Is losing weight a spiritual process?

26165833_10155604180542479_3197253846801062266_nLast night I received a beautiful insight into weight and why we hold onto it.

It has to do with the hunger cue – is it physiological or spiritual? 

What does the hunger cue feel like for you?

For me, when I felt into the depth of it – it felt desperate, like my breath was being taken away – felt deep – like a karmic wound. 

Last night I sat with it and didn’t react on impulse – allowed the feelings to come up. Became curious and whoa – so insightful. 

If you are carrying more weight than you would like to (like I am) listening to your body and discerning between spiritual and physical is a great step towards release.

Geneen Roth, author of “Women Food and God” speaks of the spiritual element of weight “issues.” In this book the author shares concepts that can be appreciated intellectually but to actively be inspired to follow them in the moment, is a learning curve. Being curious is the first step towards greater awareness of patterns and a clue to the layers of self sabotage.  It can be tough to follow through with what you know versus how the body reacts to its environment.

Taking a moment to pause, reflect, breathe, gives life to a new way of being. All you need to do is repeat often and create a new neural loop.  Awareness is the key. Inspired action is the step. Calling in awareness takes a moment and the result will be, breaking the feedback loop and creating a new you.

Another part of this exploration is to discern between physical hunger, spiritual hunger and emotional hunger and learning to feed the body physically only when it really needs it, and feeding the soul/spirit regularly with spiritual practice.  What spiritual practices have you introduced to your life or can you introduce to your life?

Some have reported to change the relationships with the sensation of hunger. As a result they move energy far differently than they experienced in the past. For example with the simple observation of a 48 hour fast monthly and intermittent fasting too. Others have said that this seems to reset the urgent need to eat too, that instant need to eat. Fasting has also healed low thyroid function 

Another resource is Julia Cameron’s Writing Diet. She uses journaling to access some of what you speak about here. Use it and discover why the cravings and patterns?   And there is also permission to eat food from childhood (mindfully, fully remembering what it brings up) and trying new foods on food dates. This book is similar to her famous Artists Way book, but all around food.

The processes shared in this book dovetailed nicely with using food as medicine. The cravings are messages about what the body is in need of for physical sustenance rather than emotional or spiritual sustenance.

Mirror work is another powerful tool to reveal any undercurrent stimulus to patterns and behaviour.  

Mother Earth offers many resources too. Think essential oils that stimulate the olfactory sensations.  Also think crystals which connect you to earth and grounding. Spiritual? Yes and physiological too!  The impact on senses can change the way you behave around food, therefore establishing healthier patterns and choices.

Then what about posture – something to say when the spinal – kundalini energetic challenge is kept clear and clean – do you have more flow? Yes! More energy? Yes!

When you explore the matrix of physical, emotional and spiritual components of weight and why weight, there is definitely a more graceful and longterm, sustaining approach to weight management. I am loving this journey – I hope you will too.

As I discover the spiritual component of weight, choices and freedom are on the increase. No more need for a quick fix. Compassion has been restored. Acceptance has been returned and love has been invited back. A much happier and more confident individual has been re-birthed.

If this is something you would like to explore, join me. I would love to connect. Click this link to gain access to the workshop as well as other insights for a more graceful way of living. 

Where do you find the Master Healing Chambers?

aurora-borealis-744351_1920After decades of searching on the outside, from external sources, I have discovered the unique Master Healing Chambers. 

Where do you think they are located? 

Sure you can visit temples, churches, sacred monuments, and so many other variations of these. Have you? I have! 

Now, I know where the Master Healing Chambers are. They are in every cell of your body. 

They are ignited through thought, intention and healing. Healing clears the space. The space is then infused with light.

Sacred intention is the secret sauce. Yep – hold the intention. If you can’t hold it because fear has seeped in, in a big way – it happens. Then ask someone else to hold the space for you. 

This is when you go to a healer (or me a Medical Intuitive). 

Sometimes, it takes a lifetime to heal but sometimes, it can take an hour with the right person. 

