Here’s a poem I wrote when I was away on my Spiritual Pilgrimage in Bali.

I am sitting here on the beach reflecting.

Letting thoughts go in and out

Nothing in particular 

The serenity of the moment

Breathing deeply


Waves too far away

Still see them clearly

I feel them

With each wave, I wonder

The resonance with emotions

As we wave through them


A young group of boys – I can hear them in the distance



Locked in chatter



It is now dusk

The sun is setting

Behind the clouds

For one more time



It knows what to do







It’s precious moment like this

In-to-me- I see

Yes intimacy

Connection to my soul 


Connection to Mother Earth

As the breeze gently caresses my hair

Connection to air






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Life’s Little Pleasures

There are so many in any given day. That sometimes we forget to take a moment, pause, breathe them into every cell of our bodies. This connects us to out bodies, our soul and our intuition. Listen to these and your life will be full of grace.

This morning I woke up so grateful. I want to share what I call life’s little pleasures.

the moment to come off a bolster (the foam roller) after lying on it – getting a little balance.

You come off and you take a moment to breathe and connect. Lying and melting onto the floor.

The coffee my hubby brings me in the morning.


The clean bed sheets – the moment you slide between them.

The grass under your feet. Enjoying the moisture of the dew. Connecting to Mother Earth.

When a baby stares into your eyes and your souls connect.

When you stare into your beloved eyes or children’s eyes and your soul smiles. That feeling of love emanates from all your cells.

When you are sharing a meal at the dinner table.  Celebrating community.

When you watch a preview of a movie and you decide that you will go an see it.

Deciding on your next holiday time.

holiday - life's little pleasuresLife’s little pleasures. They may be little because they take no time or energy but they are huge and impactful. They nourish your soul and connect you back to the body and the present moment. This is also a moment to pause, breathe in the essence of you and receive.

The moment is “life’s little pleasure”.

I’m been thinking of how disconnection from our bodies and intuition causes illness.  If only we could take a pause every now and again and enjoy “life’s little pleasures”

Practices that can increase Life’s Little Pleasures

So I want to share some practices that I share with clients.  Here’s one to connect to your body.

Take a foam roller and lie on it.  Notice what happens the moment to come off a bolster (the foam roller) after lying on it – getting a little balance.

Take a moment to breathe and connect. Lying and melting onto the floor.

This moment is “life’s little pleasure”.

Try it – let me know what you think.

Id love to know your “life’s little pleasures”

Namaste 🙏

Exquisite ❤️

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3 simple tips to connect to your body

One if the things I see in my practice as a Medical Intuitive is disconnection to the physical body.

This is how it pans out –

I ask “do you feel that?”

Response – “No – no I don’t!”

After a couple of seconds the neural synapse will wake up and the client will feel the energy disturbance and say “oh wow – i do feel it”

You might be questioning whether this is suggestion, but from my experience as a Medical Intuitive and in my previous roles as Remedial Massage Therapist, Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer, I have seen 1000s of dormant fibres which simply switch off when the screaming phase has been ignored long enough. White rage is the next phase. A silent but deadly phase.  This is when dis-ease creeps in.

I urge you to listen to the messages. They are simple to uncover and recover from at this “slight niggle” phase.

Please note that the body is where your subconscious thoughts, beliefs and ultimately self limiting behavioural patterns land. Your body is your story. What is your body telling you? Here are 3 things you can do to connect to your body on a daily basis.


1. The breath. Follow the breath pattern when you breathe in. This creates awareness, clarity and space in your cells. Many common dis-eases begin with shallow breathing – not enough essential oxygen nutrients being delivered to the cells. This creates a build up of toxic carbon dioxide – the energetic pollutant.


2. Check in where your feet are. This grounds you immediately. Many people who are disconnected from their body live in the upper 3 chakras with a disregard (not intentionally – mainly because of the ‘not know element) to the lower fundamental chakras (energy systems).

