Intuition, Attunement, Entrainment

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I love words.  The words you use are a clue to your journey.

Let’s explore some really cool words and how they affect our trust element.  How they can contribute to our conscious evolution too.

The first is intuition.

As I listened to a podcast, years ago – this massive penny dropped.  Intuition is tuition from the inside – whoa – our soul speaking to us.  Why don’t we trust it?  It never steers you wrong!! Over the years of teaching how to develop your intuition, I have found that this particular skill is something we have forgotten.  It is always there but needs some development.  Just a muscle needs activation and growth.  So does this innate skill.  Intuition needs conscious attention.  When you trust your intuition, your whole world will change.  Your knowingness will expand.  Your path going forward will be easier to navigate.  Your decisions will come with more flow.  You awareness will be expanded.  I call this conscious evolution.

Attunement is a little more subtle but is vibrational frequency and it takes more time to develop the connection to this gift.  When you attune to energy, your world opens up even more.  In what way?  Well consider, trusting yourself completely – you have developed your intuition, you know its not you – the frequency in the room has changed – here is the attunement – the judgment and compassion filters back in.


When I was much younger, I used to feel everybody’s pain, I thought it was me.  No I was just consciously attuned to others vibrational frequency.

Now that I know that – life is much easier.  I know when it is me and when it is other people’s stuff.  This has freedom me from anxiety and worry.

Oh, if you are attuning naturally, you may be an Empath, a gift of light to the world – take this quiz to find out more.

Entrainment is a neural connection, Dr Joe Dispenza talks about the groove that made everyday following the same process – he was so funny talking about the same moment in everyday, when you wake up, have your coffee, have a shower, do the same thing over and over again.  If you are doing the same thing everyday, your neural patterning is just that – there will be no change.

The definition of insanity according to Albert Einstein is “doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results”.


We all do it.  We are entrained to our particular ways day in, day out.

The only thing that changes an entrainment or creates a neural pathway is conscious thought.  This all starts with awareness.  Awareness is the key.  Transformation is the gift.  Conscious evolution is the result.

If you trust yourself, be compassionate, honour your sacred self, the experiences along the journey will be lighter and more joyous.

Here’s a few reflective questions for you?

Do you trust your intuition?

How are you unconsciously attuning to other people’s energy and what is the impact on your health?

What is the effect of entrainment?  Where are you doing things over and over again and expecting different results?

You may not have definitive answers but maybe the enquiry is all you need, right now at this very moment.  Being the master of your energy is a powerful skill to have.  Developing this skill is a life time achievement.  The success is in the moment that you highlight or set on a path of enquiry.  From one life long learner to another.  Blessings xx

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Here’s a poem I wrote when I was away on my Spiritual Pilgrimage in Bali.

I am sitting here on the beach reflecting.

Letting thoughts go in and out

Nothing in particular 

The serenity of the moment

Breathing deeply


Waves too far away

Still see them clearly

I feel them

With each wave, I wonder

The resonance with emotions

As we wave through them


A young group of boys – I can hear them in the distance



Locked in chatter



It is now dusk

The sun is setting

Behind the clouds

For one more time



It knows what to do







It’s precious moment like this

In-to-me- I see

Yes intimacy

Connection to my soul 


Connection to Mother Earth

As the breeze gently caresses my hair

Connection to air






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Celebrating the Human Spirit

Today I am here at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) celebrating the human spirit. The soul speaking to the body and everything in between.

You see, it’s the 2016 Melbourne Marathon Festival. The sea of humanity is vast. The emotions are flowing. The fire has erupted and extinguished.

Today dreams will be realised. Fortitude and resilience will be anchored. Unbelievable triumphs witnessed.

I am sitting here in the revelatory excitement. So many emotions. Stories from people of all ages and stages. The matrix of life unfolds before me as I listen.

A story of combating the contrasts of life by training for the half marathon

– a young lady sitting behind us sharing how she is thrilled that she beat her expected time. The 3 week training preparation “distracting her from IVF journey”.

– another woman walking up the stairs saying “why does there have to be stairs?”

– friendships made along the way

– fathers travelling with their children to support their Mum

– fathers & daughters running together.

– a life journey – congratulations to the brilliant woman who today ran her 200th marathon.

– there are women and men mustering that last ounce as they fly across the finish line

– yells

– cheers

– acknowledgement

– hugs

– waves

– kisses

Community, friends and family coming together. Supporting, cheering, witnessing. Belief, disbelief, confidence, joy, connection.

The love, the ease and grace – all present. A flood of emotions. Remembering the deep strength of achieving intentions.

Then we go back to our normal existence but for a magnificent instance we know we are heroes.

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The number one illness of today is “immediacy”.

Yes that’s right – the need for immediate results!