So what does healing mean to you?

rays-656582_1280It can mean

  • remembering who you are, what you are;
  • holding space to allow other room to find their wounds and mend them
  • administering change and transformation
  • acknowledge the part disconnected in pain to then reconnect through love to become whole
  • a different colour
  • journey to become whole and complete
  • healing is a lot about acceptance and trust
  • always coming back to love
  • moving beyond hurt
  • free to thrive
  • sometimes it means just being ok. No extremes, no radical transformations. Just being ok
  • the moment of peace

Have you journeyed to your master healing chambers? Some of us have many times. For some things it takes a life time but for others there are many layers to explore. Journey daily and you will feel lighter and energetic.

Remembering that awareness is the key and transformation the gift. Conscious evolution the result.

If you would like to journey to your Master Healing Chambers – click here.

Celebrating the Human Spirit

Today I am here at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) celebrating the human spirit. The soul speaking to the body and everything in between.

You see, it’s the 2016 Melbourne Marathon Festival. The sea of humanity is vast. The emotions are flowing. The fire has erupted and extinguished.

Today dreams will be realised. Fortitude and resilience will be anchored. Unbelievable triumphs witnessed.

I am sitting here in the revelatory excitement. So many emotions. Stories from people of all ages and stages. The matrix of life unfolds before me as I listen.

A story of combating the contrasts of life by training for the half marathon

– a young lady sitting behind us sharing how she is thrilled that she beat her expected time. The 3 week training preparation “distracting her from IVF journey”.

– another woman walking up the stairs saying “why does there have to be stairs?”

– friendships made along the way

– fathers travelling with their children to support their Mum

– fathers & daughters running together.

– a life journey – congratulations to the brilliant woman who today ran her 200th marathon.

– there are women and men mustering that last ounce as they fly across the finish line

– yells

– cheers

– acknowledgement

– hugs

– waves

– kisses

Community, friends and family coming together. Supporting, cheering, witnessing. Belief, disbelief, confidence, joy, connection.

The love, the ease and grace – all present. A flood of emotions. Remembering the deep strength of achieving intentions.

Then we go back to our normal existence but for a magnificent instance we know we are heroes.

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I love words

Exploring how they sound when you say them out loud

The vibration of them

How they feel?

What is the resonance?

One of favourite words at the moment is “compassion.”


I am in love with the energetic portal that it opens to know your guidance and direction.

Because of you look at the first part of the word – it is “compass”

When I noticed this it opened up my world to really lean and experience compassion for self. Yep my own compassion. Keep it in house until you have mastered it and then send it to the world. I say this with compassion. Because energetic mastery and love, in its most profound state, starts from within.

So what starts to happen cellularly when you feel compassion? The heart wall starts to melt away. The courage builds. You see your direction clearly, your inner wisdom and guidance becomes available.

All this leads to being able to take the next steps on this incredible and exciting journey called life.

So if you are like I used to be, and don’t have time to think of these very “soft skills” think again or better still, feel into the tremendous honour that you grant yourself and your soul when you allow “compass – ion” in.

It’s a practice and it starts with a breath.

It is an objective and passive moment that requires little or no energy – just an observation and then a feeling of love to enter your whole body.

compass-ion Compassion negates judgment and bypasses ego.

It is a light energy.

It is patient.

It is loving.

It accesses God within.

So if you have read to this point, take a pause, feel compassion and notice the cellular lightness that transcends the moment. This is the soul greeting you.

By being compassionate to you, you start an enormous ripple effect for compassion for the world.

Honour YOU

Practice Compassion.

With serene salutation and love, Maria

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Life’s Little Pleasures

There are so many in any given day. That sometimes we forget to take a moment, pause, breathe them into every cell of our bodies. This connects us to out bodies, our soul and our intuition. Listen to these and your life will be full of grace.

This morning I woke up so grateful. I want to share what I call life’s little pleasures.

the moment to come off a bolster (the foam roller) after lying on it – getting a little balance.

You come off and you take a moment to breathe and connect. Lying and melting onto the floor.

The coffee my hubby brings me in the morning.


The clean bed sheets – the moment you slide between them.

The grass under your feet. Enjoying the moisture of the dew. Connecting to Mother Earth.

When a baby stares into your eyes and your souls connect.

When you stare into your beloved eyes or children’s eyes and your soul smiles. That feeling of love emanates from all your cells.