Become curious how your foot hits the ground when you are walking or running or simply standing. Where is the weight? Heels, toes, inside, outside or mid section?  This simply inventory will create awareness and immediately connect you to your body and your base chakra – creating an invigorating reception for more energy filtering through to your body.


3. Balance of weight – symmetry – left and right side.  This is best done lying down. Check in with the balance of weight in your left and right side of the body.  Begin at the heels and just do a somatic exploration. Is there more weight on the left or right side? Most people with energy disturbances will follow patterns. These patterns may be linear – all on one side which tells a story or a zig zag pattern which tells another story.

balanceTry it. Lie down and check in. The awareness is the first part of balancing the body’s functional performance as well as integrating energy – divine feminine and masculine energy.

There you go – 3 simple practices that will awaken your dormant neural synapses, create balance and improve function. Connect to your body, it has your back and definitely has all the answers you will ever need, throughout your life. Your body is the barometer of your soul. Enjoy it, nurture it and nourish it – it will only serve you.

7 thoughts on “3 simple tips to connect to your body

  1. Michelle

    What a powerful practice! I need to remember these amidst the busiest of workdays.

    And those photos are stunning. Absolutely stunning.

  2. april

    the breath. i've been doing a lot of experimentation with breathing and meditation lately. whenever i've felt anxious or fearful, my first reaction has always been to hold my breath. being consciously mindful of my breathing always centers me, calms me, comforts me.

  3. Cathy Sykora

    Great post and wonderful exercises! These all are great ways to be more in tune with our bodies and nurture the mind-body connection. A lot of people forget just how inter-related these systems are and how important it is to dedicate time and effort into exercising it. Thank you for a great reminder!

  4. Cathy

    So simple, yet so effective. I felt my body shift as I read each piece.

    This reminds me of what happens in my practice, when I ask, "What does that feel like in your body." And the reply is, "I think…" Gently bringing people back to the body is a gift that will benefit them always.

  5. Susie

    Such a timely post!
    I have just finished a busy event season and made a commitment to try to stay 'connected with my body/self' throughout. Often I put my head down, get the work down at the expense of me. Paying attention to staying grounded (from my feet) is exactly what I am working on. Thank you for the reminder, Maria!

    1. Maria Post author

      hello Susie,
      I am so glad and thank you.
      Staying grounded is probably one of the hardest things for us busy entrepreneurs – I love reminding me and my clients to just check on their feet – immediate result.

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Your Body is the Bestest Friend, YOU will ever have!

As a Medical Intuitive, I see the way we think about our bodies everyday and how this creates havoc within our physiology.

  • How these thoughts land.
  • How the body reacts and cellular damage occurs.
  • Your body is resilient, intelligent and very adaptable.

balanceHere are 3 quick reframes to love your body more than you ever have before.

1. Watch and listen to your thoughts.

Listen with your ears and your auric field. A simple energetic abundance. This has the same effect of watching but with another sense.  Witnessing and transcending, then neutralising.

After all, They are only thoughts wanting a voice and be acknowledged,

Once this occurs – the cells are released from the burdens of carrying the thoughts around. Creating lightness and freedom. Not always easy but oh so freeing.

2. Feel your feelings.

This can be challenging because sometimes they are really icky. But feeling them is a pathway out and transcendence through you cells rather than getting stuck in the cell. Growing until the feelings create dis-ease.

family3. Move your body.

Your cells want air, energy and blood flow. The profit from simple movement far outweighs the investment. Movement can include walking, running, yoga, pilates – do something you enjoy – your body mind and soul will receive it with glee.

Love you body with a purity of essence as the day it was created. It succumbs to so much disharmony, imbalance and scrutiny. Enjoy the miracle of function and the joy of being.

If you are stuck energetically, book in for a Medical Intuitive Session. The guidance will be a pathway towards energy, understanding and appreciation of the miracle that you are.

Being an Empath: What I Wish I had Known When I was Younger…

Energetic Boundaries are something I struggled with a lot until the last few years.

I’ve been on a profound journey and it is a delight to share this insight with others, so they may use this knowledge I can offer now.

empath - journeyBoundaries are helpful for you as a sensitive soul and empath. So you can gracefully untangle yourself from the energy and expectations of others.

