Feeling too tired & stressed out to transform?

I just spoke to my friend, Andrew. He was dogging on himself for putting on weight. In the same breath he was telling me about how tired he was and it just seemed too hard to do anything about the weight. The conversation continued with “if only I could relax my mind, not be so stressed then maybe I wouldn’t feel so tired!”.


Yes that is it, but “how?????”.

I was like this, and I so relate.


Here are 3 quick tips towards transformation:-

1. Delete – Could, Should, Would

Delete “could” “should” “would” out of your vocabulary.  This in itself changes the expectations which in turn lower the idea of failing. Fear is an acronym for false experiences appearing real – I like to substitute expectations for experiences ie. false expectations appearing real.

2. Mirror Work

Start to do your mirror work – say  “I love you” while staring in the mirror. This is not easy to start with you but do it for your soul not your physical self. Stare into those “baby blues, mysterious brown, ocean green or whatever color your eyes are” and start to really see your soul. It is calling for you to be kind and compassionate to the real you.

3. Breathe in life force

Start with 5 seconds – put your timer on. Yes 5 seconds only. Start to feel your breath (the energy of life) enter your body and then become curious how it navigates and respires (inspires) your cells.

You ask how will this lead to weight loss, less stress or even transformation.  You may see some weight loss on the scales eventually.   But it the most profound impact, these practices will have is to lead to you feeling a lot lighter, shielding yourself from the heaviness of your heart and soul. This lightness comes into your physical cells becoming more accepting of you.

prosperity consciousness

I am that I am – comes to mind.

State of mind and peace in your soul will propel you towards your goals, whatever they might be.

Let me know what inspired action you have taken lately to change or transform you! Thank you for reading.

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8 thoughts on “Feeling too tired & stressed out to transform?

  1. Deb

    Totally agree Maria. Noticing our language and our breathe is very insightful. The more we accept and learn to love ourselves the easier it is to take care of ourselves.

  2. Cathy

    It seems too simple when laid out like that, doesn't it? No wonder people resist. Then again, perhaps what they're resisting is the daunting prospect of being present with themselves. Simple, not always easy, especially when come up against false expectations & experiences.
    Good reminders, Maria!

  3. farah

    Hey Maria! 'One of those things I have been meaning to do for ages' is meditate. I have been doing it on and off, Meditation, Ha breathing, Qi Gong,love em all and always always feel great during and after. I'm doing a 60 day challenge to the end of the year, and daily conscious meditation is a part of it. As so the words- yes, couldn't agree more. It's like being punched in the stomach every time I hear someone say those words to me, in usually stressy tones and I just have to walk away. I love mirror work and smile at myself, and honour myself first thin gin the morning. A little me time goes a long way! Thanks for this Maria and heave fun at the workshop!

  4. Kathleen

    This is beautiful. For me, I work on peace every day. Lately, I've realized that I must hire a seamstress for my business to give my soul some peace!

  5. Susie

    The change in season coupled with some medical diagnostics is leaving me more tired than usual. I have tried to look within and begin some self-care rituals to help me feel more centered & grounded.

    Taking a moment to breath and feel each breath is part of the ritual.

  6. Michelle

    Breathing deeper as I read this. Ah, the power of suggestion. 🙂

    It's true. Only 5 seconds and there is release in practicing something so innately simple.

  7. Tanya

    Funny, I have been on this path for some time now, knowing that my blocks to weight loss have a deeper source. I have never truly believed in a simple 'calories in, calories out' model. I believe we can get stuck in negative thinking and that does as much damage as any donut. Thank you for sharing this with a larger audience.

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