Today I am celebrating alignment.

Where I was teaching protection, now I teach, guide and mentor to Empowerment.

The shift and realisation has come recently and it feels powerful, ignited and passionate.

My heart and soul are singing.

The clarity and direction feels and is amazing.

I invite you to travel with me in a sacred and intimate opportunity to open your gifts and sensitivities to being Empowered.

Journey with me to find the divine expression of yourself in life and biz.

Clear the need for perfection. Call on your own innate gifts to offer direction, clarity and guidance for your path forward.

Success comes when you take inspired action consistently. You take action consistently when you are feeling confident and self assured.

Belief in you and your gifts, is the foundation to your success.


You know it’s an inside job. Lean into your deep sense of knowing. The deep well of resonance.

Sharing my experiences, my wisdom and my gifts with you would be an honour and joy.


To your continued success and to your empowerment!

Check in with the energy of it and join me.


Do we need to protect our energies?

Or do we need to know how our energies change? To intrinsically know them more?

So what do you think about protection and boundaries?

I think we do need to protect our energies, create boundaries to integrate and then make way for expansion.

These are 3 stages of this evolutionary process

The first is

Contraction – Go Within

Get to know yourself without distraction of other peoples’ energies, opinions or any other form of communication. This will support you to be less of a sponge. You know, stop you from picking up other people’s energies unconsciously. We just do it because it is what we are here to do.

You contract your energy field so you get to know it better than you every have. You plug the leaks. You know your triggers. You smooth out the kinks. You love yourself enough to hold you tightly in a warm embrace.

Energetic Boundaries - contraction

Until you feel integrated.

The second is integration – Solid Foundation

Integrate the knowledge of your energy sphere. The way your conscious and subconscious operate in this fast world. Keep it close and safe. I am talking about cellular integration. Where your nervous system will know when you feel out of alignment and when you need time out.

All can be learnt, once you are aware.

The third stage is expansion – Prosperity Consciousness

Expand your energy sphere so you attract your soul mate, your tribe, your clients.

How do you expand your energies?   You expand it by consciously being aware of your sphere. I know it sounds, abit weird but it is exquisite, once you know how. If you think, vibrations, emotions, energies – you will be on the right track.

You will oscillate between these 3 stages but being aware of them is critical to maintaining your energy.

If you can relate to the above or are curious – I share my journey and maybe it will make more sense to you.

Energetic Boundaries - integrated My journey as it unfolded . . .

When I first started sharing my gifts as a Medical Intuitive, I had other metaphysicians/energy workers suggest that I needed protection from outside forces.

But I would not remember to protect myself. I would feel like a failure especially when I was drained.

It took me many years and several illnesses to discover that I needed to contract, integrate and then expand – rather than be wide opened and be zapped of energy regularly.

I had a problem with merging and taking on other peoples’ stuff…so something was required. I worked on strengthening my internal experience of self…integrating my parts in new ways.

I empowered myself in a unique maverick way. I did what I thought was relevant and intuitively aligned.

Now I help others do so too. Without fear or illness.

The big picture . . .

I feel the journey is about releasing the need for protection and instead embrace empowerment.

Being aware and setting boundaries in every day communications, in life and business will support your energy.

Which in turn, protects you, until you can expand with consciousness, whilst feeling safe and secure within yourself.

After many years of getting to know myself from the inside out – my understanding of energy comes from a place of conscious thought process whereas before I was a sponge and fearful.

I honour the process and now guide gorgeous souls gently to the same, feeling whole and complete. It’s like you need to know you before you invite the world in – triggers, associations, stories and energy variations.

I feel the words ‘energetic boundaries’ implies that you are looking after your energies anyway, but in a more positive way.

Do you want to know more?

Check out my ecourse Energetic Boundaries – it is a total immersion process into getting to know yourself more, whilst having my guidance, as your Spiritual Mentor. We will come together in circle with like minded souls. Nothing is off limits – everything is on the table to explore energies. Yes, your energies – how to contract, integrate and expand. I look forward to witnessing your evolution.

Are limits necessary?

limits - you are the vessel

What do you think of living within your limits?

Well, I was triggered last week by one of my Practitioner colleagues who was giving well founded advice.

So it got me thinking – why am I so triggered?

It was like “limits” what????!!!!!!

Do we have limits?