This will lead to you making and actioning the decisions that best support you in business and life.

It’s like putting your own oxygen mask on first, being aware and using your energy to sustain your life and business – which can then be of more service to others.

It is time to honour that graceful un-tangle-ment and choose conscious prosperity.

I do work with people as a prosperity coach, highly tuned in empath and medical intuitive.

I have supported thousands of clients in the past ten years, to better health. I enjoy that my focus is now on prosperity from within – abundance in health and wealth.

I always thought my sensitivities were a defect, and it wasn’t until I understood my sensitivities and supported them, using boundaries that I now love and use them in my life and business.

I also love my psychic abilities.

I see these all as gifts and as I’ve explored them, they’ve grown.


I am excited to be able to share this new way of being, with people like me who are deeply sensitive.

These people can find they act like “energy sponges”.

They may find it difficult to protect their own energy and the energy that is bouncing off people all around them.

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to make clear decisions that honour you.

This is something I have previously experienced when making decisions.

Being highly attuned to what others are thinking and feeling, you can be so influenced by the expectations of others.

What you’d like to do is make decisions that really support you and will allow you to move forward.

I would like to share three pieces of information I wish I had known:

  1. Mirror Neurons

    Empaths are born with highly tuned mirror neurons.

Mirror Neuron cells are the part of the brain that engages to “mirror” the information that it receives from another being. The mirror neurons enable the body to learn – firing by watching someone else & also using the same actions to do the same thing. In a similar way, it is said that the body can receive emotions and even other people’s thoughts – by observing/feeling them.

  1. Empaths Vs Highly Sensitive People

Empaths are Highly Sensitive People, but not all Highly Sensitive People are Empaths.

Highly Sensitive People process deeply and have a high perception attention.

Empaths have these traits as well as the ability to sense and take on emotions, thoughts and energetic vibrations. Empaths can have a spiritual practice and a focus on light. They can tune into the visible and invisible aspects of the world around them.

  1. 2-4% of the population are Empaths

This is a very special asset that we have been born with.

We are here to shine the light and do the work of healing the world.

When combined with knowing how to manage our gift, we can feel amazing and be doing some incredible work.  When you are aware of what is your energy and what is from other people, you can make decisions based on what you are truly feeling, becoming more aligned with your own journey.

May you feel the prosperity flow within & open your heart to receive.

2 thoughts on “Being an Empath: What I Wish I had Known When I was Younger…

  1. Deborah

    Hi Maria
    I would love to know more about being an Empath
    I met you at the first Fortuna event in March.
    I'm on your email list.



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You’re too sensitive, you cry too much, you feel too deeply…

Have any of these statements been said about you?

And how could these help you create an AMAZING business?

Did you know that 20% of the human population are Highly Sensitive?


Highly Sensitive People have physiological differences and studies are proving there are chemical differences too, including serotonin and dopamine.

It is said serotonin can affect moods, social behaviour, gastrointestinal processes and sleep. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that acts within systems in the body too, including the reward system – pleasure.

Empaths make up around 4% of the Highly Sensitive population, see my blog about being an Empath.

When you feel like you cry too much, or people call you too sensitive, I really want you to know that it’s a gift and is acknowledgement of a strength.

Having the right tools and tips to assist you in getting to know this gift, and embracing a support team to help you, are important in helping you to live your best life as a sensitive person.


Someone to talk to and help you understand the way you can recognise when you are feeling what is yours and when you are taking on the moods and feelings of others.

It is also valuable to have a community of people who know what it’s like to be labelled “thin skinned” and “sensitive” or even “sooky la la”. They can sympathise, but also provide you with backup and strength for you to begin appreciating your ability and using it to help you be of service to others.

Being a highly sensitive person, and empath, creates opportunities for you to grow your business and create relationships with people from an intuitive level … Strengthening the bond with your clients and making them feel heard and supported.

When you recognise your Empathic abilities, and put them to use, your business can improve and attract prosperity and abundance.

