Wholehearted Living

This week i was interviewed by the beautiful soul, Iona Russell for Wholehearted Living Summit. 

In preparation for the interview I reflected on what it means to live wholeheartedly.  We all have our own unique way of expression.  These are mine.  I share them with the intention that it will prompt you to consider yours.  Conscious evolution at its best.

Living wholeheartedly means:-

  • to live with trust, follow your intuition and allow flow and grace into your life.  
  • Identify fear and replace with fearlessness, courage and embrace the outcomes.  Everything is a learning experience.  
  • most of all have fun, peace and balance.


3 tips on how to live a Whole Hearted Life

  • Trust your body, listen to nudges, especially if it knocks loudly from the inside/out (i.e.. pain)
  • Adopt a spiritual practice that makes you feel good and releases the fear when it seeps in.
  • Learn something new each day – it will fill you up and then share it.

Spiritual Practice supports whole hearted living by expanding awareness and delivering conscious evolution.

A Spiritual Practice can be as simple as 3 long deep breaths.  Add gratitude and intention.  One of my favourites 

  1. The first breath is to have gratitude for all I have learnt.
  2. The second breath is to have gratitude for all  I am learning.
  3. The third breath is to have gratitude for all that I will learn.


Remember to:-

  • Always choose you.  
  • Be sacred with your energy and everything else will fall into place with grace and ease.

Maria Davis, Medical Intuitive/Spiritual Mentor supports women to know their bodies, trust their wisdom and speak to their soul.   Maria teaches and guides her clients to a place of inner trust, stability, peace and balance. She teaches how to access intuition and all about unique energy pathways. Her approach is simple, practical and down to earth. After 30+ years of teaching, she has some inspirational stories to tell. Maria is the divine mother earth energy and gives the biggest, most loving connected hugs.  Join her fabulous Maverick Manifestor community to receive and heal – click here http://bit.ly/mmmariaheals


I love words

Exploring how they sound when you say them out loud

The vibration of them

How they feel?

What is the resonance?

One of favourite words at the moment is “compassion.”


I am in love with the energetic portal that it opens to know your guidance and direction.

Because of you look at the first part of the word – it is “compass”

When I noticed this it opened up my world to really lean and experience compassion for self. Yep my own compassion. Keep it in house until you have mastered it and then send it to the world. I say this with compassion. Because energetic mastery and love, in its most profound state, starts from within.

So what starts to happen cellularly when you feel compassion? The heart wall starts to melt away. The courage builds. You see your direction clearly, your inner wisdom and guidance becomes available.

All this leads to being able to take the next steps on this incredible and exciting journey called life.

So if you are like I used to be, and don’t have time to think of these very “soft skills” think again or better still, feel into the tremendous honour that you grant yourself and your soul when you allow “compass – ion” in.

It’s a practice and it starts with a breath.

It is an objective and passive moment that requires little or no energy – just an observation and then a feeling of love to enter your whole body.

compass-ion Compassion negates judgment and bypasses ego.

It is a light energy.

It is patient.

It is loving.

It accesses God within.

So if you have read to this point, take a pause, feel compassion and notice the cellular lightness that transcends the moment. This is the soul greeting you.

By being compassionate to you, you start an enormous ripple effect for compassion for the world.

Honour YOU

Practice Compassion.

With serene salutation and love, Maria

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How I became the Master of Energetic Boundaries!

I confess when I first offered this program, I had had an awakening to being an Empath and energies – I wanted to share it. I thought everyone needed to know this information. It was like a light bulb had been turned on and I could see the light. I wanted the same for everyone out there to see their light too. It felt like magic.

Share I did with 3 gorgeous souls. Then the second time I shared with another 5 souls.

Each time I have delivered this program, I learn more.

This is the 3rd time I offer it and my learnings have been profound. So much so that I guarantee results.

feather-690512_1280I will share how it has played out in this launch period.

ALL of my Energetic Boundaries have been challenged.

I have to had to refine, define and redevelop the way I look at mine and how they show up.

Physical Energetic Boundaries

My physical boundaries were challenged by fatigue, a spike in my Adrenal Fatigue symptoms and some insomnia. So I had to look at my co creation. My awakening was hitting me over the head and as a result my awareness grew.

I took the practices that I teach and started to apply them consistently. Go figure – they work.

Emotional and Mental Energetic Boundaries

Then my emotional and mental energetic boundaries were challenged. One of my close family members was given a suspected false cancer diagnosis. This brought up all kinds of fear and energy disturbances. Again I look at my Energetic Boundaries – the awakening was challenging but the awareness is gold.

The fortitude and courage that goes with dealing with health issues and health practitioners has grown immensely.

Relational Energetic Boundaries

Then all my family stuff has been challenged – my Mum has been ill and I shared carer role. This is my relational energetic boundaries. It’s not what happens – it’s how I react.

