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Life’s Little Pleasures

There are so many in any given day. That sometimes we forget to take a moment, pause, breathe them into every cell of our bodies. This connects us to out bodies, our soul and our intuition. Listen to these and your life will be full of grace.

This morning I woke up so grateful. I want to share what I call life’s little pleasures.

the moment to come off a bolster (the foam roller) after lying on it – getting a little balance.

You come off and you take a moment to breathe and connect. Lying and melting onto the floor.

The coffee my hubby brings me in the morning.


The clean bed sheets – the moment you slide between them.

The grass under your feet. Enjoying the moisture of the dew. Connecting to Mother Earth.

When a baby stares into your eyes and your souls connect.

When you stare into your beloved eyes or children’s eyes and your soul smiles. That feeling of love emanates from all your cells.

When you are sharing a meal at the dinner table.  Celebrating community.

When you watch a preview of a movie and you decide that you will go an see it.

Deciding on your next holiday time.

holiday - life's little pleasuresLife’s little pleasures. They may be little because they take no time or energy but they are huge and impactful. They nourish your soul and connect you back to the body and the present moment. This is also a moment to pause, breathe in the essence of you and receive.

The moment is “life’s little pleasure”.

I’m been thinking of how disconnection from our bodies and intuition causes illness.  If only we could take a pause every now and again and enjoy “life’s little pleasures”

Practices that can increase Life’s Little Pleasures

So I want to share some practices that I share with clients.  Here’s one to connect to your body.

Take a foam roller and lie on it.  Notice what happens the moment to come off a bolster (the foam roller) after lying on it – getting a little balance.

Take a moment to breathe and connect. Lying and melting onto the floor.

This moment is “life’s little pleasure”.

Try it – let me know what you think.

Id love to know your “life’s little pleasures”

Namaste 🙏

Exquisite ❤️

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The Art of Receiving

This year has been a year of abundance. Abundance and prosperity comes from within.

The art of receiving is something that I am learning along the way. It is not a natural state for me. However, the art of giving is more than natural, it was my modus operandi. To the point of over giving and then becoming depleted.

Does this resonate?

This year it finally clicked that the art of giving, without the art of receiving is actually creating a deficiency in my energetic loop and depleting me from the inside out.

the key

Unless I opened myself to receive, I could not give anymore. Oh my, this created a whole energetic, paradigm shift. I sat with this, fought with this and finally decided that if I was going to succeed in business, this was something I had to tackle with clarity, assuredness and observation.

The learning curve was beginning and more importantly the significant shift in identity was about to take place.

Once this penny dropped, I was on a mission. I started to look for guidance. I googled.

giving and receivingOne of the first insights into this world of receiving came from a Denise Duffield Thomas, also known as Lucky Bitch. She had a free audio on her website which I devoured. I also downloaded her book – Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. Then I was lucky enough to go along to a one day mastermind with Denise, herself in March last year. This just proved to me that she was sharing a journey that I was just embarking on. However, she had been on the journey and was on the other side. So many insights.

I came home from that one day and purchased Denise’s Lucky Bitch Bootcamp.

The bootcamp itself is paradigm shifting as she gives a lot of great value, including subtle energetic shifts which happen along the way. Yes, your thoughts about receiving do change.

transformation, abundance, propserityMy journey thus far has included becoming open to receive from a generous space. My self-esteem has increased. I can actually write this now. “I serve, I deserve.” In retrospect, it does start with opening your heart to yourself, but when I was first beginning, I wasn’t aware of this small but fundamental detail. Prosperity can only come from within.

Coming from a place of service and having the innate ability of closing the chasm between giving and receiving will only enhance your mission and open you up to potential and possibilities.

If you are ready to choose both giving and receiving as an energetic complete loop which will fill your heart and your world with your desires, then I highly recommend sourcing guidance. This program and the community is wonderful and can lead to paradigm shifts which indeed can make you a lucky rich bitch too.

Here’s to raising the prosperity consciousness of all the generational change agents and women entrepreneurs in the world.


What is Prosperity?

prosperity consciousness

Is it having enough money in your life?

Is it having enough love in your life?

Is it doing everything you want, when you want – you know, choices and freedom to choose?

What exactly is prosperity in your life?

It is anything that makes you feel safe, joyous and cup half full type of feeling. I want to say “satiated on all levels”. Mind, body and soul.

Years ago (the old me), prosperity actually meant having it all, money, time, love and security. Whatever that meant. How did I quantify it?  This was before I really dug deep and evaluated my life.

Well, in my wisdom, I found that there is never enough money, never enough time and never enough hugs. Until I became curious and started to really tap into the prosperity in my life. After some serious trauma and cathartic processes – I mean life changing – I know now that prosperity exists from the inside/out.

prosperity consciousness


What makes me feel prosperous?

My family being happy

prosperity consciousness

  • The colors in the garden
  • The time I can spend with my friends
  • Doing what I love
  • Small things daily

Recently I was at a workshop and one of the exercises was to dissect and list your perfect day. I was blown away. I live my perfect day almost everyday. It was such a cool realization.