This combined with so many choices, which actually should be freeing, creates anxiety, stress and energy deficiencies.  I see this in simple decision making processes I put to my clients. Totally unaware of the anxiety they are experiencing because there are so many choices.

It’s because we can achieve immediate results that spurs us on to want everything now.  For example, Google anything, phone anyone, talk to the world – all great things but has trained us to want things now.

So what am I seeing because of this? As a Medical Intuitive, I see clients for all sorts of illness, energy disturbances – spikes and lows, anxiety, lack of clarity, relationships  and the list goes on.


Clue: WHY?

But one thing they all have in common is that their expectations don’t equal their reality.

One reason is that sometimes the results wanted are not possible with the effort required and the effort committed. A disparity.

Because here’s the thing – if it’s energetic, the body adapts. Everyone adapts at different rates. So if results aren’t immediate, so then why bother.

If you tapped into your own ability to learn, release, adapt and just focus on this, with compassion, awareness and belief – as well as taking inspired action, you would eventually get the results you desire.


Take the marathon for instance. You can’t wake up tomorrow and decide you want to do a marathon today. Not possible – your body, mind and soul would rebel. This is such a parable for life and an amazing learning curve.

The same goes for any worthwhile project. Weight loss, Qualifications or Buying your Home. All take time.

But with planning, execution and inspiration – one step at a time – you CAN and WILL achieve anything.

My message is to take the stress out of life. Acknowledge your reality and work on your expectations. Do the work. What are the steps you can take and then what are the steps you need to take in order to achieve your desired results. Possible/probable?

path forward

I know anything is possible. I see miracles daily. When you work out your unique path, the magic will happen – your path will light up.

Who are you?

I was at a conference on the weekend and the very last speaker was the amazing Iyanla Vanzant. An incredible woman, gifting us insights with stories, experiences and lessons.


At the end of her presentation, she took some questions from the audience. But before anyone could ask the question – they had to answer this question –

Iyanla said “tell me, who are you?”

The first woman got up and started with her name and roles she had in life.  Iyanla interrupted this analysis and asked again “who are you”?

I went what?!

She is answering the question.

This question stumped me.

There was resistance present.

The next woman got up and, again, the question was posed. And the answer went something like this “My name is . . . I am a mother of . . .

Again covering her roles. She was interrupted swiftly and asked again “who are you?”

I was shrinking. I was glad I didn’t have a burning question. I wasn’t certain of what my answer would be.

This insight was new. I went into processing.

Iyanla was asking us to claim who we are. All of our wisdom, our experiences and our attributes.

This morning I reflected. I asked myself “who are you”?

So the answer came to me . . .

“I am a wise, sacred, spiritual woman, who is birthing myself and supporting others to birth their true authentic self.”


Now over to you.

Who are you?

With love and blessings.

Maria xx

When is it ok to start?

This morning was my last long run before flying out to New York to step onto the start line on November 1, 2015.

It was fun, easy – really cruisey – my body feels good and it knows I am ready to run my race. I have done all the training and had many conversations with myself along the way. Dug deep, sometimes not so pretty but released and learnt a lot about myself.


And yet this morning when my coach handed out our times (3 of my friends are doing it too), my heart sank to a depth and the feeling of not deserving to be there engulfed like a pariah. I know this will be my slowest and I am at my heaviest. But when I see it in hard cold facts like numbers on a sheet – it is a big reality check. Makes me think I should not be there.

So it got me thinking – why did I start? The goal was to finish it with a smile on my face. Did I expect to be better? Maybe! Have I done all I could do? Yes!

Then – am I questioning my ability to complete it? No!

Then when is a good time to start? Whenever you and I decide it is!!!

Will the parameters change around performance? Probably. But for this time I want to receive from within, that I am good enough to be there. I deserve to be there. I have respected the distance. My humility lies in my resolve. I have completed all my runs. Come hail, rain, wind or heat.

I have co created a reality where I have taken all steps necessary to complete this ultra human feat. I have healed fears and self limiting beliefs. I have done the internal and external work.

So when my coach gives me a time that helps me release the last vestige of ego and pride. My heart and soul felt a deep sadness.  However, after a cry and a check in – I recognise, that just to be on the start line is a triumph in itself.

The marathon will challenge anyone physically, mentally and spiritually. I have been challenged. I have transcended.

Now ask the question.

When is a good time to start?

1. When you ask the question,


2.  when you decide. 

 The strength is in the ability to start.

The acceptance and humility is in the ability to finish.

The in between is the ability to transcend, nourish and appreciate the journey.

One step at a time.

Here I come New York!

I am ready

To celebrate with you all.

I went to India and brought back “Namaste”

What’s with that??????

In 2013 I went to India. I was there for 2 weeks.  I was invited to be a speaker at an International Conference, LifeBloom.  I was excited to be sharing my work and taking it to the world.