Sure, but do our limits have to stop us from developing further?

How do we develop skills beyond our physical parameters?

Little by little.

limiteOr in my case one step at a time.

This discussion sprung from my autoimmune health challenges.

So what do you do when your body is talking back and saying “whoa, time to take it easy and regroup.”

I am listening a lot more these days.

I feel like I am regrouping. I am waiting to regenerate vitality and energy. renewing takes time, acknowledgement, awareness and action.  This will support the process of shifting through the limits that present themselves.

You may be like me and be a recovering perfectionist where time is of the essence and immediate results are required (body and ego).

Soul wants attention. Integration happens when all elements are prepared for evolution.

So what am I doing?

Working with holistic and energetic practitioners. I am gaining more and more insights of my energetic body as well as how my physical body reacts to my thinking.

I am listening to the whispers more.

I am putting me first.

Getting reacquainted with my boundaries.

So is it important to know your limits? Yes it is.

Once you know you your limit, you can take inspired action towards expanding your energy.  so limits do not impact your health.

The lessons

Know your limits but also know you can limitless without fear and with a lot of self care and love

It is good to know your limits so that you have awareness. From this knowing you can set the ball rolling to expand your limitations and embody new parameters that support your mind, body and soul.

2 thoughts on “Are limits necessary?

    1. Maria Post author

      hi Karen,
      interesting question – I immediately thought no – but I think they are both awareness tools. Boundaries are being aware of where you start and finish, energetically so you are not taking on other people's energy. Limits are more intrinsic and refer to your abilities and expansiveness. So both are energetic but one is out/in and there other one is in/out.

      Great q – thanks for asking.
      with love,
      Maria xx

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Thank you for helping me

Thank you for helping me.

I just finished listening to Matt Kahn, a spiritual mentor and guide,  speak this phrase   It presented a real solution and invitation towards more enlightenment.  I wanted to share it with you.  I love it.  I am going to use this phrase.  How about you?  Will you give it go?  Let me explain why you may want to consider it.

This is a phrase of spiritual transformation, engagement and remembering.  I am feeling grateful for all my experiences.

This phrase will help shift to you to a new way of feeling and to prosperity consciousness. It is inspirational and lightness in one.

massage-599476_1280Try saying this phrase next time you are encountered by feelings that don’t align with your self. Feelings that are far removed from who you really are.  Think icky, confrontational, egoic, non truths, not liking, shame, guilt, triggers – all the stuff, us human need to transcend when we are challenged, pushed or misguided in any way.

Thank you for helping me

Say this when you encounter or interact with someone who is making you feel less than.

This diffuses the intensity of feelings. Helps you remember that you are a cellular being and neutralises the malignancy of thought towards yourself and the other person.

Everything is an experience. Everything works out.

Thank you for helping me.

Helping me see a part of me that needs to be loved and healed. Thank you for helping me remember so I can become aware and then release.

Thank you for helping me come back to a place of love.

Thank you for showing me where I need attention and show myself more love.

heart-799138_1280Thank you for helping me – say it next time you are in a place of forgetting the amazing love being that you are.

Becoming conscious to a process. This statement will support you in an amazing journey of spiritual transformation, cleansing you of past hurts, misunderstandings and incongruencies.

Thank you for helping me.

Want to know more watch this video by Matt Kahn. Enlightening, truth and paradigm shifting.

“Thank you helping me” is beautiful,  heartfelt and simple. Next time you are shown something in you that needs attention, say it – it will change your world and how you behave in it.

Thank you for helping me – very powerful, inducing and infusing a sense of peace, balance and love.

Blessings and thank you for helping me.

8 thoughts on “Thank you for helping me

  1. farah

    oh I love it! "Thank you for helping me". As a receiver, how can you not become even more open towards another who says this? It goes beyond thank you. It persoanlises and acknowledges and honours the other so graciously. Beautiful. I will eek out an hour or so to watch the video too. Thank you for helping me Maria!

  2. april

    what a lovely phrase, maria . . . "thank you for helping me." i am often encouraging my clients to embrace all of their emotions, even the so-called negative ones, so they can begin to understand what their feelings are trying to tell them. this is the perfect phrase to help them understand the lessons their emotions contain. thank you, maria, for helping me.

