Empaths carry a lot of stuff around in their bodies and energy fields. Meditation is one way in which these energy attachments can dissolve. Ultimately to find the real you.  The permission to be sensitive and thrive is granted. No longer striving but thriving with soul nourishment and self care.

1. Reduces Stress

As all of us are plagued by negative and distracting thoughts – some of them, not our own, meditation is a simple process which allows these thoughts to leave and be replaced by a peace, transforming us from stressed out, carrying others to peace and tranquility, by activating the space in between. Neutral and full of love.

2. Meditation practice builds up the prefrontal cortex part if the brain.

This is responsible for impulses, self discipline and self awareness. It helps you to be more creative, productive and enhance your cognitive processes too.


3. Enhances Performance in Relationships, in Business and in Sport.

Calms you down so that you are to perform at peak. Grounds you so that you know that you able to perform.

You can make decisions from a relaxed state rather than a burdened, stressed, overwhelmed, fearful state.

It helps you to be more present. Being in the present moment will support you perform effortlessly and in alignment. Enjoying the process. Knowing your process. Supporting your energies. Feeling safe with this knowingness.

4. Enlightenment

Holding ego at bay so that your soul can shine.  The ego melts away. The judgment, the criticisms, the emotional baggage from those around you will melt away. So that you begin to see that if you enjoy self care, keep your boundaries close, you will feel safe, comfortable and happy.

5. Meditation engenders happiness.

Being happy within ourselves. Not needing or choosing external stimuli. Meditation is simple, clears your mind of thoughts, bad and good. Just is. You can just BE

Use meditation as your therapy. Notice things coming into your consciousness. Let them bubble up from your subconscious. Eventually ego let’s go, gives up and releases the old paradigms, old stories and limiting beliefs.

During meditation you are supporting your subconscious with the process of simply being and becoming conscious to these unwanted legacies of past wounds and hurts. The path to a glowing future. You can resolve a lot by breathing and allowing.

serene moment

Trust the process

Invest in the meditation

It will only serve you

The world needs you, Empath! Go forth release, shine and meditate. It is the most profound strategy you can implement today. Bonus it is completely free and leads you to freedom, balance and trust, a few minutes at a time.