I thought India was an adventure and a time of self discovery.  India offered incredible divine spots and also not so divine too, it was eclectic, diverse, colourful and intriguing.

It was a time of spiritual transformation, energy clearing, healing, self discovery and divine sacred support.

So today I was reflecting.

When did I start saying Namaste?

When did I bring my hands together in a gesture of connection, humility and presence?

buddha-504204_1280I am an Italian Catholic – what!!?

It was that journey that cemented my desire to go deeper with my spiritual transformation. As well as discover my offerings to humanity and stay true to my calling.

Wow what does that even mean?

I don’t need to know now but years ago I would have found it airy fairy and not real. Today it so real I can taste it.

The awakening process can be challenging, judgmental and full of subversive criticism.

But from someone who has been there and felt all that at her core, it has been an amazing journey through to the other side. To wonder, gratitude, love, surrender and flow.

Which brings me back to Namaste – it is an all encompassing greeting and salute. Almost a salvation. It is

I am not a yogi. I am an ordinary woman who has now awakened to her spirituality. Do you need to be anyone other than yourself? I say if it calls and it feels right, use it, do it.

Be seen my friend. It is so much easier to be you and be true.

“My soul honours your soul.  

I honour the love, light, beauty, truth and kindness within you because it is also within me.

In sharing these things there is no distance and no difference between us.

We are the same.  

We are one.”


2 thoughts on “I went to India and brought back “Namaste”

  1. Jayne

    This gave me goosebumps reading it! I've finally realized (or is that 'admitted' ;)) I am on that journey and I boy do I really get this… "The awakening process can be challenging, judgmental and full of subversive criticism." …mostly from me…to me!

    I look forward to where this enlightenment is taking me. I'm filled with deep gratitude for what it has already show me and given me permission to let go.

    Thanks for sharing your journey and running alongside with those of us on ours.

    Namaste xx

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4 Stages of Spiritual Transformation

The 4 stages of Spiritual Transformation are:-

Breakdown, Breakthrough, Awakening, Integration


We as humans go through trauma. Defined by our perception, which creates our reality. So stuff happens. Yes?!

Somehow, the word perfectionism wants to come in here. Our perfectionist traits will steer ego to judge, criticize and be very loud when we are changing.

Any sort of change, creates some sort of trauma on a micro cellular level.  So shifting from where you are, sometimes takes a universal nudge, which can hurt a little or a lot.

So an example, of breakdown is dis-ease. Where the physical matter gives you a cellular trauma – yelling wake up from the inside. I know, may sound simplistic but I have to say that life really is simple.   Acknowledging this, is to let go and enjoy the flow. Which means letting go of all that you know and love to be true. Yep significant shifts happen when illness presents. Sad but true.

Another form of breakdown, is when you shift environments, change homes, jobs, towns, cities, countries and relationships. Yep anything that requires change is a cellular shift and creates a new reality. It may not necessarily be viewed as breakdown, but just for the sake of expressing how change affects our cellular patterning, let’s agree that this type of change causes micro level breakdown.



The second phase is breakthrough. When you have assimilated a little from the cellular micro trauma of breakdown. Your nervous system starts to relax and you begin to breathe again. Allowing the flow back in. Looking at things with different eyes. You survived. Your perception changes. You begin to share the story on a different level. Maybe even an educational level. You can see the milestone, the lesson or the magic involved in the shift. You start to walk in the paradigm and no longer feel the vortex of the paradox. You might even start to feel more aligned too.

breakthrough3. AWAKENING

Then the awakening occurs. This stage can be a little tricky. This is where I find people get stuck. If you haven’t quite experienced breakthrough fully, awakening can be rather traumatic.

Let me explain with an analogy.

Have you ever watched a baby waking up, when it didn’t have enough sleep? Yep pretty grumpy! It may cry, scream, wriggle but totally uncomfortable for the baby and for you to watch and to experience.

That’s us too as adults. (I love the way children teach us so much). If we have not assimilated from breakdown to breakthrough, cellularly, our awakening period will be long, challenging and sometimes tortured. Because we keep getting the same message but in different ways. Yep the lesson keeps coming up but we don’t listen. We ask ourselves, why is this coming up again. At this stage we have insight but we don’t know how to stop being caught up in the grumpy stage and we keep learning. This is the stage where the vortex either keeps you going round and round or replenishes you enough to metamorphosis into the new you.

Whilst I was in this stage, I used to say to my mentors and guides – I wish I wasn’t so awake because when then I would not know what was happening. Like the saying goes “ignorance is bliss” but is it? It’s true that this stage requires conscious work, with diligence and consistency. You are awakened enough to know the insights are within. But you don’t know how to step through. That’s the realization.