  3. Michelle

    I was just practicing this during a painful situation this week, Maria. This often happens with your posts. Something happens over the course of the week, and then a few days later, I read about how I've been approaching the "something" over here. It's happened more times that I can count. We are definitely connected, soul sister o' mine. 🙂 xo

    1. Maria Post author

      hi Michelle
      it's funny you should say that because I feel the same way with you – definitely soul siStars – thank you gorgeous soul xx

  4. Cathy Sykora

    I love this! This is a great reminder that every uncomfortable or "icky" encounter can be a wonderful learning opportunity and a chance to become aware of potential needs. It is a great way to practice faith in the process and let go of circumstance. Thank you for this reminder!

  5. Cathy

    This is something I remind my clients about when they have a symptom or a thought-pattern that keeps them stuck: thank it for the way it's protected you up until now, so that you can send it peaceably on its way. What you're talking about here is the same thing, but you show how it goes so much deeper than clearing symptoms. I don't even know how to express myself about this properly, other than to say that reading this touched a very soft spot in me tonight and its energy is reverberating around my body in a very powerful way.

    Going to watch the video now…

    Thank you for this, Maria. xo

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How to say YES to YOU!!!!

3 key action steps to choose YOU with Grace

There comes a time when you step up and say YES to you. Your wants, your needs and your likes. As a mum and daughter, this can be a defining moment in life. I can say now that the empowerment of saying yes to me first, leaves me feeling energetically free, spacious and feeling full, all at the same time. As a woman striving to live a life of consciousness, co-creator of all my experiences and still being of service, this is a poignant moment.

celebrating youThe emptiness, the need to please or put anyone above my needs enters my consciousness in a curious observer mode, rather than an empirical need to act. It has taken almost a lifetime to reach. Don’t get me wrong – these are still my default position. But now I recognise them.

  1. Awareness

The awareness is the key to opening the ability to be conscious to the motivation to be in the role of “martyrdom”. I know this strikes a cord in me too. What do I mean? The triggers are still there but the lucid and conscious thought process around it can lead to self mastery and authenticity that you could only imagine and then magnify it, because it sure is a sweet spot

  1. Inquiry

How is this serving I? How is my body reacting? Is this for my highest good? How does this allow me to be fully aligned?

  1. Appraisal

The answers to the questions help me determine my processing mode. If the answers come back in the positive I follow it – if they come back in the negative, there is room to change. Change itself can prove challenging. I know from experience that the challenge or resistance is ego and takes some effort. The effort is so worth it. The freedom you feel from transitioning from the state of giving everything away “prostitute” to keeping what is yours for your highest good “empowerment” is so delicious. Allowing your soul to soar and your body to do a happy dance, free and aligned to function, effortlessly and energetically in flow.

just BEI am writing this from a hotel room in the Philippines, chaperoning my Mum for 10 days. Being 77 she worries or goes into anxiety as a default position. She is my mum and needs to know where I am and what I am doing.   In the past, this would have had my inner child trying to defend herself, but this morning, something changed. As a result I was able to hold the space with love, cater to my needs and to my Mum’s needs without compromise. It felt good and empowering.

In my experience, family members are the biggest triggers. Transcending with a notion of self mastery and love is so empowering. It does take practice. The steps above are simple, create inspired action and are results based. Try them! The stages are Awareness, Inquiry and then Appraisal. Put yourself first, send love in the world and wait for the response – it is prolific and life changing.


You’re too sensitive, you cry too much, you feel too deeply…

Have any of these statements been said about you?

And how could these help you create an AMAZING business?

Did you know that 20% of the human population are Highly Sensitive?


Highly Sensitive People have physiological differences and studies are proving there are chemical differences too, including serotonin and dopamine.

It is said serotonin can affect moods, social behaviour, gastrointestinal processes and sleep. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that acts within systems in the body too, including the reward system – pleasure.

Empaths make up around 4% of the Highly Sensitive population, see my blog about being an Empath.

When you feel like you cry too much, or people call you too sensitive, I really want you to know that it’s a gift and is acknowledgement of a strength.

Having the right tools and tips to assist you in getting to know this gift, and embracing a support team to help you, are important in helping you to live your best life as a sensitive person.


Someone to talk to and help you understand the way you can recognise when you are feeling what is yours and when you are taking on the moods and feelings of others.

