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Breakdown to Awakening

In 2009 I travelled with my daughter to Europe. It was also the start of my awakening.  My soul could no longer be ignored. It needed to be heard. I was stubborn.

It started with my daughter mentioning to me that I would make noises, verbal messages, now I recognise this was light language. The gift was becoming conscious. My insights were waking up.

25775_10150176144800111_3959008_nBut mere mortal me did not appreciate or comprehend the enormity of this. So I suppressed it. Became fearful. Did not want to know. Carried a burden instead of opening my heart to the essence of the Gift.

My soul kept speaking to me, my ego was also vocal. My ego won. I was not going to do all this airy fairy intangible mumbo jumbo, even hippy or enlightened work. I didn’t know then but I do know that this was fear of the unknown. And my past lives haunting me and ego keeping me safe. I know, sounds a little Gaga but soul approves. Shining is better than dimming. I decided that you know what you know until you know something different. Right?!

My body was showing signs of shut down. My soul was really trying to get my attention. Balance was being called. The masculine energy of taking and running with “have to” had taken over. My cortisol excretion was rampant and all I wanted to do was runaway. If you are feeling the need to runaway then listen to you, it is your flight response. Your body and soul wanting rest or reframe.

My whole right side functionally was shutting down, contracting. My right eye was closing off. My right shoulder, my right hip and my right foot – all contracted – no amount of stretching, massage, anti inflammatory was helping. It was an inside job. My need to constantly prove my worth from the outside was being questioned by my soul.

I didn’t listen. I broke my right arm at the end of 2009. Still not listening. I trained for a half marathon with a broken arm – very painful. But I needed to prove my worth – doesn’t make sense now but made sense at he time. One week out from running the half marathon, I broke my right leg- this was devastating. I was now wheelchair bound (I couldn’t use my arm for stability – it was too weak from the break). There was a long dark recovery ahead of me. The body is so resilient and the soul talks loudly when you stop to listen.

I still wasn’t listening and at the end of 2010 I broke my second toe, on my left foot. This was the final stage. I broke down which was my breakthrough.

My journey was set in motion. What unfolded and is unfolding is a million miles away from anything I had ever dreamed.


I tell you this because I know what it is like to feel broken and your body showing you the symptoms of this thought pattern. I also know what it is like to enlightened. It is magical. Turning the intangible into tangible is my biggest calling.

I was asked last night – what was I doing in life? I said I am into personal development and transformational spiritual development both for myself and for my clients. Knowing the clues from your body is a powerful insight into your future.  The awareness is the first step. How to release the patterns is the profound missing piece in the journey. I know because I have and continue to do so. This is my zone of genius. I help you form and solidify the miracle that you are. Living in your body with joy, feeling blessed and energetically vibrant is the goal. Are you up for the challenge? Are you worth the time? Check out my programs here.  Spiritual transformation and energy clearing is the offer.   Your journey is unique.  Support is invaluable.  If you are ready, willing and able – I am here to support you.  Handholding, guiding, mentoring and shining the light on your unique path.   Are you ready to change your life?

Part 4: Vibrations – How They Affect Your Business!

The Number One Limiting Belief Holding Us Back in Business

The number one limiting belief which holds us back from shining our light as an entrepreneur is:

“I’m not enough”.

How it presents in your thought patterns can be different so it may not show up as those words.

You may have had these thoughts along the way.

Who am I to bring this out in the world?

Or having resistance to getting out there visible and being seen.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 12.35.41 PM

What sorts of things could I do that would help me feel enough?

Look for opportunities around you to know that you are enough.

Look at the smile in your children’s eyes when they look at you.

Feel the hug from your best friend.

Be generous with your smile, and be able to receive smiles from other people.

Accept compliments, as you come across them.

We negate a compliment with saying “I can’t possibly be all that” or similar.

I want to share one of the things I learnt when I was eighteen, from my Bulgarian co-worker, her name was Bambi and she was in her sixties.

She said to me “Maria, always accept a compliment with grace.”

It’s not something that we might be brought up to do – be seen and shine. So how can we be complimented?