Psychic Energetic Boundaries

I experienced a profound psychic attack. I have not had this level of awareness before. Sure there was some but this was intense and my psychic energetic boundaries were severely challenged- how did this pan out? Extreme day and night energy. Think wilted flower and then sunshine. I had to do some energy work to clear (with my spiritual mentor). When it was cleared my awakening was complete. My awareness is gold. My mastery is available to others.

Spiritual Energetic Boundaries


I have been continuing my Spiritual practices, so I do feel my Spiritual Energetic Boundaries have been strong, clear and smooth.

So why am I the master?

Because I have learnt and experienced energetic boundaries – theoretically, viscerally, energetically.

Why would you study with me?
Because I see Energetic Boundaries and I feel them.

Then I guide you so you can see, feel, refine, define and develop your own.

So that when your energy is challenged – you will know what to do.

You will be empowered intrinsically and have your own resources to cocreate your dream life.

Can you be the master of your energetic boundaries? Yes you can!!!

So if you want to experience a profound shift in how you present in the world, then join me.

Here is the link to empowerment www.mariaheals.com/energeticboundaries-is

What my mum taught me about the sacred sisterhood!

I want to tell you a story of insight, wisdom and a little inner child rebellion.

My mum was lying in emergency after a suspected heart attack. It was still being  investigated.

So my sister and I are waiting with Mum to find out definitively what was causing this inexplicable chest pain. Mum was sleeping on and off.

My sister says to my Mum for some reason – not sure what sparked off this conversation.

Maybe it was truth and trust on us being there always  – “you wouldn’t fart in front of your son (our brother) but you don’t mind farting in front of us.”

In that instance I thought – there you go – no wonder we feel like second class – “not enough” is running us. I conveyed this to my sister. There was instant agreement.  A preview of victim and martyrdom – oh the stories we carry. They are not always true. We get to choose.

Old story: You know the idea that my brother is better than us in some way.

However, there was a little nudge, a thought that Mum can’t share all of herself with the men in her life. Maybe its cultural, maybe it’s wisdom, maybe it’s feelings of not being equal.

It got me thinking!

Is this a story?

Does this represent an inner deeper wisdom?

Maybe it is all of the above but also a traditional aspect of our culture. A deep truth.

It is about sharing every part of you with trust, honour and humility. A sacred sister code. Mum has the wisdom to know that she chooses who she shares all of herself with. Waste and all. Where she feels safe, honoured and sacred. There are no pedastools – rather innate knowing.

Who do you share all of you with? 

Are they honoured to receive and be the witness?

Do you release that which doesn’t serve with a trusted few?

Energetically and culturally we are programmed to follow a path. Do you follow it, judge or allow it to be your path to awakening?

It’s ok that mum feels that I am her equal and therefore ready to share all of herself. There is no worse or better, just is . . . So it is

Ancient wisdom in action.

The fart is a metaphor for releasing the toxins in life. It is physiological and it is a release.

There is a profound bond between mother and daughter. Thank you Mum for all the lessons.

Who are you willing to share with?

Do you have a sacred sisterhood?

When is it ok to start?

This morning was my last long run before flying out to New York to step onto the start line on November 1, 2015.

It was fun, easy – really cruisey – my body feels good and it knows I am ready to run my race. I have done all the training and had many conversations with myself along the way. Dug deep, sometimes not so pretty but released and learnt a lot about myself.


And yet this morning when my coach handed out our times (3 of my friends are doing it too), my heart sank to a depth and the feeling of not deserving to be there engulfed like a pariah. I know this will be my slowest and I am at my heaviest. But when I see it in hard cold facts like numbers on a sheet – it is a big reality check. Makes me think I should not be there.

So it got me thinking – why did I start? The goal was to finish it with a smile on my face. Did I expect to be better? Maybe! Have I done all I could do? Yes!

Then – am I questioning my ability to complete it? No!

Then when is a good time to start? Whenever you and I decide it is!!!

Will the parameters change around performance? Probably. But for this time I want to receive from within, that I am good enough to be there. I deserve to be there. I have respected the distance. My humility lies in my resolve. I have completed all my runs. Come hail, rain, wind or heat.

I have co created a reality where I have taken all steps necessary to complete this ultra human feat. I have healed fears and self limiting beliefs. I have done the internal and external work.

So when my coach gives me a time that helps me release the last vestige of ego and pride. My heart and soul felt a deep sadness.  However, after a cry and a check in – I recognise, that just to be on the start line is a triumph in itself.

The marathon will challenge anyone physically, mentally and spiritually. I have been challenged. I have transcended.

Now ask the question.

When is a good time to start?

1. When you ask the question,


2.  when you decide. 

 The strength is in the ability to start.

The acceptance and humility is in the ability to finish.

The in between is the ability to transcend, nourish and appreciate the journey.

One step at a time.

Here I come New York!

I am ready

To celebrate with you all.