You are able to live and do business with a solid foundation, being aware of when you are feeling from within and recognising what your true self desires.

You can release the negativity and triggers that you take on from others, and adopt your own shiny soul calling.

The wanting to help ‘everybody’ can be detrimental to your business, while you are doing everything for free for everybody.

Knowing your abilities as an Empath and implementing the Five Pillars of Emotional Boundaries will give you more pleasure while you are working within your business and even in your life, as you are being aligned with what works for you.

It will also make the bank balance look healthy – as you can help others with an energetic exchange being involved when they complete the loop and pay you for your services.

Recognising that being an Empath is beneficial to you and your business, and having the support to help you through and make the most of it, creates a beautiful combination in making the most out of your life, living your purpose and managing a great business.

If you would like to build your business with ease and grace, through accepting and using the sensitive side of you and setting up boundaries to honour your true self, come and join me on the Encore Free Call – Could You Be an Empath?  Click here to register for the call.

11 thoughts on “You’re too sensitive, you cry too much, you feel too deeply…

  1. CecilyAUlrey

    You really ensure it is seem really easy with the presentation however i find this matter being
    really something which I think I would never understand.
    It appears too complicated and extremely broad for me. I'm looking forward for your forthcoming post, I am going to try to obtain the hang of it!

  2. Valerie

    I do feel I'm an empath and pretty sensitive (if not highly sensitive) and I completely get what you are saying. It's been so important for me to protect myself from the emotional energy of others. And sometimes I fail. Just this week I had incredible difficulty releasing negativity & triggers that we being directed at my by others. And then I have to make sure I don't beat up on myself for being too sensitive and not being able to release it soon. 🙂

    1. Maria Post author

      Hi Valerie – I so resonate – it is lovely to find the on and off switch – its there – it takes practice and awareness, which you are building on. All the best xx

  3. Cathy Sykora

    Having boundaries and knowing what is yours and what is someone else's emotional ground is very important and something that is a must when operating a successful business. This is interesting and great information. Healthy boundaries are something that everyone can benefit from, knowing what is your responsibility and what is not. I've seen a lot of people take responsibility for the emotions and feelings of others when it really had nothing at all to do with them. The best way I've found to handle situations like this is through setting clear boundaries and checking in with myself. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Maria Post author

      Hi Cathy – it sounds like you have practiced this alot – I know from my experience that is the key to know your energies, your boundaries and then practicing. xx

  4. april

    i was always told i was "too emotional," yet at the same time i always knew it was a good thing – something to be embraced and nurtured. it meant i felt things deeply, i could connect more intensely. and i liked that. thank you for bringing the virtues of an empath out into the open.

  5. Cathy

    Boundaries and community support are invaluable – even for those who don't consider themselves "sensitive", as I used to do. Th estronger I build those two essential foundations, the more I realize how much the world around me was effecting me. What a great course to offer, Maria!

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Body Appreciation

Nothing needs to change

Just find the balance

Find inspiration daily

You are moving forward without effort

We ARE moving forward


We’re often walking backwards because we need to fix our past




Stuck looking backwards so you can’t look forward

Passion is being in the moment and letting it all happen

Start with the why

Driving force moving you forward

Falling forward

Surrender to it

Take the next step

Let the passion drive you

Just surrender

body appreciationI invite you to my FREE training call.  If you have been labelled sensitive or felt lost at times, this call is for you.  Register here – look forward to connecting.



9 thoughts on “Body Appreciation

  1. Michelle

    Oh, Maria. How I needed these words of encouragement today. You have no idea. Well, you do have an idea. You've been there. Which is why you wrote this piece. 🙂 THANK YOU! Hugs.

  2. Lori

    I often remind myself to live in the moment and be present. One cannot go back in the past to fix or change things. We must learn lessons from the past as well as allow a release from the bondage of hurts and regrets.

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Part 5: Vibrations – How They Affect Your Business!