Accept the compliments because that gives to the giver. They actually receive too, it’s the energetic loop – they give a compliment, it’s nice to have it received.

Who are we not to gracefully receive?

Know that we are the essence of love.


Because of where we come from.

It’s pretty difficult to CREATE a human being. So if we go to the purity of the human being and the mechanism of the human body – how amazing are we as cellular beings!

AND then we have this other amazing part of us, which is our soul – that we can talk to.

That is pure magic

Just the essence of who we are.

God does not create junk.

Who are we not to honour ourselves?

God does not create junk, or honouring the light within.

They used to be all just paradigms that I did not understand, but when you sit in our own truth and look at your children like I did, as a Mother.

Look at all children, they just beam light.

We are those children.

And we are the crusaders for our children.

We are the change makers.

So if we don’t shine how can they possibly shine?


If you don’t believe it in your heart, do it for the kids. Act as if.

Act as if works, it’s really a mindset changer, a game changer.

When you act as if – it really does land in your cells. It’s pretty cool.

Looking for the opportunities to show ourselves that we are enough, we are not junk and we can ‘act as if’ will help us become shiny, happy business people.

Bring your gifts and talents, let everyone see, help and be of service, embrace your essence of love.

Hope you enjoyed Part 4 of this series.  You might also be interested in Part 1, 2 & 3.

Maria is an expert at digging into the limiting beliefs and clearing them. As well as showing you how to keep growing with yourself.

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Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 5.35.39 PMI was so disconnected that I did not hear my soul calling.

I am left brain trained and worked in an environment that everything had to be checked and cross checked before it became law.

I am talking about working for the government in a grey building with layers of shoulds and should nots. The brain was trained, the body followed, patterns were established.

Working from the heart and knowing, was not part of the scenario – it was proof and facts, not airy fairy type intuitive information.

The dichotomy was that I was a Business Intuitive back then too. Even with all this training of my left brain to follow the rules, and not think outside of them too much. It was still my role to go into a meeting and read the energies and report back on the intentions of all present.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 4.39.49 PMWow – that seems like a crazy time.

I could not always explain what my role was, but I knew that I was making a difference to the process of making laws, using my gifts as an intuitive.

Fast forward 20 years, after 2 beautiful children and a solid soul relationship with my husband.

I know work with the heart and heart wisdom, all the intuitive systems that are hardwired in there. Miraculous really!

The heart intelligence, integrated with the brain intelligence and the consciousness of patterns, birth a joyous, fun and blissful life.

Why am I telling you this?

Because this morning I was reminded from a beautiful gentle soul, who graciously and generously came to me to remind me of what the heart intelligence really means.

Together, we breathed into our hearts. Magic

The magic is in the witnessing.

All those years of training my heart to be less intuitive, less feeling and less active have actually supported my heart, brain and soul intelligence to integrate to a stronger more profound essence, where I am at the most peace and enjoying the experiences I have today with a bountiful exuberance

It really is a joyous and simple life – the remembering is the hard part – the joy is in the being.

And so it is . . .

Go forth and feel the feelings (heart intelligence) hear your thoughts (brain intelligence) listen to your guidance (spiritual connection).

No longer am I disconnected from my body. With this new consciousness, come an awareness. Every message, feeling, and thought is acknowledged, welcomed and processed.

Life is easy, we sometimes just complicate it.

Stay in your heart – it wont steer you wrong.

If you are struggling, just like I was, let’s have a chat.


As the Story Unfolds

medical intuition, healing

As our soul regenerates.

As we peel back the layers, the stories dissolve.

As we become aware, our soul starts to breathe.

As we create space, our bodies start to breathe

As we expand and nurture, our bodies and mind start to experience with more passion and compassion.

Appreciating our past so that we can experience our future

Enliven our moment

With energy and vitality that transcend what we know

Enhancing the vibrational cell with forgiveness and gratitude

Exploring the soul

Acknowledging the physical

Engaging the mind

Life is worthy, you are worthy, we are worthy

We are one

Lets enjoy the moment together

the journey

New York Is Calling

Call me crazy but with guaranteed entry into the New Marathon for 2015, I am committed. It is 48 weeks away, I am 30kgs overweight but I am doing it. I have started to train.

