconscious, which affect your physiology), then it’s time to take action.

What to do? You become curious? You start to gather information. You google – what to do to fix a dripping tap? You may even now be starting to break down the function of the tap. When has it been affected so that it’s function is impaired? 

A parallel to the body??

Maybe a long bow! Bear with me.

When you feel pain – what happens? How do feel? What are the emotions you feel? 

Anger, frustration, ultimately failure – this affects your physiology more than the simple tap tap tap that your getting from within. Or I could say drip-drip-drip. Lol!!

It’s takes along time for any pain or disease to fully form and present. It’s articulation is a dance, a poem, a story – take time to come together.

What if just like the dripping tap, you became curious the first time it present. That first leak (tap) or nudge (intuitive) for the body.


How would you be? 

Taking inspired action is continual. It’s a step by step process.

Just like that annoying leaking tap drips for attention, the body taps from the inside through pain or energy changes. So why not become attuned, be curious, trust and lean in when things first present. Taking that first inner knowing, sage even and wise step to come back to flow is the best decision you can keep making in your life and for your physical body.

Drip drip drip or tap tap tap

A sign

A message

Do something 

Be curious.

Pay attention to the drips.

Enjoy the flow.

Life is a journey.

Join the Maverick Manifestor community for support on this journey in the Earth Suit (body).  Enjoy the spirit within.

Programming Your Crystals


Crystals are an amazing source of intention and magical processes. 

How do you program crystals?   Today I share how to program quartz crystals.

There are four steps to programming your quartz crystals.

  1. Clear your quartz
  2. Ask the stone permission to be programmed
  3. Intention Setting
  4. Action

Below you will find scripts and action steps.  Let me know how you go with programming your quartz crystals.

1. Clear your quartz

Make sure any previous vibrations are removed. Think of quartz like a sponge.  Quartz is picking up all the vibrations that are around it all the time.  After you buy a quartz, you take it and clear it quickly.  Think of the energy it has collected as finger prints.  Everyone that touches quartz imprints on it.  The first time you pick up your quartz crystal and you love the vibration, set the intention if any energies that are attached to this quartz and not serving you, please clear now.

2. Ask the stone for permission to be programmed

Do I have permission to use your medicine in this way?  

Do I have permission to charge and program this stone?  

Wait and listen.  

You’ll know.  

There will be a sense of peace.  

Yes, its ready for you to work with it.  Feel it.

3. Intention setting


Quartz is a stone that can act as if it is any other stone.  

You can do a day by day thing, where you need another type of stone – “quartz today do I have permission to charge you to have the properties of eg. amethyst?”

“I program this quartz to behave in a way that reflects the properties of amethyst.  With all of the properties of insight, connection to higher self and psychic ability, in alignment with the highest good.

This is the task

Now is the time

I bind the energy of my intention to this crystal

I set the energies free to manifest in alignment with the highest good of all beings

so shall it be . . .”

For example

I want to program you to magnify good health and weight loss.

Quartz do I have the permission to program you to work for me to support and magnify my intentions for perfect health and perfect weight.

So shall it be

This is the task, now is the time

I bind the energy of my intention to this crystal for perfect health and weight loss.

I set the energies free to manifest in alignment with the highest good of all beings

so shall it be . . .


4. Action – you need to work with the stone  

You can’t just program it and then put it in a draw somewhere.  You have to work with the crystal – this is a tool.  How?  you carry it with you.

The more you reinforce the energies that you are working with the tools, the more the tools act in alignment with that intention.  You have to work with them.  Be in your purse, in your bra – meditate with them.  The work is the best part.  If you don’t work with your tools – how will you know?

NB: If the stone says no – choose another piece.

In summary . . .

Permission is really important as it honours the integrity of your tools.

Intention is really important

Clearing is really important

Let me the magic begin 

If you would like to know which crystals you can use to support your business success – click here to download your copy of “Crystal Guide for Business Success”


Ceremony, Ritual, Tradition and Wisdom


I am so lucky. My upbringing was steeped in ceremony, ritual and tradition. At the time not particularly well understood. But now remembering with an inner knowingness and wisdom that warms my insides and lights up my soul.

Today I was wholeheartedly part of an invocation and blessing. Sharing the experience with 3 generations, my mum, me and my son.

We were off to show Nonna the new car (new to my son) who is about to get his drivers licence. He just turned 18.

Nonna with my son.

I knew Mum would create a parcel and perform a ceremony, as I had seen it many times in my life. 

Today was different as I am ready to immerse myself in all things ancestral.  For the first time in my life, I wanted to know the ingredients and what the intention behind each one was. Yep Mum is my teacher.

I am exploring and open to the richness of tradition. 

Ceremony and ritual according to the depth and wisdom of  Italian culture and traditional folklore.

Mum started to gather the ingredients for the ritual and then we gathered around the new addition and the ceremony began.

A blessing that warmed my heart, as my son starts the next part of his journey. 

Manifesting all good, shunning all bad and embracing what is.

Immersed in such spiritual practices and cultural experiences.

I just love the richness of the Italian culture. The traditions, the elements and the congruency with all my energy work.

Little did I know growing up that this would be my path. Medical intuition, understanding, appreciating and accepting the energy around us. It is a consciousness beyond my wildest dreams. 

All in divine timing.  There were many times in my life that I wanted to know but there was always something that got in the way. Today was my day to awaken to this ceremony. Universe, I am ready.

If it is meant to be it will happen.

Sigil Contra la fasiono – il male occhio

  • Salt for strength
  • Chilli as protection against evil 
  • Mint – all bad 
  • Money – prosperity
  • Red cloth 
  • Ogni Male astuta
  • Virgin Mary look after her flock


If you loved this, you will also love the Money Manifesting Sigil Recipe – click here to download yours.

What does Bandwidth and Energy have in common?


Have you ever received message “internet connection unstable”?  What does this have to do with energy?  

There is a correlation between the bandwidth and energy.  Here is a video where I describe this correlation.

It’s a 3 step process.

  • Contraction
  • Integration
  • Expansion

Same with expanded energy and vibrations – it’s important to feel safe when you are expanding and attracting more clients, more visitors, more of what you have been working towards – yes towards your success.

electricity-705670_1920There is a saying that is bandied around “new level, new devil”.  So if you are feeling excessively expanded and bandwidth (vibrations) is unsteady – take a moment and ground.

Go through the 3 steps – contract, integrate and then expand.

This process will steer you towards expanded awareness and ultimately to your success.

If you are interested in more join us in the Business of Healing Facebook Group where we share from a expanded awareness and provide support to feel safe in the world of Business of Healing.


{Vlog} How to increase flow so you can increase currency?

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 7.27.47 AM


In this video I share the four elements of the Healers’ currency.

  • time
  • energy
  • money
  • intellectual property

So that you open to receive the support you deserve from your business.

I share why the Coaches’ Business Model did not work for me.

I share what does work for me.

I encourage you to value your energy, keeping it sacred.

Honour your structure and strategy.

Have some boundaries around your time, energy and intellectual property.

I have put together a check list for you.  Healers’ Sacred Energy Container checklist – all the things you can do to fill up – especially for Healers.  Click here to download yours.

{Vlog} Recipe for Manifesting

If you are anything like me, I like to have structure and experience the manifesting from a

  • a
  • b
  • c
  • d


Then forget the structure and trust the Universe as it delivers exactly what we need.

Love it when we manifest with ease and grace.

Maverick Manifestors Unite.

If you would like to go further with manifesting – download the Abundance Ritual by clicking here.