This was the big paradigm shift. It was for me and I see it in my clients too.

awakening4. INTEGRATION

This last step of trust leads to integration. When you trust, surrender, lean into whatever experience comes your way, it brings a peace and gracefulness that you read about and can only dream about.

It is real and it can be real for you too.

Can you skip a stage? No

But can you accelerate the process?  Yes


Seek guidance, be witnessed, trust, surrender and appreciate. Return to love.

All will be healed.

With love, Maria

Is there a Shortcut to Spiritual Transformation?

Do you think there could be a shortcut to spiritual transformation?

What about if I told there was no short cut but there is a way to accelerate your path to your own spiritual transformation.

You might be shaking your head or simply saying – I’m not sure what’s happening here.  But you think “oh! but I am intrigued!”

This week I asked myself this question -” is there a shortcut to spiritual transformation?”


I have spent most of my life looking for something.  And now I realise, I was always looking for the quick fix.

The secret is – there is no quick fix but there is a way to get there faster.

It takes dedication, tenacity and the willingness to do the work.  This can be hard at times.  And it is in these times, that it is so special to have someone hold the space and mentor you through to the other side.  All the while, knowing and seeing that you have it in you to transcend, tune in and experience the bliss that you are craving.  Bliss, balance, alignment and peace in your soul.

Ultimately, there is no quick fix but there is a way to accelerate it – you ask for support. This could be in the form of growing a community around you who can support your spiritual transformation and/or connecting with a soul mentor.  Someone who you resonate with, feel their energy and your soul calls to you that she is the one.  The one you want to walk along side with.  The siStar who will guide you to where you want to go.

I have hired many mentors, coaches and guides.  I now understand and appreciate that phrase “no (wo)man is an island.  I have taken a while to come to this conclusion.  Maybe you don’t need to take as long as I did – that’s why I pass on this information.  Receiving this insight fills me with gratitude.

  • Gratitude that I had the strength to choose me and invest in myself.
  • Gratitude for the people who have supported my spiritual transformation.
  • Gratitude for path that I have walked and the insight to now share these learnings with the world.

baby-718146_1280Some questions to ponder in making the decisions towards your spiritual transformation.

How long does it take to love all of you?

To trust your thought process?

To ask for guidance?

To breathe in your own compassion?

To open your heart to receive?

To share your gifts with the world?

To see yourself transform is to see the world transform.

Next steps

You know it’s an inside job but subconscious is deep, can be disruptive to your energy and lands in your body with misdirection and impact.

What about if you could dig deep and find the core message from your subconscious and delete, clear and transmute it forever?

What would that feel like? To live from a place of harmony, joy, peace. Knowing your stories and creating a different perception in your life will open a new path.

This kind of deep dive is not for everyone. It is for the conscious woman who has a burning desire to make a difference in her life and in the life of others in her community and ultimately the world.

Let’s enter into a world of sacredness. I will show you the way with love, honour and fun along the way.  Click here to start the dialogue to moving you in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Is there a Shortcut to Spiritual Transformation?

  1. Cathy Sykora

    Great post! There is definitely something to be said about the support and guidance of others. Especially when it comes to spiritual transitioning and transformation. With life moving so quickly, it is so much easier to make those steps when you have accountability to someone outside of yourself. I agree that this speeds the process up, like anything else, it keeps us on track. Thank you for sharing!

  2. april

    i am all about the deep dive. the road to transformation brings enlightenment and growth, but also a fair amount of pain and confusion. so so worth it though, in the end.

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You Are Your Own Archaeological Dig.

I was listening to a guided meditation this morning and this phrase got my attention – you are your own archaeological dig. The author was referring to the self exploration process that creates your own self mastery. Getting to know yourself better each time you dig.


Dig what? you ask!

Dig deep to find the real You!

Over time a lot of us have got lost with familial societal expectations – we have forgotten what we expect of ourselves. We compromise, we please others first, we forsake ourselves for the sake of Harmony. Our wake up comes in the form of dis-harmony or dis-ease. This is called an awakening process. Where self realisation become self actualisation. Unless you dig deep, dust off some dirt, trust that there is treasure below, we will not get to the gold.

The treasure that shines. The YOU who glows. Speaks truths. Enjoys their own company and is free of dis-ease.

tresIs it simple? Yes and No


Make a decision

Ask for help

Listen for guidance

Be open to receive


Challenging and icky emotions come up to be felt and cleared, which can cause energetic depletion before energetic enhancement is achieved.

Patience is required

Overall, by digging and washing away the stories, the sins, the karmic lessons, then comes consciousness, strength and enlightenment. In this state you can support others with a nobility and integrity which will energise you and energise others.

So go Dig your own archeological self – there are many parts of you which need to be uncovered and celebrated.