How a Vibrational Tune Up Helped Create a Successful Launch

I had a client come to me for a vibrational tune up. She was in the middle of a launch and we cleared some beliefs that lead to an increase in client attraction.

People come to see me at all stages of business and this particular client was in the middle of a launch for a new product.

The client had put all their ducks in a row before they came to see me. They had hired a coach for systemisation, they’d hired a coach for copy writing. Everything seemed to be set up and ready to receive customers. Everything was systemised, they knew how many clients they needed to get.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 9.04.04 PM

From a left brain trained perspective it was all clear and ready.

I was privy to the launch process, before we got on the call, and I felt in the energy of the emails that came through – I thought to myself “she doesn’t believe it – she does not believe in herself”.

When I asked my higher power and her higher power, I realised she wasn’t going to get the sales.

It wasn’t going to go through as anticipated.

I asked her how she was going and she confirmed she wasn’t getting the sales.

Being intuitive, I know those things, I get downloads.

She was really struggling with having to achieve the number of intended sales.

In our Vibrational Tune UP we cleared a lot of limiting beliefs.


I questioned it, are these beliefs true? What is true?

Clearing beliefs can be as easy as – saying I am now clearing old beliefs.

But the first part is being aware – what they are?

And we only clear when we’re ready to clear and we can see what we need to clear.

You know what you know until you know something different.

So it’s about going through the process of where that belief actually came from.

We get to the source of the belief system.



Once we clear that from your cells your soul can shine again.

That’s what happened with her.

What she did on the call and the way she had shifted on a cellular level were releasing.

After the call, when enquiries came through, she was able to enter conversations from pure heart, not from a fear base.

Coming from pure heart and a desire to see how she could see how she could be of service to her clients.

And that was a paradigm shift. An energetic (vibrational) shift that will help in her business always.


A shift of sacred generosity, so the entrepreneur can say “yay, here I am, this is what I can do”
And from that – she is flying

She’s on her third launch now – I’m so excited for her, her business and the people she can help as a result.

Maria Davis is a Medical Intuitive and Prosperity Coach who helps women in transition and are experiencing transformational shifts, ie: old patterns running the show, self limiting beliefs, anxiety, physical and emotional pain.

She works with entrepreneurs who are ready to launch themselves into the world with product, service or online course.   If you want to be seen, be visible and be noticed, then Maria’s Vibrational Tune Up Session is a must. Vibrate at a frequency with permission to become “the attractor factor”. 

Join Maria in her annual Vibrational Tune Up Challenge starting December 1, 2016. Here is the link to Tune Up your Vibrations and energise for Christmas and beyond.

8 thoughts on “Part 5: Vibrations – How They Affect Your Business!

  1. april

    we must certainly believe in ourselves before we can release our inner power. happy you were able to witness such a moment, maria.

  2. Cathy Sykora

    Amazing. It is so funny how everything can be perfectly in place but if we are not internally aligned it makes a huge difference. I am glad your client had the breakthrough they needed. Mindset is everything.

  3. Susie

    I felt myself softening as I was reading your words. The 'shift of sacred generosity' allows for a giving spirit while you show up. That feels great! Thank you for this reminder, Maria.

    1. Maria Post author

      thank you Susie – sacred generosity has created a shift in me and supports me to feel at peace xx

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The Art of Receiving

This year has been a year of abundance. Abundance and prosperity comes from within.

The art of receiving is something that I am learning along the way. It is not a natural state for me. However, the art of giving is more than natural, it was my modus operandi. To the point of over giving and then becoming depleted.

Does this resonate?

This year it finally clicked that the art of giving, without the art of receiving is actually creating a deficiency in my energetic loop and depleting me from the inside out.

the key

Unless I opened myself to receive, I could not give anymore. Oh my, this created a whole energetic, paradigm shift. I sat with this, fought with this and finally decided that if I was going to succeed in business, this was something I had to tackle with clarity, assuredness and observation.

The learning curve was beginning and more importantly the significant shift in identity was about to take place.