When you are sharing a meal at the dinner table.  Celebrating community.

When you watch a preview of a movie and you decide that you will go an see it.

Deciding on your next holiday time.

holiday - life's little pleasuresLife’s little pleasures. They may be little because they take no time or energy but they are huge and impactful. They nourish your soul and connect you back to the body and the present moment. This is also a moment to pause, breathe in the essence of you and receive.

The moment is “life’s little pleasure”.

I’m been thinking of how disconnection from our bodies and intuition causes illness.  If only we could take a pause every now and again and enjoy “life’s little pleasures”

Practices that can increase Life’s Little Pleasures

So I want to share some practices that I share with clients.  Here’s one to connect to your body.

Take a foam roller and lie on it.  Notice what happens the moment to come off a bolster (the foam roller) after lying on it – getting a little balance.

Take a moment to breathe and connect. Lying and melting onto the floor.

This moment is “life’s little pleasure”.

Try it – let me know what you think.

Id love to know your “life’s little pleasures”

Namaste 🙏

Exquisite ❤️

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When the dark veil of illusion hits . . .

I am sitting across the desk from a doctor – a specialist in hormones, whom I have visited to regulate my hormones. This not so gentle prompt was received by lack of energy, a symptom.

I ask her to help me with my insomnia. She asked how long has it been occurring. I said for a long time off and on (13+ years).

She said it would difficult to treat but she would give it a go.

The veil came down in that moment. FAILURE!!!!!!!!

cloud-1232041_1920I had failed my body and my body has failed me.

My energy had been waning for 2 months before but the dark hole was deep.

I could not see any light. My body was screaming.

My soul was whispering “rest”.

My nervous system was sending unbalanced signals which kept me tired and foggy, lacking clarity and directionless. And close to broke and so much debt.

What to tackle first.

It was unclear.

My health?

My wealth?

So with her advice, I started to take lots of Vitamin D and other supplements. I underwent a battery of tests.

I decided with a gentle nudge from my Mentor to take a block of time to recover.  Which I have planned.

Now the veil is still I illusion. I am denying and resisting the dark dog and have forgotten to be compassionate.

My judgment of not being able to do it “succeed in my eyes on my terms with my expectations” is so strong that it keeps me twirling and rescinding into the vortex of the black hole.

I have even noticed that my breath pattern is very shallow. Keeping flow to a minimum.

What to do?

Just one step at a time.

The first step has been to follow the nudge and prepare myself for time off. Feels like an oxymoron because I am here in my home, taking time off to pause. I haven’t done this before. I have only ever taken time off and gone away. Part of me screams but you are here, why don’t you work, keep appointments (it’s fun anyway). But part of me knows that I need to take a pause, reflect and be still.

Even this idea and surrendering to it has created space in my body and soul.

So with this I have planned to take 10 days off and go with the flow. It feels right.

Another step is to continue with my meditation – focussing on my breath.

Prayer has been wonderful. Handing it over to a higher power. Not needing to control anything – releasing the expectation.

Gratitude – seeing all the things I am deeply grateful for in my life. Returning me to a state of grace.  I truly believe that this practice alone has relieved me of my physical pain too.

The veil has lifted and I am feeling energised and ready to be supported and to support again.

I’m back and it feels great

enlightenment and growthOn reflection – it’s been a pretty tough time.

The biggest things I want to share is that when I was with the doctor, I gave away all my power – willing to believe that my body and I was less than.

My expectations far exceeded my reality – bridging the gap was vital to achieving resonance and balance.

Reaching out to others for support was crucial to release the shame.

Finding compassion within gave me peace.

Experiences are neither good or bad – they are all part of the journey that create the “real you”  And so it is . . .

If you are experiencing the dark veil of illusion, reach out to others who are there to support you to see the light. It is no fun being there on your own.  If you are ready to go deeper and shine the light on the root cause, then I invite to work to come and work with me  Click here to book your Medical Intuitive Session.  

 Light is so much better. Life is simple and so profound. Blessings.

3 Phases of Spiritual Development

I am sitting here brainstorming for a program that I am creating and came up with the 3 phases of Spiritual Development.  This is a personal process I have experienced.  It is also a process I see my clients experience, too.

