Medical Intuitive Session

What can you expect during a Medical Intuitive Session?

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It is a sacred journey of self discovery – from subconscious to conscious.

I find it really hard to explain what happens during a body intuitive session.

What I do know, is that magic and miracles occur.

You bring in your worries, your stories and your anxieties. You go out feeling unburdened, released, witnessed.

People are attracted to this session because they are going through some sort of physical or emotional trauma.

Whether it be pain, disease, malaise or foggy brain. Feeling burdened by life, heavy with responsibility, unable to make decisions, feeling anxious and not worthy.

I also have treated a lot of mothers whose children are experiencing behaviour issues, illness or stress/anxiety.

The Process . . .

  • You book in
  • The intention to heal has been grounded and anchored as soon as your booking is confirmed. The healing process begins.
  • The decision itself will start to shift some energy
  • I then look at your energy system
  • And channel what is needed

On the day

Before the session

  • I channel your personal healing grid
  • With a personal recorded explanation of the grid which forms your personal meditation

The session

  • The session takes place via Zoom Platform (1hour)
  • I introduce you to the grid and explain what was channelled. You immerse yourself in this healing energy
  • Choose a card from a channeled deck
  • The intention is reviewed
  • We have a chat and define your goals
  • You prepare for the session, lie down or sit in a comfortable position
  • Then you hold a crystal in each hand. One for breakdown – releasing what doesn’t serve you. The other for breakthrough – to manifest cherished energy on a cellular and light body dimension.

I then place a very special grid on you and we will begin the magical journey. During this time together I will perform the healing modalities that will best serve you.

These include:


Shamanic healing

Psychic surgery


Singing bowls

Chakra balancing

Chakra clearing and cleansing

Pranic healing


Light language

Light body activation

Soul  retrieval

Lemarian Healing protocols

Past life regression

Inner child healing work

Body talk

The Results

All clients report huge shifts, immediately feel lighter and feel immense love.

This ritual is sacred, ancient and honoured.

After the session

  • You will integrate and process the release
  • You will feel different, like a renewed sense of self
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Investment $397

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