Once this penny dropped, I was on a mission. I started to look for guidance. I googled.

giving and receivingOne of the first insights into this world of receiving came from a Denise Duffield Thomas, also known as Lucky Bitch. She had a free audio on her website which I devoured. I also downloaded her book – Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. Then I was lucky enough to go along to a one day mastermind with Denise, herself in March last year. This just proved to me that she was sharing a journey that I was just embarking on. However, she had been on the journey and was on the other side. So many insights.

I came home from that one day and purchased Denise’s Lucky Bitch Bootcamp.

The bootcamp itself is paradigm shifting as she gives a lot of great value, including subtle energetic shifts which happen along the way. Yes, your thoughts about receiving do change.

transformation, abundance, propserityMy journey thus far has included becoming open to receive from a generous space. My self-esteem has increased. I can actually write this now. “I serve, I deserve.” In retrospect, it does start with opening your heart to yourself, but when I was first beginning, I wasn’t aware of this small but fundamental detail. Prosperity can only come from within.

Coming from a place of service and having the innate ability of closing the chasm between giving and receiving will only enhance your mission and open you up to potential and possibilities.

If you are ready to choose both giving and receiving as an energetic complete loop which will fill your heart and your world with your desires, then I highly recommend sourcing guidance. This program and the community is wonderful and can lead to paradigm shifts which indeed can make you a lucky rich bitch too.

Here’s to raising the prosperity consciousness of all the generational change agents and women entrepreneurs in the world.


What is Prosperity?

prosperity consciousness

Is it having enough money in your life?

Is it having enough love in your life?

Is it doing everything you want, when you want – you know, choices and freedom to choose?

What exactly is prosperity in your life?

It is anything that makes you feel safe, joyous and cup half full type of feeling. I want to say “satiated on all levels”. Mind, body and soul.

Years ago (the old me), prosperity actually meant having it all, money, time, love and security. Whatever that meant. How did I quantify it?  This was before I really dug deep and evaluated my life.

Well, in my wisdom, I found that there is never enough money, never enough time and never enough hugs. Until I became curious and started to really tap into the prosperity in my life. After some serious trauma and cathartic processes – I mean life changing – I know now that prosperity exists from the inside/out.

prosperity consciousness


What makes me feel prosperous?

My family being happy

prosperity consciousness

  • The colors in the garden
  • The time I can spend with my friends
  • Doing what I love
  • Small things daily

Recently I was at a workshop and one of the exercises was to dissect and list your perfect day. I was blown away. I live my perfect day almost everyday. It was such a cool realization.

Core Desired Feelings

As prosperity comes from within – one of the main focus was to identify what I really wanted to feel on a daily basis. Then make my decisions accordingly. If I could feel these feelings then the decision was in alignment with my core values.   Danielle La Porte writes about core desired feelings in her book “The Desire Map”. Knowing what you desire opens your awareness so your daily decisions are synchronistic and aligned. Making you feel prosperous from the inside/out.

Inspired Action

Know that you are worth it. Whatever it is? There are no rules. If you live life in flow, then inspired action is effortless. As you know from your core, that whatever you are doing is worth it. For example, meditation was very hard for me as my monkey mind was very active. Five years ago, I promised that I would start with 5 secs a day. And so my meditation began. This was two fold – not only did I feel I was worth it (that 5 secs a day) but also I got the benefit of the theta healing which occurred during this time. Yes, 5 secs works. It is a start and then it grew to 30 mins daily. I love the space the meditation gives me. Space leads to clarity, energy and direction. 

Self Actualization

According to Maslow’s Law of Hierarchy – if you think, it shall be true. If you focus your thoughts of scarcity day in, day out – this is what you will receive. Focus your thoughts on prosperity and what it means to you – your heart will open, energetically to having more of what you desire. In my work, I find that most people who come to me – know what they don’t want but don’t know what they want. Focus on what you want in your life and don’t be afraid to ask. The law of attraction offers us many examples to prove that the more you focus on something the more it eventuates.