It is also valuable to have a community of people who know what it’s like to be labelled “thin skinned” and “sensitive” or even “sooky la la”. They can sympathise, but also provide you with backup and strength for you to begin appreciating your ability and using it to help you be of service to others.

Being a highly sensitive person, and empath, creates opportunities for you to grow your business and create relationships with people from an intuitive level … Strengthening the bond with your clients and making them feel heard and supported.

When you recognise your Empathic abilities, and put them to use, your business can improve and attract prosperity and abundance.

You are able to live and do business with a solid foundation, being aware of when you are feeling from within and recognising what your true self desires.

You can release the negativity and triggers that you take on from others, and adopt your own shiny soul calling.

The wanting to help ‘everybody’ can be detrimental to your business, while you are doing everything for free for everybody.

Knowing your abilities as an Empath and implementing the Five Pillars of Emotional Boundaries will give you more pleasure while you are working within your business and even in your life, as you are being aligned with what works for you.

It will also make the bank balance look healthy – as you can help others with an energetic exchange being involved when they complete the loop and pay you for your services.

Recognising that being an Empath is beneficial to you and your business, and having the support to help you through and make the most of it, creates a beautiful combination in making the most out of your life, living your purpose and managing a great business.

If you would like to build your business with ease and grace, through accepting and using the sensitive side of you and setting up boundaries to honour your true self, come and join me on the Encore Free Call – Could You Be an Empath?  Click here to register for the call.

11 thoughts on “You’re too sensitive, you cry too much, you feel too deeply…

  1. CecilyAUlrey

    You really ensure it is seem really easy with the presentation however i find this matter being
    really something which I think I would never understand.
    It appears too complicated and extremely broad for me. I'm looking forward for your forthcoming post, I am going to try to obtain the hang of it!

  2. Valerie

    I do feel I'm an empath and pretty sensitive (if not highly sensitive) and I completely get what you are saying. It's been so important for me to protect myself from the emotional energy of others. And sometimes I fail. Just this week I had incredible difficulty releasing negativity & triggers that we being directed at my by others. And then I have to make sure I don't beat up on myself for being too sensitive and not being able to release it soon. 🙂

    1. Maria Post author

      Hi Valerie – I so resonate – it is lovely to find the on and off switch – its there – it takes practice and awareness, which you are building on. All the best xx

  3. Cathy Sykora

    Having boundaries and knowing what is yours and what is someone else's emotional ground is very important and something that is a must when operating a successful business. This is interesting and great information. Healthy boundaries are something that everyone can benefit from, knowing what is your responsibility and what is not. I've seen a lot of people take responsibility for the emotions and feelings of others when it really had nothing at all to do with them. The best way I've found to handle situations like this is through setting clear boundaries and checking in with myself. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Maria Post author

      Hi Cathy – it sounds like you have practiced this alot – I know from my experience that is the key to know your energies, your boundaries and then practicing. xx

  4. april

    i was always told i was "too emotional," yet at the same time i always knew it was a good thing – something to be embraced and nurtured. it meant i felt things deeply, i could connect more intensely. and i liked that. thank you for bringing the virtues of an empath out into the open.

  5. Cathy

    Boundaries and community support are invaluable – even for those who don't consider themselves "sensitive", as I used to do. Th estronger I build those two essential foundations, the more I realize how much the world around me was effecting me. What a great course to offer, Maria!

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The Journey

Wisdom, courage and power

Identifying your strengths and values

As the daughter of newly arrived immigrants seeking a better life for themselves and the next generation, I now realise the parallels and immersion of past with present. The very spirit that drove my parents here drives me with my entrepreneurial pursuits. Are entrepreneurs born or made? Were you born with entrepreneurial spirit?

Let me explain.

Inspirational Courage

It took inspirational courage to board a ship to an unknown land, so far way from homeland. But the strength was in making the decision. On reflection, I find this so inspiring. Communication was difficult, change was on a massive scale but internal belief and inspired action was the catalyst to move forward.

Time for Family and Tradition

It is salami making time here. Where once this was a chore, today it is a celebration of culture, tradition, family and food. Feeling privileged to be part of it. The simple, yet complex preparation, production and creating are all ingredients for success on so many levels. The banter, shared stories and celebration of the human spirit and community is rich and offers so much to my soul.

