Spiritual Mentoring – is it a good biz thing?

Can it make me money?

How can it contribute to my success?


Oh my goodness.

Today I have my first session with my new Spiritual Mentor.  It is something I have been looking to do but had not connected with the right person to administer this insight for me in my business and life.

So yes today I am excited.

I am walking my talk.

I do believe we all need to be seen, witness, honoured in sacred space.  No judgment – nothing to do but be heard and steered towards the light.  Especially when we are sitting in our shadow.

To navigate the shadow by yourself can be scary, hairy, unknown and a struggle.

But to have your spirituality witness – when I say spirituality, I mean God within – the light, then this brings peace, resonance, balance and alignment.  All great things.

I will speak about me, I re-member that I am not alone, I am part of the whole, I part of community.  I am held, witnessed and loved.

From this place, I can do anything.


How about you?  Can you imagine what will happen when you bring yourself back to what you are meant to do?  When you listen to your soul speak to you.  When you hear your spirit – words being voiced, mirrored back.

I so excited about today and wanted to share it with you.

If you have craved the success you know you are meant to achieve in this lifetime.  Hire a Spiritual Mentor – it is truly is a divine gift you can give to yourself.  As an entrepreneur, my time with my Spiritual Mentors have proven to be the most impressive on my bottom line.  I have achieved so much more, have increased my profitability and enjoyed the journey with panache, ease and grace.

Who doesn’t want that?

Life and business gets easier and so much more graceful.

If you are looking for a Spiritual Mentor and a Spiritual Mentoring Group – you should check out my “Journey to Life” Spiritual Development and Transformational experience.  You won’t be sorry.  You will supported, seen, witnessed, held and loved.  Enough to see your own light and forge the path ahead.  Click this link to find out more.



Fragmentation – BE GONE!!!!!

Fragmentation sucks

Hits hard

Is annoying


Conscious thought provoking

Brain stopping

Heart hurting

fireworks fragmentation

Bring back all parts of me

I am losing myself

In anger



in shoulds, coulds, woulds


Needing the insights to finish

Commanding the process to be complete


Fragmentation be gone!

Alignment of all pieces

Come back

To me

Nurtured with compassion

Aligned with soul, mind and body

Whole and complete

Today, NOW and Forever.

dance of love

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  1. AntonyYHages

    Having read through this I believed it was extremely enlightening.
    I appreciate you spending a while as well as to set this
    content together. One time i again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and leaving comments.
    But just what exactly, it had been still worthwhile!

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5 Reasons why Empaths must Meditate!

Empaths carry a lot of stuff around in their bodies and energy fields. Meditation is one way in which these energy attachments can dissolve. Ultimately to find the real you.  The permission to be sensitive and thrive is granted. No longer striving but thriving with soul nourishment and self care.

1. Reduces Stress

As all of us are plagued by negative and distracting thoughts – some of them, not our own, meditation is a simple process which allows these thoughts to leave and be replaced by a peace, transforming us from stressed out, carrying others to peace and tranquility, by activating the space in between. Neutral and full of love.

2. Meditation practice builds up the prefrontal cortex part if the brain.

This is responsible for impulses, self discipline and self awareness. It helps you to be more creative, productive and enhance your cognitive processes too.


3. Enhances Performance in Relationships, in Business and in Sport.

Calms you down so that you are to perform at peak. Grounds you so that you know that you able to perform.

You can make decisions from a relaxed state rather than a burdened, stressed, overwhelmed, fearful state.

It helps you to be more present. Being in the present moment will support you perform effortlessly and in alignment. Enjoying the process. Knowing your process. Supporting your energies. Feeling safe with this knowingness.

4. Enlightenment

Holding ego at bay so that your soul can shine.  The ego melts away. The judgment, the criticisms, the emotional baggage from those around you will melt away. So that you begin to see that if you enjoy self care, keep your boundaries close, you will feel safe, comfortable and happy.

5. Meditation engenders happiness.

Being happy within ourselves. Not needing or choosing external stimuli. Meditation is simple, clears your mind of thoughts, bad and good. Just is. You can just BE

Use meditation as your therapy. Notice things coming into your consciousness. Let them bubble up from your subconscious. Eventually ego let’s go, gives up and releases the old paradigms, old stories and limiting beliefs.

During meditation you are supporting your subconscious with the process of simply being and becoming conscious to these unwanted legacies of past wounds and hurts. The path to a glowing future. You can resolve a lot by breathing and allowing.

serene moment

Trust the process

Invest in the meditation

It will only serve you

The world needs you, Empath! Go forth release, shine and meditate. It is the most profound strategy you can implement today. Bonus it is completely free and leads you to freedom, balance and trust, a few minutes at a time.

