Programming Your Crystals


Crystals are an amazing source of intention and magical processes. 

How do you program crystals?   Today I share how to program quartz crystals.

There are four steps to programming your quartz crystals.

  1. Clear your quartz
  2. Ask the stone permission to be programmed
  3. Intention Setting
  4. Action

Below you will find scripts and action steps.  Let me know how you go with programming your quartz crystals.

1. Clear your quartz

Make sure any previous vibrations are removed. Think of quartz like a sponge.  Quartz is picking up all the vibrations that are around it all the time.  After you buy a quartz, you take it and clear it quickly.  Think of the energy it has collected as finger prints.  Everyone that touches quartz imprints on it.  The first time you pick up your quartz crystal and you love the vibration, set the intention if any energies that are attached to this quartz and not serving you, please clear now.

2. Ask the stone for permission to be programmed

Do I have permission to use your medicine in this way?  

Do I have permission to charge and program this stone?  

Wait and listen.  

You’ll know.  

There will be a sense of peace.  

Yes, its ready for you to work with it.  Feel it.

3. Intention setting


Quartz is a stone that can act as if it is any other stone.  

You can do a day by day thing, where you need another type of stone – “quartz today do I have permission to charge you to have the properties of eg. amethyst?”

“I program this quartz to behave in a way that reflects the properties of amethyst.  With all of the properties of insight, connection to higher self and psychic ability, in alignment with the highest good.

This is the task

Now is the time

I bind the energy of my intention to this crystal

I set the energies free to manifest in alignment with the highest good of all beings

so shall it be . . .”

For example

I want to program you to magnify good health and weight loss.

Quartz do I have the permission to program you to work for me to support and magnify my intentions for perfect health and perfect weight.

So shall it be

This is the task, now is the time

I bind the energy of my intention to this crystal for perfect health and weight loss.

I set the energies free to manifest in alignment with the highest good of all beings

so shall it be . . .


4. Action – you need to work with the stone  

You can’t just program it and then put it in a draw somewhere.  You have to work with the crystal – this is a tool.  How?  you carry it with you.

The more you reinforce the energies that you are working with the tools, the more the tools act in alignment with that intention.  You have to work with them.  Be in your purse, in your bra – meditate with them.  The work is the best part.  If you don’t work with your tools – how will you know?

NB: If the stone says no – choose another piece.

In summary . . .

Permission is really important as it honours the integrity of your tools.

Intention is really important

Clearing is really important

Let me the magic begin 

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10 thoughts on “Healing Crystal ~ Spirit Quartz

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Renee – I am thrilled that I could introduce you to a new crystal – I just love this one – it emanates a beautiful energy xx

  1. april

    "just go with the flow and know that the energies are calling you to choose exactly what you need for healing to occur." this sentence is very comforting to me. i haven't used crystals in meditation, but i own quite a few. i have always been drawn to stones of all kinds (i have quite a collection), but mainly for their physical beauty. however, there is something attracting me to the ones i choose. interesting.

  2. Susie

    I have crystals throughout my space. I love how you said to let the crystals draw you when you are in the store. I will try that next time.

  3. Cathy Sykora

    Great information! I have never used crystals in my meditations but I seem to be hearing more and more about them. Definitely some interesting stuff. Thank you for sharing your experience and tips!

  4. Dana

    Ahhh Maria, I am never without my favorite crystals which are laborodite, aventurine and rose quartz, amethyst… Thanks for the info on this one.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Dana – I have just discovered aventurine – just love it – it has so many wonderful healing qualities. Laborodite, rose quartz and amethyst – mmmmm – love them too xx

  5. Lori

    I've often wondered about the crystals I've seen at stores and their significance. The stones were so pretty and I thought they had value due to their color and mineral content. I had no idea that they had special powers. The next time I happen upon a store with crystals, I will surely enter and allow myself to be drawn toward a special one. Hopefully, I'll receive some guidance from the owner as to the significance of the stone that I have chosen. Thanks for the insights!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Lori – this is music to my heart – it is so lovely just to play with the crystals – the universe does the rest. Being open to explore is the magic xx

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Healing Crystal ~ Selenite

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In this blog, I am introducing you to the Selenite crystal.  The Selenite crystal is also known as Satin Spar, Desert Rose and Maria Glass. Continue reading

15 thoughts on “Healing Crystal ~ Selenite

  1. renee bell

    oh i love Selenite, even more so after seeing your gorgeous big piece earlier this week.
    I have a lovely selenite lamp that sits next to my desk and comes on every night, and also a piece about the size of my hand that I brought a few days ago. it is quite gorgeous because it is like a slice from a tree stump. Incredibly smooth top and bottom and rough and bumpy around the edges. I think i might be able to see into it 🙂 very interesting…
    (it is still wrapped nicely in tissue paper waiting for me to open it)

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Renee, I just love Selenite too. Ooh I look forward to my selenite tower arriving – I havent found mine yet but I know it is coming. Enjoy yours – they are so precious xx

  2. Susie

    Selenite is new to me but I love to learn about new crystals! I do know about Rose Quartz also but keep the goodies coming!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Susie – I love rose quartz too – put it in your water and infuse your body with love. Selenite towers are inspirational too. Love my crystals xx

  3. april

    mental clarity . . . ahhhh. thank you for the background on the selenite crystal, maria. i love stones and gems, and find it fascinating to hear of their healing qualities.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi April – yes I find them fascinating too – everytime I hold a crystal it speaks to me through its vibrations and energies – magical xx

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Michelle – it is one of the first crystals I held and found the energy was amazing – just holding it in my hand and feeling the vibrations is so fascinating – just love the universal energies and healing properties of the crystals xx

  4. Cathy Sykora

    Great information on Selenite! I have never personally (knowingly) encountered it, but I find it intriguing. My daughter has a crystal collection that she uses with meditation and healing and I find it very interesting how she incorporates it in her lifestyle. Thank you for sharing!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Cathy – they truly are magic – set an intention and use your intuition and the rest is inspiring xx

  5. Cathy

    Wow. Seems like a Jack of all crystals with all it can do!

    My first impression is that all its functions are unrelated, but really they're not, are they? They all have something to do with foundation. Literally healing the physical foundation of the bones, holding us firmly grounded so as to allow greater spiritual/psychic expansion, and helping to maintain the foundation of relationship.

    Must find me some!

    Lovely post. I've been thinking about crystals to help ground my son. Perhaps I should look for my own healing as well.

    1. admin Post author

      A really cool idea about grounding your son. Selenite is one of the first crystals I played with for energy and grounding – it sure is an amazing crystal – I use it all the time in my work also – it is magic when it comes to breakthroughs and healing. Just holding it or having it close by. I have 2 towers which reflect energy off each other. Enjoy the crystals, Cathy – they are magic xx

  6. Lorna

    Maria, I am a complete crystal beginner. I love learning about the power of selenite, but I must ask–how do you get it's benefits? Do you hold it? Do you keep it close to you? Do you just need it somewhere in your living space?

    1. admin Post author

      HI Lorna – that is a great q – yes all of the above. I have it in my room all the time. When I am healing I hold it in one hand – as it supports the breakthrough for my clients. When choosing just pick them up and feel into them – I find crystal really pick you. It is fascinating how universal energy come calling. Enjoy exploring the insights and use of crystals xx

  7. Deb

    I dont know about selenite, but i did bring back back a beautuful piece of pink quartz from travels to the west coast of Adrica, Namibia. It is by bed, I imagine it sending soft gentle loving vibrations as i sleep!

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