My mum was telling me how they made salamis when they first arrived in Australia.

wisdom, tradition, courage and power

the journey

Fortitude and Belief

My mum has 9 brothers and sisters and she is number 8. In Italy she was a follower. But when she arrived here in Australia she had to learn how to do things herself. Take the lead. Her younger siblings and in laws would say well how do we do that? Mum would just say “we’ll figure it out – we’ll just do and see how it works out”.   Passion and fortitude are mum’s strength.

Inspired Action

My Mum has a pioneering resolve and took inspired action and learnt by her experiences. Some wonderfully successful but some not so – just experiences to learn by.

It is amazing how that pioneering resolve, trust, belief continue within me, the next generation.

My life is much easier than my Mum’s but that same thinking outside of the box and taking action is my commitment to moving forward – just like my Mum.


Sometimes inspired action takes courage because we do not always know the outcome. But trust and perseverance always trump complacency and boredom.

Belonging, appreciating and acknowledging the mighty spirit of that first decision is awesome and I am grateful.

What inspired action are you taking? Do you recognise the entrepreneurial spirit you were born with – tell me – I’d love to know.

11 thoughts on “The Journey

    1. admin Post author

      thanks Renee – so glad you loved the post – I loved writing it – wonderful reflection xx

  1. april

    very nice post, maria. thank you for sharing your roots. my grandma came to america from italy at the age of 20. she was a new bride in a strange world and knew no english. her determination and courage have been a huge inspiration to me recently, as i've been traveling to different countries where the languages are unfamiliar to me. i wish that i had realized and communicated this to her when she was still alive. she knew i loved her of course, but we never discussed what her voyage from "the old country" meant to her emotionally and psychologically.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi April, thank you for sharing your experiences. This is eye opening for me – when I see the strength and the courage that it took for my mum and dad – it just gives me the inspiration I need to keep moving forward. Hope it does the same for you 🙂

  2. Cathy Sykora

    Thank you for sharing the story of your family, it is so inspiring and thought provoking! My entire career path has been due to entrepreneurial spirit. I grew up in a family where if you had a dream, hard work and perseverance will make it happen. I believe that if you are willing to be inspired and work hard consistently, anything is possible.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Cathy, here here – totally agree – with inspired action and consistency – anything can happen 🙂

      1. Camila

        It's all but a fleeting momnet isn't it?we are rather "un-evolved" when it comes to living the understanding that our lives are but a tiny spec of time. The paradox that makes me giggle a lot, is that we just don't matter do we? And YET…we do matter very much!!I have been feeling this so strongly lately…There is really only ONE thing to do and that is simply to be happy. ALL THE TIME.I hope you had a wonderful time with your mum…and I hope that you were feeling good the whole time you were with her. After all…how we feel is the best indicator of how we are supposed to live our lives.Cheers Chris, enjoy the weekend.Marc

  3. Michelle

    I am the granddaughter of a Portuguese immigrant who lived the entrepreneurial American dream. It is my genetics and my destiny to do the same. 🙂

  4. Cathy

    We always thing of how much courage it takes to get on a boat or a plane to a new land with nothing more than a few pieces of luggage and a desire for a better life. It never occured to me to look at my attempts at entrepreneurship in the same light, but you're right, it really is an adventure. The journey's wavy and I may not land exactly where I set out to go, but I'm learning so much about myself, my inner resources and my strength in the process.

    Thanks for sharing your family's history!

  5. Susie

    Love hearing about you parents and how their entrepreneurial spirit is part of you! I have always known that I was going to create a business and success by doing my own thing. That doesn't mean I didn't work for others for many years it just means that I knew eventually I wouldn't.

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Boundaries will make you a better you

Healthier, wealthier and seeing the abundance present in your life, daily.

Have you ever wondered why is this always happening to me? “This” can be anything. It was a question I asked myself repeatedly until very recently. Yes I’ve been enlightened and it feels great.  This week “this” has been highlighted in a profound way. Continue reading

7 thoughts on “Boundaries will make you a better you

  1. april

    i just had a week like this, maria. my husband's grandmother (my adopted grandma) passed away and my younger son was diagnosed with lyme disease. several other (smaller) pesky things happened as well. STOP! and i had to relearn the lessons myself. i had to remember what i am always reminding my clients of (like "how I react is my responsibility", etc). thank you for an inspiring article, and i'm glad your son is better.