Core Desired Feelings

As prosperity comes from within – one of the main focus was to identify what I really wanted to feel on a daily basis. Then make my decisions accordingly. If I could feel these feelings then the decision was in alignment with my core values.   Danielle La Porte writes about core desired feelings in her book “The Desire Map”. Knowing what you desire opens your awareness so your daily decisions are synchronistic and aligned. Making you feel prosperous from the inside/out.

Inspired Action

Know that you are worth it. Whatever it is? There are no rules. If you live life in flow, then inspired action is effortless. As you know from your core, that whatever you are doing is worth it. For example, meditation was very hard for me as my monkey mind was very active. Five years ago, I promised that I would start with 5 secs a day. And so my meditation began. This was two fold – not only did I feel I was worth it (that 5 secs a day) but also I got the benefit of the theta healing which occurred during this time. Yes, 5 secs works. It is a start and then it grew to 30 mins daily. I love the space the meditation gives me. Space leads to clarity, energy and direction. 

Self Actualization

According to Maslow’s Law of Hierarchy – if you think, it shall be true. If you focus your thoughts of scarcity day in, day out – this is what you will receive. Focus your thoughts on prosperity and what it means to you – your heart will open, energetically to having more of what you desire. In my work, I find that most people who come to me – know what they don’t want but don’t know what they want. Focus on what you want in your life and don’t be afraid to ask. The law of attraction offers us many examples to prove that the more you focus on something the more it eventuates.

So what does prosperity mean to you?

prosperity consciousness

If you want to develop your prosperity, I have developed a workshop, Developing Prosperity Consciousness Workshop, all geared to you becoming Prosperous and Conscious. This is a full day immersion program in mind, body and soul.  Come along and delete, transmute old beliefs, self sabotaging patterns and be introduced to effortless practices which will open your heart to prosperity within.




Feeling too tired & stressed out to transform?

I just spoke to my friend, Andrew. He was dogging on himself for putting on weight. In the same breath he was telling me about how tired he was and it just seemed too hard to do anything about the weight. The conversation continued with “if only I could relax my mind, not be so stressed then maybe I wouldn’t feel so tired!”.


Yes that is it, but “how?????”.

I was like this, and I so relate.


Here are 3 quick tips towards transformation:-

1. Delete – Could, Should, Would

Delete “could” “should” “would” out of your vocabulary.  This in itself changes the expectations which in turn lower the idea of failing. Fear is an acronym for false experiences appearing real – I like to substitute expectations for experiences ie. false expectations appearing real.

2. Mirror Work

Start to do your mirror work – say  “I love you” while staring in the mirror. This is not easy to start with you but do it for your soul not your physical self. Stare into those “baby blues, mysterious brown, ocean green or whatever color your eyes are” and start to really see your soul. It is calling for you to be kind and compassionate to the real you.

3. Breathe in life force

Start with 5 seconds – put your timer on. Yes 5 seconds only. Start to feel your breath (the energy of life) enter your body and then become curious how it navigates and respires (inspires) your cells.

You ask how will this lead to weight loss, less stress or even transformation.  You may see some weight loss on the scales eventually.   But it the most profound impact, these practices will have is to lead to you feeling a lot lighter, shielding yourself from the heaviness of your heart and soul. This lightness comes into your physical cells becoming more accepting of you.

prosperity consciousness

I am that I am – comes to mind.

State of mind and peace in your soul will propel you towards your goals, whatever they might be.

Let me know what inspired action you have taken lately to change or transform you! Thank you for reading.

If you are in Melbourne and are ready for transformation towards “developing prosperity consciousness” come and play at this unique experiential cell shifting, mind enhancing, soul inspiring, workshop  – developed with you in mind.

What is transformation? 

Transformation is when when can acknowledge all past, present and future wishes without investment of energy or judgement. A serenity and peace infuses from your soul and creates space in your body.  Feels abundant and prosperous from the inside/out.

Transformation feels like a release and then a transcendence into a new space, energetically.

transformation, abundance, change

It is when……………..

the perfectionist (aka me) says progress not perfection is ok.

you see where you have been, appreciate the lessons with curiosity and smile.

you can teach and share traumatic life lessons with vulnerability

you can send love to someone who may have harmed you

you can feel equal with your colleagues and share skill sets to produce product

you open your heart and have compassion for self and for others.

Transformation is experience without judgement, with objective awareness and profound insight.

transformation, abundance, propserity My own transformation has been phenomenal. Opening my heart to my own potential and possibilities has been wonderful. My life is now more blissful than I could ever have imagined.

Open your heart and compassion to yourself and you will experience transformation at an intensity that light you up from the inside.

Join me at my workshop “Developing Prosperity Consciousness” for a full day of immersion into transformation.  The workshop was developed with you in mind – transforming, transcending and becoming open to your own potential and prosperity.

Law of Attraction | Abundance

prosperity consciousness

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer

Bringing ‘abundance’ into your life through the laws of attraction.  But what is abundance?

Abundance is defined as ‘a very large quantity of something’.  Abundance comes in several forms such as; creativity, choices, gifts, health, love and materials.

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