Phase 1

You want to be fixed (outside of yourself).

You wake up and you want to be fixed.  You go and start to search for the answer.  You search everywhere to find someone and keep asking yourself “when am I going to find someone who will fix me?”

This is a necessary part of the awakening process.  During this phase you will connect with spiritual souls who will show you aspects of your future.

They also support you in developing the sense of enquiry.  Is the metaphysical world real?  Do I really receive the right information?  Am I making the right decisions?  Is this my path?

You go searching for the question.  This phase sheds light on the cellular matrix and experiences that are embodied within.  It is first point of enquiry.  Without enquiry there is no enlightenment.

Once the question arises you are ready for the answer.

This phase is the research phase.  It includes reading personal development books, watching youtube videos, going to professionals – healers, psychics and other esoteric professionals.

You are searching. You are exploring.

Until you quieten the ego down and travel within, the answers won’t present.

The victim archetype plays havoc with the soul.  Fighting with ego.  Know that there is an answer.  But until you find the right question, the answer will not present.

This is a time of clarity.  Working through ego and soul.  You get to know the difference between the two.

Phase 2

You realise that you can “fix” yourself

In this phase – you know from a soul level that you are the master.  You can fix yourself.  You  have searched and found the right tools.  You are willing to do the work.

You have tools and modalities that you can access.  You know it takes work and commitment to the practices.  It can be done.  You are empowered with information, knowledge and insights.

You start to trust yourself more and more.

spiritual development phase 2

Phase 3

You know there is “no fix” needed

The next phase and the final phase is you learn the secret.  That is that there is no need to be fixed.

It is now that we say “there is nothing wrong with me.’

You have the superconscious awareness that you are the same as everyone else.  You are one with the consciousness whole.  You realise that we all have the same experiences but with different content thrown in.  You start to look for the lessons.  You appreciate the experience.  The enlightenment occurs in this phase.

spiritual development phase 3

If you are reading this, you are probably in phase 2 – you know you can do it yourself.   I want to take you to phase 3 – where you don’t need to fix anything.  You are already whole and complete.  I have crafted a program specifically for you – we walk the path together for 3 months of immersion and igniting the inner sanctuary of soul wisdom.  If you would like to chat and see if this program resonates – click this link to find out more Lightness to Enlightenment.





What does it take to embrace “deservedness”?


what does that mean?

Elements of this include seeing clearly, gain insights, know your beliefs and embrace deservedness.

My biggest aha moment was deserving to live my dream.  Deserving to be on that start line and corresponding deserving the achievement.  Yep also to be on the finish line.

I had to dig deep to become aware of this feeling of not deserving.  It was my coach, who had  belief in me and showed me that I not only deserved to be present with the other athletes but I profoundly was in the right place.

You know why?

Because he pointed out that I did all the work.  The only limitations were my beliefs because technically/intellectually, I had ticked all the boxes.

My experiences demonstrated that I had achieved, I was capable of achieving and all my physical energy pointed to success.

So why did deservedness come up?  It made no sense.

closed off

This required exploration.


It was some outdated beliefs.  My box and the way I was going to succeed was not open or free – I had some preconceptions of what it would look like.  This was my limitation.  I wanted to do a certain way but the universe had other more potent and impactful ways of succeeding.

So now it was time to let go and let God (also referred to as Source, Higher Self, Universe) who knew and had bigger plans than I could ever conceive for myself.

Once I had the ability to breathe, rest easy, release some outdated beliefs  – the success was embodied and I was set to go forth.  Succeed my way.  It was an extraordinary process.  Challenging, courageous and somewhat spontaneous.

So worth it!

deserveDid I overcome the idea that I deserved to be there?!  Sure did!

I transcended!

I conquered!

I let go!

I succeeded!

I certainly deserved all of it.

Do you deserve success?  What does this mean for you?  If you want to explore it further to gain clarity and vision how this can work for you, then let’s chat.  I work with generous souls who believe they can achieve their dreams and realise their potential.  I would love to chat with you.

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    Having read this I thought it was extremely enlightening.
    I appreciate you spending a little while and energy to put this info together.
    I remember when i again find myself personally spending a lot of
    time both reading and commenting. But what exactly, it was still

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Are limits necessary?

limits - you are the vessel

What do you think of living within your limits?