As a way of keeping me accountable and a record – I put it out into the world – see my facebook post.

new york marathon facebook post

My first goal post is 5km.

This comes in 2 phases.  One is to cover the distance (walking/running) and then the second is to run the whole distance. My body is in revolt and my spirit is soaring. This is an experiment. Change your thoughts, change your world. 

I have been at it for 4 weeks now and yesterday, I completed the 5kms. It was exhilarating to achieve the first of many milestones. Along the way I spoke my mantras and called on my angels and guardians. Especially, in the last kilometer, of which I ran continuously. This is the longest stretch of running I have completed since I broke my leg back in 2010 and I felt very accomplished.


The real story began in 2009

This is where the real story began. It was 2009 and I was clinically depressed as I crossed the finish line of the London Marathon. Each step of the 33,000 steps was filled with dread, heaviness and sadness. I didn’t know it at the time that I was suppressing the depression and pushing against it. But the black dog was there and it wasn’t until many years later, on reflection really, that I really got it. It is now 5 years down the track and the memory is trying to protect me by keeping me safe. Safety is doing nothing. Safety is standing still. Safety is being numb. Safety is being protected by the weight, which is a cocoon.

But I can tell you, I am breaking out one step at a time. 

For me, the wakeup call came in three parts. 

Post London Marathon, 7 months later, I broke my arm by slipping during my son’s swimming excursion. I was very angry, but still not taking the message to heart. I defied gravity and tried to run, even though painful with a broken arm.  I stopped running albeit very resentful.

Then 6 months after, I slipped again and broke my leg. This was severe. This stopped me in my tracks. I was declared an invalid and disabled. This was the catastrophic trajectory that changed my life. I was in a wheel chair, I was housebound, I was hopeless. Now I was clinically depressed as well as suicidal.

I was being treated for the depression. With the mix of sedentary life and the medication, the weight piled on. At the end of the 6 months, I was 30 kgs heavier and was not me anymore. My identity had shifted and I was lost.

I tried to go back to my normal life. I was at work, on the outside looked bubbly and well, but on the inside really didn’t want to be here. Another message, I mishandled a piece of equipment in the studio and it dropped on my toe. My toe was broken. That was the end. I was making plans.

I recoiled and withdrew. They were dark times.

Fast forward to the end of 2014

I am now training for the New York Marathon for 2015. Each step of my training is a step into the light. I am using all my healing work on myself. I understand and appreciate the body, the subconscious mind and my heart space.

Can I do it? Absolutely yes!

Will I do it from a space of lightness and transcendence? This is what I am striving for and call on my supporters every step I take – I am documenting the journey with pics on my facebook page – you can follow me here. 

Moral of this story – asking for help is ok and taking inspired action with tiny steps can be the catalyst to big results. 

If you are resonating with this, then please seek medical advice. For me, it was a mix of physiology as well as thoughts, which created my reality. I required medical assistance but also wanted and needed the support of an earth angel who could help me find my way. I wish I knew someone like me back then – this is my catalyst to being here. This is my mission. I am available for sessions or programs. Apply here to set up a time. Blessings xx

A Reflection of the Journey

Written prior to my second experience, June 2012, in the Medical Anatomy Lab…..


Wow the time has come! It is 4.48am Sunday morning – June 10, 2012.  The day before my second cadaver dissection.  There are so many emotions.  Anxiety, overwhelm, fear, excitement of the possibilities of what I will become. Anticipation. The feelings are so deep, profound and confronting.  It is difficult to acknowledge or even articulate them.

I am almost in trance like state.   My day is planned. Walk 30 mins – good – will clear my head.  Breakfast. Pack. 11am pickup for airport. 1pm depart Pittsburgh and fly to Boston. Arrive Boston. Taxi to Hotel. Get bearings, have a plan of how to get to Tufts uni and then hopefully sleep.

There is almost a dread – a sense of the unknown.

The bodies.

How many will there be?