Take Your Power Back

Have you ever asked someone else to make a decision for you because you just weren’t certain of which way to go? But you knew internally that you wanted a safe decision. One where you didn’t hurt anyone, let anyone down and definitely didn’t put yourself first.  What about if putting your needs first is ok? What about if clarity was so clear that knowing your needs was enough to make the right decisions for you?


Let me explain?

This all has to do with self realisation, decision and being worthy of putting your needs above everyone else’s.

This morning I was sitting having coffee with my friend – she turned to me and asked me – do pilates and yoga practices complement each other?

As well as being a Medical Intuitive, I am a Pilates Instructor and an Anatomy expert, I feel equipped to answer the question from a physiology standpoint. I gave her the anatomy facts and the difference between the practices. Yes indeed they do complement each other.

Then she spoke about time management – how her life was being managed by schedule commitments and that Pilates was proving difficult to get to.

She said “you gave me some information but I want you to tell me what I should do?” Ok that was the real reason – she wanted someone else to decide – so that she wouldn’t have to decide but more so that she didn’t feel enough of her power base to feel good about her decision.  Have you ever done this? Then said oh but so and so who is an expert said this and that. Can I tell you that no one in this world is more expert than you are!

Take your power back – you have the right to make decisions and prioritise your time for things that support your goals in life.

Be clear with your GOAL SETTING

Be clear on what your goals are. Stand in your truth and sit in your power.  No one else knows what is happening on your insides. Heed the warnings and listen to your gut. Your intuition is your guiding light – your internal compass. We are all fully supported when we start taking inspired action and support ourselves.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 9.52.18 PM

Going back to my friend who said – “can’t you tell me?”

I said “no.  It really is your decision.  This is what I can say, it is about prioritising and being clear”.  Her self realisation kicked in she said – “this is my decision”. Yay!

She and only she, can make decisions for her life. She took her power back and her decision was solid.


Decisions can be challenging but once you make them – it feels solid. It feels like you are on a path to somewhere rather than going round in circles.


Healing begins

Decisions made after self realisations are the most profound.

Want to know more? Needing some clarity in your life? Struggling to prioritise your goals? Need to peel back to find the real you and enjoy your core desires? Then book in for a Medical Intuition Session. Healing starts with knowledge and clarity. Sometimes we just need support to peel back layers so we can see our path clearly xx

16 thoughts on “Take Your Power Back

  1. april

    "take your power back – you have the right to make decisions."

    this is something that i spend a great deal of time on with my clients. many of these women, after dealing with an eating disorder for many years, are used to giving their power away (primarily to their illness). i coach them and encourage them and support them in TAKING IT BACK. an important message, maria – thank you.

    1. Maria Post author

      hi April – I agree – this is a pattern and is almost a relearning or new learning of being. God Bless for the work that you do xx

  2. Elizabeth MacLeod

    Interesting Maria… you know, I was feeling like taking a bath…it's the middle of the afternoon and thought, I really should wait for evening… I've been on antibiotics now… a heavy dose.. for the past 9 days… and although I feel better, I poop out quickly… I kept thinking, just keep going, rest later… and then I read this sentence in your post…. "Can I tell you that no one in this world is more expert than you are!" … and within the few sentences to follow I thought,… what the heck are you doing?… go have a bath. Your body is speaking. Your intuition knows. .… who cares if you think there is more to do or that's not the norm!. You are tired. Your intuition is speaking. You'll have the energy later… then do it then.

    So… going to run the bath now… thank you Maria…. 🙂 great post! deep bow!

  3. Cathy Sykora

    This is a beautiful reminder that we do not need any external validation when we know what we truly need. So many people feel that their internal gauge is not enough of a reason to base their decisions on, and this post is a great reminder of how important it is to honor ourselves and be true to ourselves. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Sue Ann Gleason

    Yes, I can relate. There are times in my life when I know at a really deep level what I want/need to do but I still look to that outside source to confirm it, be a trusted friend or a guide. Fortunately for me I have some very wise guides who lead me back to self!

    1. Maria Post author

      mmm – Sue Ann – I love that back to self – that's where it is, really – sometimes we do need some guidance – I put my hand up too xx

  5. Kelly Hine

    I used to struggle with indecision – stuck for too long in not knowing which way to go and turning the pros and cons over in my head. I'm just so glad that now I'm so much more in touch with myself and my intuition. It makes decision making (mostly) effortless. Just a gentle tuning in to what feels right. And it works!

    1. Maria Post author

      I love the "gentle tuning in to what feel right" – perfect. I also speak about effortless effort – mmmmm – love this <3

  6. Cathy

    One thing I've come to learn, when a decision becomes too overwhelming, is to give the weight of the decision over to a higher power so that all I have to do is work with the facts and how I feel about the different choices. When I have the desperate need for someone else to decide for me, it's usually a need for permission, or some other need based in fear. It truly is powerful to acknowledge that a decision is my own.

    "Decisions made after self realisation are the most profound." I love that. So true.