Well, I was triggered last week by one of my Practitioner colleagues who was giving well founded advice.

So it got me thinking – why am I so triggered?

It was like “limits” what????!!!!!!

Do we have limits?

Sure, but do our limits have to stop us from developing further?

How do we develop skills beyond our physical parameters?

Little by little.

limiteOr in my case one step at a time.

This discussion sprung from my autoimmune health challenges.

So what do you do when your body is talking back and saying “whoa, time to take it easy and regroup.”

I am listening a lot more these days.

I feel like I am regrouping. I am waiting to regenerate vitality and energy. renewing takes time, acknowledgement, awareness and action.  This will support the process of shifting through the limits that present themselves.

You may be like me and be a recovering perfectionist where time is of the essence and immediate results are required (body and ego).

Soul wants attention. Integration happens when all elements are prepared for evolution.

So what am I doing?

Working with holistic and energetic practitioners. I am gaining more and more insights of my energetic body as well as how my physical body reacts to my thinking.

I am listening to the whispers more.

I am putting me first.

Getting reacquainted with my boundaries.

So is it important to know your limits? Yes it is.

Once you know you your limit, you can take inspired action towards expanding your energy.  so limits do not impact your health.

The lessons

Know your limits but also know you can limitless without fear and with a lot of self care and love

It is good to know your limits so that you have awareness. From this knowing you can set the ball rolling to expand your limitations and embody new parameters that support your mind, body and soul.

2 thoughts on “Are limits necessary?

    1. Maria Post author

      hi Karen,
      interesting question – I immediately thought no – but I think they are both awareness tools. Boundaries are being aware of where you start and finish, energetically so you are not taking on other people's energy. Limits are more intrinsic and refer to your abilities and expansiveness. So both are energetic but one is out/in and there other one is in/out.

      Great q – thanks for asking.
      with love,
      Maria xx

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Dead Man Walking

I didn’t know whether to laugh at the irony or cry.  I just sat there, stunned and in disbelief.  So many emotions. I was grateful, appreciate, curious and somewhat incredulous. What . . . ????!!!!!!!!!

I went away and came back with a diagnosis of Leaky Gut, Adrenal Fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, low iron, hypoglycaemia and amazement.

How could I run a marathon when I was combatting all of those ailments.

I walked out and said “dead man walking”. That’s how I felt. I was incredibly curious how I could have completed the marathon with all these conditions.

I am still stunned. Not sure what to say. My adrenalin levels are so high that my digestion has shut down. My body is starving and holding on to all that it has. It can not release anything until it has been replenished. I have a plan and an astonishing insight.

I concluded that the body – my body is amazing but my mind is the most amazing wonderful integrative machine I have.

It’s time to heal.


At some level I knew that my energy level was not normal. I have a strong constitution, which I am very proud of but now it’s time to harness the feminine energy and nurture myself. Tap into the intrinsic need of my cellular body.

To create space and nourishment at all levels, mind, body and soul.

So what does this look like?

My diet will be modified.

Boundaries, including work hours and sleep time will be monitored. Oh – I am insomniac too.

What else can I do?

I can feel

Be observant

Become curious – even more than before.

Does this mean I have to stop running? On the contrary I must continue but no long runs until my body recovers. Only 30 mins runs or 5km – no longer.

I want to really congratulate my body for all its efforts. I want to shine a light on the mind and how amazing it really is. We can create anything we put our mind to. We have this wonderful ability of freedom to choose and then follow through. Our soul is the driver. It’s time to rest and bless my cells.

funAction now is fun. Releasing the need to do. And enjoying the pleasure in being.

If you are resonating with any of my journey – go to the Drs and eliminate all the autoimmune diseases because you deserve to have energy and to thrive.

Or if you’ve been diagnosed with any of the autoimmune diseases – I hope that you find the clarity and the inspired action to resolve the cellular dysfunction.

My biggest aha – if I am dead man walking and still feel great, imagine how much energy I will have as My body recovers.

I honestly love my body and all it has accomplished. It’s time to love it back.

With love, Maria

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