How many people in the room that will become my colleagues

cadaver dissection

My beautiful colleagues

How many bodies in the room – all together

It is almost too painful for these thoughts to develop.  There is suppression and an awkwardness and i am finding it hard to define or access what I am feeling.  Just sitting with it and see where I go.

I am definitely feeling change in the air.  Not just an overture to change but a real profound knowing that there will be change.


The thought of rebirth or moving forward is present and strong.  Identity – professional and personal. I know this was an amazing journey last year – anticipation of what this year will bring is immense.

Before I left Australia, I was feeling very nervous as I knew it was going to be huge.

so I reached out to my mentor and he replied with this



I do believe it takes even more courage to come the second time than it does to come the first time, at least that was true in my own case! And, also, you will take things in at a deeper level given your prior introduction to the space and work and approach… We will have a lovely time, there is no end to the transformation love!! And we’ll have fun at it 🙂

See you very soon, safe travels,


I feel like I moved mountains but really I just moved myself.  Very profound indeed.

What is consciousness?

Wow – this is a huge question!

It has been discussed since forever, even in biblical days. So I am little frightened entering this sphere of dignified gentry and accomplished scholars but here I go – I will dive in.

Am I going to definitively answer the question – no! But I am going to give you my observation and experience of what consciousness is to me.

Consciousness is a form of waking up to what is actually possible in your life.

Consciousness is:-

-seeing all parts of you as they present and working with them, no matter what.

-being present in the moment

-developing a curiosity and objectivity outside of yourself. With this you can make assessment without judgment. You experience a more objective curiosity. I love this insight for myself. It works so well.

I have been in judgment mode for a lot of my life, without realizing. Now I surrender myself to this, give myself permission to judge. With this surrender comes transcendence into an amazing vortex of awakening to pure potential. It is pretty cool – just notice and be aware.

consciousness awakening

When I began to awaken I wanted to know more. 

How to maintain this sense of being free to be me?  How to lean in to the present moment?

What other information is out there? Boy – there is a lot.

I was intrigued by the term “unconscious competence”.  It is part of a paradigm, a matrix, a personality diagnostic tool or simply a theory.

The Four stages of Competence are

  1. Unconscious incompetence
  2. Conscious incompetence
  3. Conscious competence
  4. Unconscious competence 

As I began to investigate and discuss this theory with a colleague, I heard the term “unconsciousness incompetence” for the first time.  Wow this was a big aha moment. What are we, if we continue to not be conscious? I think, personally I was asleep for a long time. I did not want to hear or know or appreciate my inner gifts. I probably was unconsciously incompetent and that’s why it was a big WTF moment.

awakening consciousnessNow what I know in my heart…

That life and living is more than just existing.

Life is about enjoying the little things.

It is wondering and philosophizing about life, engaging in the potential.

It is being in awe of nature and the beauty within.

It is appreciating the struggle and living through it without suppressing emotions, feelings.

It is an energetic loop of giving and receiving.

It is looking at every aspect of ourselves and loving our innate gifts from the inside out.

Life and living consciously is loving the lessons and embracing the shifts.

So where I am now with my work as a Healer, I am at the steps of being unconsciously competent. 

Now I would love to know where you are on this spectrum of consciousness. Comment below – we are always learning – oh boy what a ride – isn’t it magic!!

If you would like to develop your consciousness click here to find out more – I am running a workshop on Developing Prosperity Consciousness.  Click here for more information.

What is Prosperity?

prosperity consciousness

Is it having enough money in your life?

Is it having enough love in your life?

Is it doing everything you want, when you want – you know, choices and freedom to choose?

What exactly is prosperity in your life?

It is anything that makes you feel safe, joyous and cup half full type of feeling. I want to say “satiated on all levels”. Mind, body and soul.

Years ago (the old me), prosperity actually meant having it all, money, time, love and security. Whatever that meant. How did I quantify it?  This was before I really dug deep and evaluated my life.

Well, in my wisdom, I found that there is never enough money, never enough time and never enough hugs. Until I became curious and started to really tap into the prosperity in my life. After some serious trauma and cathartic processes – I mean life changing – I know now that prosperity exists from the inside/out.

prosperity consciousness


What makes me feel prosperous?