    1. admin Post author

      Hello April, Im sorry to hear of the passing of your husband's grandmother and your son's diagnosis of lyme disease. Lessons learnt and reflections, release us somehow. Lots of love to you and big warm virtual hugs, Maria xx

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Shhhh….Listen! Do you hear the sound of Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal Fatigue

How Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome can affect your life?

Did you know that this awful debilitating disease can be reversed by developing an amazing relationship with your self. I have done it.  I struggled with cortisol hormone release – which was way too active in my body.  I was always in a state of flux and having to achieve.

When I was training for my first marathon in 2006, my personal trainer said to me – did you know that you are excreting way too much cortisol but I thought it was what everyone else around me was feeling too. 

I felt it was what I needed to do.  It absolutely propelled me forward to achieve amazing goals but it did take a toll on my physical body and my quality of life.  I continued to do 3 more marathons until I broke down.

I felt that it was the soft option to take time out and re-energize my body by resting.   Why would I need to take care of me?  It was not something that resonated with me.  I had never been exposed to people relaxing, enjoying a state of rest and physiologically managing my central nervous system. 

I had to learn to sit quietly, to eat well (this is still a work in progress) and be ok with not doing continually.

What was the cause?

Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome is caused by excess excretion of cortisol in the system which is excreted by the kidneys.  The result is that you are always on – ready to go – eventually the body is tired and you get tired. Tired to the point of exhaustion.  Functional disturbances from the kidneys come about because of dysfunctions in relationships.

The biggest one here is relationship to self.  What you think and how you behave, what you say about yourself.  Take notice of what that inner dialogue is saying.  My inner dialogue became pervasive and very surreptitious.  There was a hate for myself that became very destructive.  I wasn’t good enough in anything I did.  Mother guilt was at a high.  I was a bad wife, couldn’t keep a clean house, was a bad daughter, sister, friend.  Really did not like my self at all. 

I had to prove that I was better than what my thoughts were telling me.  The internal guidance system was to do – always to do.  Never to relax – I couldn’t afford the time to just relax – that was lazy. 

This cycle led to a complete breakdown.  Kept me dysfunctional inside the home, behind closed doors and very tired all the time.  Without respite.  I was a good actor and I soldiered on but inside was crumbling.

Techniques you can do at home – healing from within

Until one day, a very dear friend of mine asked me to look in the mirror and say I love you.  Really see me for who I am, whole and complete.   Appreciate all my experiences, knowledge gained and wisdom.  Was it easy – no!  It was totally necessary.  So I urge you to look in the mirror and really see the beauty within.  Imagine you are speaking to your child, summon the feeling of love you have for them.  Look into your eyes and allow your soul to speak to you.  You are worth it.

Your relationship to self is the first step in healing this pervasive condition.


Start to explore the world around you.  Look at the evidence in your life that shows your abundance of experiences.  Treat yourself like you would your own best friend.  You are worthy and you deserve peace in your soul.  Just like me, you have the tools to navigate the pathway to your own Bliss and magic life.  I know I needed support to get to this place of freedom, safety and bliss.  If you need support, I am here for you.  Book in for your free Body Whisperer Session and we can have a chat of how I can best serve you.  How you can find the balance that your soul craves, how you can be the star of your own show, YOUR LIFE.


When enough is enough!!!!!!

Have you heard the statement – you are enough?

When I heard this for this first time – I didn’t quite understand this – I thought that of course we are all enough!

But along the way on my journey of evolvement – I started to indulge of the feeling that I wasn’t quite enough – I neeeeded more! It became a sport.

I felt like I didn’t have enough skills. So I did so many courses (what feels like 1000 courses and kept doing them) until one day I said out aloud – I have done enough courses – yes I have enough skills.

My appearance and body has never been enough? But as I expanded my awareness and consciousness – I realised that my body is definitely enough – in fact it is an incredible brilliant functioning machine. No one could ever have conceived a more functional adept physical specimen – I am perfect just like we all are. This was such a breath of fresh air. Once I had this realization, I could literally breathe deeply and more profoundly. My soul began to shine.

Remember that we are whole and complete, just at different stages of learning. Yield to your lessons, learn by the experience, and continue the process. Life is for living and living from a place of higher awareness is pure bliss!