Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 5.35.39 PMI was so disconnected that I did not hear my soul calling.

I am left brain trained and worked in an environment that everything had to be checked and cross checked before it became law.

I am talking about working for the government in a grey building with layers of shoulds and should nots. The brain was trained, the body followed, patterns were established.

Working from the heart and knowing, was not part of the scenario – it was proof and facts, not airy fairy type intuitive information.

The dichotomy was that I was a Business Intuitive back then too. Even with all this training of my left brain to follow the rules, and not think outside of them too much. It was still my role to go into a meeting and read the energies and report back on the intentions of all present.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 4.39.49 PMWow – that seems like a crazy time.

I could not always explain what my role was, but I knew that I was making a difference to the process of making laws, using my gifts as an intuitive.

Fast forward 20 years, after 2 beautiful children and a solid soul relationship with my husband.

I know work with the heart and heart wisdom, all the intuitive systems that are hardwired in there. Miraculous really!

The heart intelligence, integrated with the brain intelligence and the consciousness of patterns, birth a joyous, fun and blissful life.

Why am I telling you this?

Because this morning I was reminded from a beautiful gentle soul, who graciously and generously came to me to remind me of what the heart intelligence really means.

Together, we breathed into our hearts. Magic

The magic is in the witnessing.

All those years of training my heart to be less intuitive, less feeling and less active have actually supported my heart, brain and soul intelligence to integrate to a stronger more profound essence, where I am at the most peace and enjoying the experiences I have today with a bountiful exuberance

It really is a joyous and simple life – the remembering is the hard part – the joy is in the being.

And so it is . . .

Go forth and feel the feelings (heart intelligence) hear your thoughts (brain intelligence) listen to your guidance (spiritual connection).

No longer am I disconnected from my body. With this new consciousness, come an awareness. Every message, feeling, and thought is acknowledged, welcomed and processed.

Life is easy, we sometimes just complicate it.

Stay in your heart – it wont steer you wrong.

If you are struggling, just like I was, let’s have a chat.


12 thoughts on “Disconnection

  1. Anne Gonzales

    "Go forth and feel the feeling (heart intelligence),hear your thoughts (brain intelligence), and follow the guidance (spiritual connection)". Thumbs up! Life will become really meaningful!

  2. Karen Yankovich

    "Life is easy, sometimes we just complicate it" – True words for sure!

    Maria this is beautiful, and I can relate to much. I was so busy for so many years, disconnected, I wish I knew then how important holding space for my intuition really is. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Maria Post author

      Thank you Karen – it so nice to be on the other side, where we can recognise the evolution xx

  3. april

    i do so love the holistic approach to wellness. the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual integrated as one force – with heart intelligence and brain intelligence each comprising an important role.

  4. Michelle

    Ah, yes. This is what I love about my 40s. I listen to my heart. I follow my intuition. And as a result, life is far less complicated.

  5. Sue Ann Gleason

    Such a good reminder that the integration of heart, mind and spirit-rich connection is where the sweet spot lives. This especially feels true for me today: "Life is easy, we sometimes just complicate it." Here's to more ease. xxoo

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