Medical Intuitive Session

Do you regularly feel tired and not sure where it’s coming from? And you know in the past you have rested and it has resolved. But now it does not resolve as easily.

Have you been waking up “achy” more often?

Is there a sense that something is not quite right in your body, you’ve searched and yet still don’t have an explanation that resonates?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then I invite to have a Medical Intuitive session with me.

The session begins the moment you book in. It is energy and with intention, things start to unravel. Be mindful and intentional when you are considering booking. Because when we have connected, the layers start to peel back.

I recommend these sessions to be taken once a year or if you have chronic and repetitive disturbances then every quarter (seasonal) but no more than 4 times per year.

I have been facilitating these sessions for 5 years now and everyone is a miracle.

I know it seems out of this world – sometimes it is!! You release the pain. You heal. Your present world becomes better, lighter and feels more abundant.

It is a sacred honour for me to facilitate these sessions.


In a word I feel fabulous.  I feel lighter, positive, more energy, and like a massive weight has been shifted.  In myself, my relationships, my perspective - everything.  Fear has dispersed.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Yes and Fully aligned.  Thank you seems a very light expression but its from a most divine and deep appreciative space.

- Mary-Anne Van Adrichem

I feel like you've released the sludge that was holding me back and now I can make better decisions from a place of being grounded.  I've actually managed to get my ebooks started today which has been on my to list for ages.  Thank you so much and your picture of the gird is so powerful, I've put it as a screen saver on my phone xx  Your so amazing and I cannot thank you enough.

- Jenna Strickland

I had absolutely no hesitation in working with Maria.  Her years of knowledge, innate wisdom, and education is unparalleled and provides her with a unique insight in moving you through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks that are between you and your thriving life. One of the best things is the way Maria uses her intuitive energy to know exactly where you need to begin in a session.  She hits the ground running and gets right into the area where work needs to be done.  I loved working with Maria.  We busted through more in four session that I was able to accomplish in four months working with a well known coach.  She is truly working in her zone of genius.

- Cheryl Bigus

Maria is a genuine intuitive.  Her teachings provided deep, lasting insights and inspiration that I continue to benefit from months later.  Maria is also a powerful healer, able to dispel ignorance, fear and unwanted energies and blocks.  Maria draws on an expansive spiritual toolkit to instil confidence and self-love, propel you towards growth and inoculate against self-doubt.  Maria helped me to shift some old, stubborn patterns that held me back at work and in my relationships.  I continue to reap the rewards and am very grateful to her.

- Vickie

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Each person who books in receives a unique channeled crystal healing grid. Each grid contains a unique sacred healing code which supports the healing process long term. (Value $97)

These are a few of the grids I have channeled lately – all with unique codes and messages…

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