    1. Maria Post author

      Oh thank you Cathy – you and me both – it is the permission to be and tune in that is the most profound xx

  7. Susie

    This resonates with me Maria!!

    When people ask me what I do, I often reply 'I help overwhelmed women make decisions' whether it's planning an event or giving advice many want me to decide so they can give the ownership away.

    I try to help them to tap into what they like and what feels right to them too.

    1. Maria Post author

      I just love that Susie – it is about helping women make decisions but in a guided soul essence presence xx

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Shhhh….Listen! Do you hear the sound of Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal Fatigue

How Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome can affect your life?

Did you know that this awful debilitating disease can be reversed by developing an amazing relationship with your self. I have done it.  I struggled with cortisol hormone release – which was way too active in my body.  I was always in a state of flux and having to achieve.

When I was training for my first marathon in 2006, my personal trainer said to me – did you know that you are excreting way too much cortisol but I thought it was what everyone else around me was feeling too. 

I felt it was what I needed to do.  It absolutely propelled me forward to achieve amazing goals but it did take a toll on my physical body and my quality of life.  I continued to do 3 more marathons until I broke down.

I felt that it was the soft option to take time out and re-energize my body by resting.   Why would I need to take care of me?  It was not something that resonated with me.  I had never been exposed to people relaxing, enjoying a state of rest and physiologically managing my central nervous system. 

I had to learn to sit quietly, to eat well (this is still a work in progress) and be ok with not doing continually.

What was the cause?

Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome is caused by excess excretion of cortisol in the system which is excreted by the kidneys.  The result is that you are always on – ready to go – eventually the body is tired and you get tired. Tired to the point of exhaustion.  Functional disturbances from the kidneys come about because of dysfunctions in relationships.

The biggest one here is relationship to self.  What you think and how you behave, what you say about yourself.  Take notice of what that inner dialogue is saying.  My inner dialogue became pervasive and very surreptitious.  There was a hate for myself that became very destructive.  I wasn’t good enough in anything I did.  Mother guilt was at a high.  I was a bad wife, couldn’t keep a clean house, was a bad daughter, sister, friend.  Really did not like my self at all. 

I had to prove that I was better than what my thoughts were telling me.  The internal guidance system was to do – always to do.  Never to relax – I couldn’t afford the time to just relax – that was lazy. 

This cycle led to a complete breakdown.  Kept me dysfunctional inside the home, behind closed doors and very tired all the time.  Without respite.  I was a good actor and I soldiered on but inside was crumbling.

Techniques you can do at home – healing from within

Until one day, a very dear friend of mine asked me to look in the mirror and say I love you.  Really see me for who I am, whole and complete.   Appreciate all my experiences, knowledge gained and wisdom.  Was it easy – no!  It was totally necessary.  So I urge you to look in the mirror and really see the beauty within.  Imagine you are speaking to your child, summon the feeling of love you have for them.  Look into your eyes and allow your soul to speak to you.  You are worth it.

Your relationship to self is the first step in healing this pervasive condition.


Start to explore the world around you.  Look at the evidence in your life that shows your abundance of experiences.  Treat yourself like you would your own best friend.  You are worthy and you deserve peace in your soul.  Just like me, you have the tools to navigate the pathway to your own Bliss and magic life.  I know I needed support to get to this place of freedom, safety and bliss.  If you need support, I am here for you.  Book in for your free Body Whisperer Session and we can have a chat of how I can best serve you.  How you can find the balance that your soul craves, how you can be the star of your own show, YOUR LIFE.


When enough is enough!!!!!!

Have you heard the statement – you are enough?

When I heard this for this first time – I didn’t quite understand this – I thought that of course we are all enough!

But along the way on my journey of evolvement – I started to indulge of the feeling that I wasn’t quite enough – I neeeeded more! It became a sport.

I felt like I didn’t have enough skills. So I did so many courses (what feels like 1000 courses and kept doing them) until one day I said out aloud – I have done enough courses – yes I have enough skills.

My appearance and body has never been enough? But as I expanded my awareness and consciousness – I realised that my body is definitely enough – in fact it is an incredible brilliant functioning machine. No one could ever have conceived a more functional adept physical specimen – I am perfect just like we all are. This was such a breath of fresh air. Once I had this realization, I could literally breathe deeply and more profoundly. My soul began to shine.

Remember that we are whole and complete, just at different stages of learning. Yield to your lessons, learn by the experience, and continue the process. Life is for living and living from a place of higher awareness is pure bliss!

Being Vulnerable Can Help You Grow


This morning I woke up and did my usual routine.  Meditated, had breakfast and started to read a few pages of Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.

Back up to yesterday, my husband and I were at lunch and I said, “I wish I could recognize what this feeling is – it is so uncomfortable”.

You know what, this morning, the universe brought me the answer.

The feeling is vulnerability.  I was VULNERABLE.

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