My family being happy

prosperity consciousness

  • The colors in the garden
  • The time I can spend with my friends
  • Doing what I love
  • Small things daily

Recently I was at a workshop and one of the exercises was to dissect and list your perfect day. I was blown away. I live my perfect day almost everyday. It was such a cool realization.

Core Desired Feelings

As prosperity comes from within – one of the main focus was to identify what I really wanted to feel on a daily basis. Then make my decisions accordingly. If I could feel these feelings then the decision was in alignment with my core values.   Danielle La Porte writes about core desired feelings in her book “The Desire Map”. Knowing what you desire opens your awareness so your daily decisions are synchronistic and aligned. Making you feel prosperous from the inside/out.

Inspired Action

Know that you are worth it. Whatever it is? There are no rules. If you live life in flow, then inspired action is effortless. As you know from your core, that whatever you are doing is worth it. For example, meditation was very hard for me as my monkey mind was very active. Five years ago, I promised that I would start with 5 secs a day. And so my meditation began. This was two fold – not only did I feel I was worth it (that 5 secs a day) but also I got the benefit of the theta healing which occurred during this time. Yes, 5 secs works. It is a start and then it grew to 30 mins daily. I love the space the meditation gives me. Space leads to clarity, energy and direction. 

Self Actualization

According to Maslow’s Law of Hierarchy – if you think, it shall be true. If you focus your thoughts of scarcity day in, day out – this is what you will receive. Focus your thoughts on prosperity and what it means to you – your heart will open, energetically to having more of what you desire. In my work, I find that most people who come to me – know what they don’t want but don’t know what they want. Focus on what you want in your life and don’t be afraid to ask. The law of attraction offers us many examples to prove that the more you focus on something the more it eventuates.

So what does prosperity mean to you?

prosperity consciousness

If you want to develop your prosperity, I have developed a workshop, Developing Prosperity Consciousness Workshop, all geared to you becoming Prosperous and Conscious. This is a full day immersion program in mind, body and soul.  Come along and delete, transmute old beliefs, self sabotaging patterns and be introduced to effortless practices which will open your heart to prosperity within.




Feeling too tired & stressed out to transform?

I just spoke to my friend, Andrew. He was dogging on himself for putting on weight. In the same breath he was telling me about how tired he was and it just seemed too hard to do anything about the weight. The conversation continued with “if only I could relax my mind, not be so stressed then maybe I wouldn’t feel so tired!”.


Yes that is it, but “how?????”.

I was like this, and I so relate.


Here are 3 quick tips towards transformation:-

1. Delete – Could, Should, Would

Delete “could” “should” “would” out of your vocabulary.  This in itself changes the expectations which in turn lower the idea of failing. Fear is an acronym for false experiences appearing real – I like to substitute expectations for experiences ie. false expectations appearing real.

2. Mirror Work

Start to do your mirror work – say  “I love you” while staring in the mirror. This is not easy to start with you but do it for your soul not your physical self. Stare into those “baby blues, mysterious brown, ocean green or whatever color your eyes are” and start to really see your soul. It is calling for you to be kind and compassionate to the real you.

3. Breathe in life force

Start with 5 seconds – put your timer on. Yes 5 seconds only. Start to feel your breath (the energy of life) enter your body and then become curious how it navigates and respires (inspires) your cells.

You ask how will this lead to weight loss, less stress or even transformation.  You may see some weight loss on the scales eventually.   But it the most profound impact, these practices will have is to lead to you feeling a lot lighter, shielding yourself from the heaviness of your heart and soul. This lightness comes into your physical cells becoming more accepting of you.

prosperity consciousness

I am that I am – comes to mind.

State of mind and peace in your soul will propel you towards your goals, whatever they might be.

Let me know what inspired action you have taken lately to change or transform you! Thank you for reading.

If you are in Melbourne and are ready for transformation towards “developing prosperity consciousness” come and play at this unique experiential cell shifting, mind enhancing, soul inspiring, workshop  – developed with you in mind.