Journey to Self

Journey to Self (2)

Welcome to the Journey to Self – a transformational journey of Coming Home.  A supportive environment to hear and acknowledge your soul speak.  How does your soul speak to you?

Channeled Crystal Healing Grid - "Coming Home" representing the beehive and honeycomb.

Channeled Crystal Healing Grid – “Coming Home” representing the beehive and honeycomb.

Behind the scenes . . . (conception)

I was feeling into the mystical journey of exploring the role of a woman in society today.

It is so magical and yet so conditioned at the same time. 

What if we stripped back the conditions, healed and renewed all while in sacred space – so it is gentle spiritual transformation. 

I would love to hold that space and create the community that held, witnessed and loved the soul and spirit, unconditionally.

No more trying, just being will be enough. Showing up would be the result. Honouring the soul and its calling.

It feels so beautiful, serene and peaceful for me to hold this space.

12 Month Journey to Self is born.


Offer . . .

Exploring the matrix of energies and roles, we play in society today.  The honouring of maiden, mother, crone goddess energy.

Honouring the journey

Exploring the path

Consecrating the Magic. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be witnessed, loved and held by like minded women? 

Do you crave community? 

Are you inspired by the magic that is created in Circle?

Come join the Journey to Self to energise, heal and create your magical life. 

Coming together in Sacred Circle is a practice that has benefited women for centuries (millennia). It is a cohesive, Heart centered practice which opens your heart to turn possibilities into probabilities.

The energies are subtle, and you will learn how to discern them. It’s a supportive environment and collective. 

When women come together, it’s like one heart beating.  

Join now for a supported 12 month Journey into Self.  Click “join now” below to begin the journey.

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Monthly Payment $75

We Explore the Energies in a Sacred Container - The Sacred Circle.

Sacred Self - November 21

Awareness - December 19

Consciousness - January 23

Release - February 27

Explore - March 27

Discernment - April 24


Connection - May 22

Intimacy - June 26

Receiving - July 31

Compassion - August 28

Love - September 25

Energy - October 30


We connect and explore the myths of these energies to work on alignment, connection and balance, energetically.  Setting the foundations for future self.

The whole year is a transformational and transcending container, anchoring the learnings and remembering the wisdoms on a cellular level.  Embodiment - feeling it in your body.

  • One Circle per month - we begin on November 21, 2017 - all calls will be held at 10am. Melbourne, Australia time. Click here for find your time zone.
  • A supportive and loving secret FB Group
  • Bonus teachings each month - crystals, herbs and magical manifesting rituals.  You will learn the correspondences for each energy.
  • Group Healings
  • Daily check ins (optional but available to you)
  • Environmental Energy Updates
  • Astrological Information and Support.
  • Calls will be held on Zoom.

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Monthly Payment $75

Who is this for?

Someone who . . .

  • is searching for answers
  • acknowledges the light and dark elements of the human experience
  • practices compassion for self
  • has spiritual practices and is willing to lean in and develop more
  • is curious about energy, between the worlds and the matrix of energy
  • is curious about mysticism and would like to experience more
  • knows on some level that they can and do co-create their reality
  • prioritises their health and knows that contribution to vitality is physical, emotional and spiritual

Who is this not for?

Someone who . . .

  • has no interest in energy
  • doesn't believe in anything they can't prove outside of themselves
  • is looking for answers outside of themselves
  • is not responsible for their actions and blames others for their experiences.

Journey to Self

What can you expect from this Journey to Self - a transformational experience?

  • appreciation of your energy
  • awareness of underlying stories which contribute to health and vitality
  • explore the energies within and those without
  • you will get to know your guides
  • your intuitive process will deepen
  • ultimately you will trust more
  • you will heal from old patterns
  • you will know the way your soul speaks to you
  • you will feel integrated

We will work on the light and consciousness of energies

Enlightenment to the elements

Manifesting practices

Magical invocation and rituals 

Join me today for this transformational journey into self love, connectedness, ultimately prosperity and joy in life.  

mariaheals home page (3)

Monthly Payment $75

When you join for this process, you will feel energetically lighter, experience more freedom, feel at peace, be integrated and feel whole and complete.  

Re-member and come home.

Let's create magic together 

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