So what does prosperity mean to you?

prosperity consciousness

If you want to develop your prosperity, I have developed a workshop, Developing Prosperity Consciousness Workshop, all geared to you becoming Prosperous and Conscious. This is a full day immersion program in mind, body and soul.  Come along and delete, transmute old beliefs, self sabotaging patterns and be introduced to effortless practices which will open your heart to prosperity within.




26 thoughts on “What is Prosperity?

  1. Cathy Sykora

    I love how your take on prosperity is so much deeper than material objects. I believe that true prosperity starts internally. I also really like the idea of focusing on what you do want versus what is not wanted. Great post!

  2. Sig

    I love this! My view on prosperity changed completely after having my baby boy and quitting my job to start my own business. So yes, freedom is a huge one of my core desired feelings too. It's all because my viw on what success is has shifted as well – meaning that freedom, family and fun are my top 3 😀

  3. april

    "i was blown away. i live my perfect day almost everyday." what a fabulous realization, maria. i had a similar revelation not very long ago, in answer to a question in an online course i was taking. imagine the world if everyone could be experiencing their own perfect days.

  4. Jodie

    This is such a thought provoking post Maria. So often we tend to define prosperity in terms of finances. But to me prosperity is feeling abundant in all areas of my life – health, energy, relationships, career, relationships as well as money.

  5. Dana

    Love this read Maria, prosperity for me is family and freedom. Conscious choices have been integral to living in a prosperity mindset 🙂

  6. Bon

    Love the idea that prosperity is so much beyond the "usual" definition. I am constantly inspired by the prosperity I feel, just by living at the beach, breathing in the moist air, setting the tone of my day by my own centeredness. Love this post. 🙂 Your family is adorable!

    1. admin Post author

      hi Bonnie, love the beach, I live by the beach too – it grounds me too – just love the energy and universal messages and energies that come from a visit down at the beach. Oh thank you – my biggest joy is spending time with the family xx

  7. Michelle

    Prosperity to me means doing what I love alongside those whom I love. 🙂

    "Focus on what you want… and don't be afraid to ask." Love that! We often get so caught up in the day to day that we forget to ask for what truly makes our souls sing.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Michelle – just lately I have been asking and it was interesting because I did not know how to ask – I know it seems simple and it is – just ask – it is ok 🙂

  8. Lori

    Prosperity… Being surrounded by the people I love most in the world. Enjoying good health and honoring my body with good choices. Feeling blessed to have a career that I love with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of my clients. Appreciating the simple things like sunrises and a warm, gentle breeze. Expressing gratitude each and every day for all the blessing in my life. Just writing these thoughts has me smiling on my end of the computer!

  9. Juila

    Prosperity means to me: happiness, lightness, and freedom to do what I want, when I want whether that be with my family, my husband, my friends or just myself. I like freedom of choice. I love what you wrote about the mindset. This year I've truly been focusing on having an abundance mindset versus a scarcity mindset. Thank you for the reminder!

  10. Elizabeth MacLeod

    You know, it's interesting…when you said… "not only did I feel I was worth it (that 5 secs a day)" and I thought of the mediation I do each morning…that I didnt' do this morning… when he says… just doing this each day, sends a live message that you are worth it or something like that…anyways..when I read … that 5 secs a day… I thought of that and decided that i will set my alarm for a half hour earlier so I don't miss my meditation tomorrow before help comes to help me move… cause.. I want my body to feel prosperous … and abundant… and to remind myself… that I am worth the time… 🙂 awesome. I had myself a little moment there …xoox

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Elizabeth, when I first started to meditate – I didnt know what it was all about – but I am an athlete and athletes know how to stick with the plan – so 5secs I could do. Little did I know the profound long term effect and impact on my life that 5 secs a day would have – meditation is an amazing healing practice. Let's spread the word. xx

  11. Susie

    I agree that prosperity begins from the inside/out. One of my core desired feelings is FREEDOM, in my mind, body, spirit & even finances. It allows for more meaningful connections. Great post, Maria!

    1. admin Post author

      You and I both – freedom is one of my core desired feelings too. I so hear you, Susie on all levels. xx

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