Intuition, Attunement, Entrainment

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I love words.  The words you use are a clue to your journey.

Let’s explore some really cool words and how they affect our trust element.  How they can contribute to our conscious evolution too.

The first is intuition.

As I listened to a podcast, years ago – this massive penny dropped.  Intuition is tuition from the inside – whoa – our soul speaking to us.  Why don’t we trust it?  It never steers you wrong!! Over the years of teaching how to develop your intuition, I have found that this particular skill is something we have forgotten.  It is always there but needs some development.  Just a muscle needs activation and growth.  So does this innate skill.  Intuition needs conscious attention.  When you trust your intuition, your whole world will change.  Your knowingness will expand.  Your path going forward will be easier to navigate.  Your decisions will come with more flow.  You awareness will be expanded.  I call this conscious evolution.

Attunement is a little more subtle but is vibrational frequency and it takes more time to develop the connection to this gift.  When you attune to energy, your world opens up even more.  In what way?  Well consider, trusting yourself completely – you have developed your intuition, you know its not you – the frequency in the room has changed – here is the attunement – the judgment and compassion filters back in.


When I was much younger, I used to feel everybody’s pain, I thought it was me.  No I was just consciously attuned to others vibrational frequency.

Now that I know that – life is much easier.  I know when it is me and when it is other people’s stuff.  This has freedom me from anxiety and worry.

Oh, if you are attuning naturally, you may be an Empath, a gift of light to the world – take this quiz to find out more.

Entrainment is a neural connection, Dr Joe Dispenza talks about the groove that made everyday following the same process – he was so funny talking about the same moment in everyday, when you wake up, have your coffee, have a shower, do the same thing over and over again.  If you are doing the same thing everyday, your neural patterning is just that – there will be no change.

The definition of insanity according to Albert Einstein is “doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results”.


We all do it.  We are entrained to our particular ways day in, day out.

The only thing that changes an entrainment or creates a neural pathway is conscious thought.  This all starts with awareness.  Awareness is the key.  Transformation is the gift.  Conscious evolution is the result.

If you trust yourself, be compassionate, honour your sacred self, the experiences along the journey will be lighter and more joyous.

Here’s a few reflective questions for you?

Do you trust your intuition?

How are you unconsciously attuning to other people’s energy and what is the impact on your health?

What is the effect of entrainment?  Where are you doing things over and over again and expecting different results?

You may not have definitive answers but maybe the enquiry is all you need, right now at this very moment.  Being the master of your energy is a powerful skill to have.  Developing this skill is a life time achievement.  The success is in the moment that you highlight or set on a path of enquiry.  From one life long learner to another.  Blessings xx

If you enjoyed this blog, click here to download my FREE Empath Resource Guide.  The Guide will support you to appreciate energy and comes with a FREE meditation too. 

How I became the Master of Energetic Boundaries!

I confess when I first offered this program, I had had an awakening to being an Empath and energies – I wanted to share it. I thought everyone needed to know this information. It was like a light bulb had been turned on and I could see the light. I wanted the same for everyone out there to see their light too. It felt like magic.

Share I did with 3 gorgeous souls. Then the second time I shared with another 5 souls.

Each time I have delivered this program, I learn more.

This is the 3rd time I offer it and my learnings have been profound. So much so that I guarantee results.

feather-690512_1280I will share how it has played out in this launch period.

ALL of my Energetic Boundaries have been challenged.

I have to had to refine, define and redevelop the way I look at mine and how they show up.

Physical Energetic Boundaries

My physical boundaries were challenged by fatigue, a spike in my Adrenal Fatigue symptoms and some insomnia. So I had to look at my co creation. My awakening was hitting me over the head and as a result my awareness grew.

I took the practices that I teach and started to apply them consistently. Go figure – they work.

Emotional and Mental Energetic Boundaries

Then my emotional and mental energetic boundaries were challenged. One of my close family members was given a suspected false cancer diagnosis. This brought up all kinds of fear and energy disturbances. Again I look at my Energetic Boundaries – the awakening was challenging but the awareness is gold.

The fortitude and courage that goes with dealing with health issues and health practitioners has grown immensely.

Relational Energetic Boundaries

Then all my family stuff has been challenged – my Mum has been ill and I shared carer role. This is my relational energetic boundaries. It’s not what happens – it’s how I react.

Psychic Energetic Boundaries

I experienced a profound psychic attack. I have not had this level of awareness before. Sure there was some but this was intense and my psychic energetic boundaries were severely challenged- how did this pan out? Extreme day and night energy. Think wilted flower and then sunshine. I had to do some energy work to clear (with my spiritual mentor). When it was cleared my awakening was complete. My awareness is gold. My mastery is available to others.

Spiritual Energetic Boundaries


I have been continuing my Spiritual practices, so I do feel my Spiritual Energetic Boundaries have been strong, clear and smooth.

So why am I the master?

Because I have learnt and experienced energetic boundaries – theoretically, viscerally, energetically.

Why would you study with me?
Because I see Energetic Boundaries and I feel them.

Then I guide you so you can see, feel, refine, define and develop your own.

So that when your energy is challenged – you will know what to do.

You will be empowered intrinsically and have your own resources to cocreate your dream life.

Can you be the master of your energetic boundaries? Yes you can!!!

So if you want to experience a profound shift in how you present in the world, then join me.

Here is the link to empowerment


Today I am celebrating alignment.

Where I was teaching protection, now I teach, guide and mentor to Empowerment.

The shift and realisation has come recently and it feels powerful, ignited and passionate.

My heart and soul are singing.

The clarity and direction feels and is amazing.

I invite you to travel with me in a sacred and intimate opportunity to open your gifts and sensitivities to being Empowered.

Journey with me to find the divine expression of yourself in life and biz.

