Work with Maria

I am a Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Mentor who teaches, mentors and guides women to expand their energy source and dive deep into trust and conscious evolution.

My teachings include;-

  • Physical Anatomy
  • Spiritual Anatomy 
  • Sacred Contracts
  • Karmic Lesson
  • Magical Play
  • Prosperity Consciousness
  • Develop Your Intuition
  • Conscious Evolution

So how can we work together? 

Medical Intuition

The Medical Intuitive session is to navigate to and appreciate the messages your body is giving you.  If you are experiencing pain in your physical body which you feel has an energetic cause, then this Medical Intuition session is for you. To discover why your body is creating the illness?  Why are you feeling pain?  It’s a physical, emotional and spiritual experience.  I do a lot of the work for your body.  It is energetic, visceral and metaphysical.

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