Clear the need for perfection. Call on your own innate gifts to offer direction, clarity and guidance for your path forward.

Success comes when you take inspired action consistently. You take action consistently when you are feeling confident and self assured.

Belief in you and your gifts, is the foundation to your success.


You know it’s an inside job. Lean into your deep sense of knowing. The deep well of resonance.

Sharing my experiences, my wisdom and my gifts with you would be an honour and joy.


To your continued success and to your empowerment!

Check in with the energy of it and join me.


Fragmentation – BE GONE!!!!!

Fragmentation sucks

Hits hard

Is annoying


Conscious thought provoking

Brain stopping

Heart hurting

fireworks fragmentation

Bring back all parts of me

I am losing myself

In anger



in shoulds, coulds, woulds


Needing the insights to finish

Commanding the process to be complete


Fragmentation be gone!

Alignment of all pieces

Come back

To me

Nurtured with compassion

Aligned with soul, mind and body

Whole and complete

Today, NOW and Forever.

dance of love

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Being an Empath: What I Wish I had Known When I was Younger…

Energetic Boundaries are something I struggled with a lot until the last few years.

I’ve been on a profound journey and it is a delight to share this insight with others, so they may use this knowledge I can offer now.

empath - journeyBoundaries are helpful for you as a sensitive soul and empath. So you can gracefully untangle yourself from the energy and expectations of others.

This will lead to you making and actioning the decisions that best support you in business and life.

It’s like putting your own oxygen mask on first, being aware and using your energy to sustain your life and business – which can then be of more service to others.

It is time to honour that graceful un-tangle-ment and choose conscious prosperity.

I do work with people as a prosperity coach, highly tuned in empath and medical intuitive.

I have supported thousands of clients in the past ten years, to better health. I enjoy that my focus is now on prosperity from within – abundance in health and wealth.

I always thought my sensitivities were a defect, and it wasn’t until I understood my sensitivities and supported them, using boundaries that I now love and use them in my life and business.

I also love my psychic abilities.

I see these all as gifts and as I’ve explored them, they’ve grown.


I am excited to be able to share this new way of being, with people like me who are deeply sensitive.

These people can find they act like “energy sponges”.

They may find it difficult to protect their own energy and the energy that is bouncing off people all around them.

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to make clear decisions that honour you.

This is something I have previously experienced when making decisions.

Being highly attuned to what others are thinking and feeling, you can be so influenced by the expectations of others.

What you’d like to do is make decisions that really support you and will allow you to move forward.

I would like to share three pieces of information I wish I had known:

  1. Mirror Neurons

    Empaths are born with highly tuned mirror neurons.

Mirror Neuron cells are the part of the brain that engages to “mirror” the information that it receives from another being. The mirror neurons enable the body to learn – firing by watching someone else & also using the same actions to do the same thing. In a similar way, it is said that the body can receive emotions and even other people’s thoughts – by observing/feeling them.

  1. Empaths Vs Highly Sensitive People

Empaths are Highly Sensitive People, but not all Highly Sensitive People are Empaths.

Highly Sensitive People process deeply and have a high perception attention.

Empaths have these traits as well as the ability to sense and take on emotions, thoughts and energetic vibrations. Empaths can have a spiritual practice and a focus on light. They can tune into the visible and invisible aspects of the world around them.

  1. 2-4% of the population are Empaths

This is a very special asset that we have been born with.

We are here to shine the light and do the work of healing the world.

When combined with knowing how to manage our gift, we can feel amazing and be doing some incredible work.  When you are aware of what is your energy and what is from other people, you can make decisions based on what you are truly feeling, becoming more aligned with your own journey.

May you feel the prosperity flow within & open your heart to receive.

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  1. Deborah

    Hi Maria
    I would love to know more about being an Empath
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Empaths, it’s your time!

I was reflecting on how excited I am to be mentoring some special souls and sharing the research I have gathered, on the physiological innate traits of Empaths and Highly Sensitive People.

This integrates all of my work with the body.  It highlights what I have been working with the thinking body.    This is all about the thinking cells and the physiology of our gifts.

So if you have ever felt defective or not quite right?  Feel you are an Empath?  Just know that this is your time to shine.

fruition for Empaths

Read on for some interesting information.

Because of the alignments now, up and coming Empaths don’t have to go through this pain or as great a pain as many of us had to go through, for a number of reasons;-

  • there are more numbers of us standing up and helping
  • the universal energy currently vibrating at a higher frequency
  • some of the parents of the really important children are waking up.  These parents are supporting these gifted children.  The empowerment of generational change and them being aware of the special gifts their children bring into the modern world.

The combination of what we have learnt and the combination of the available energies, we don’t have to do the depressive tendencies and the anxiety patterns as deeply as we did years ago.

This is the development of what I am doing today.  The important part is knowing that its not just helping people through what I went through.  Because I am on the other side, I am helping Empaths to resonate at a level to what is now possible.  It has never been possible at this frequency before now.  The time is right.  Everything is aligned.

Information and scientific research is supporting the awakening process

About 10 years ago, we did not have all this information.  The world was not as open as it is today.  Years ago, being an Empath felt like a big misfit.  There wasn’t alot known about it and the only treatment was depression or anxiety medication.  Universally, today, the feeling of being a misfit is not as big as it used to be.

empath - beautiful soul The beautiful souls who I am coaching just get it – they are so quick and responsive, it is a joy to facilitate the process which leads to their awakening.  Today there are no elemental structures in place that are blocking their awareness.

The energy what we create in the healing space and the universal energies that are available are very supportive of this transition and transformation.

We just have to look how fast paced the world is now to resonate with this epic paradigm shift in energies and acceptance.

If you are an Empath and want some great resources download my free Empath Resource Guide