Wow – this is a huge question!

It has been discussed since forever, even in biblical days. So I am little frightened entering this sphere of dignified gentry and accomplished scholars but here I go – I will dive in.

Am I going to definitively answer the question – no! But I am going to give you my observation and experience of what consciousness is to me.

Consciousness is a form of waking up to what is actually possible in your life.

Consciousness is:-

-seeing all parts of you as they present and working with them, no matter what.

-being present in the moment

-developing a curiosity and objectivity outside of yourself. With this you can make assessment without judgment. You experience a more objective curiosity. I love this insight for myself. It works so well.

I have been in judgment mode for a lot of my life, without realizing. Now I surrender myself to this, give myself permission to judge. With this surrender comes transcendence into an amazing vortex of awakening to pure potential. It is pretty cool – just notice and be aware.

consciousness awakening

When I began to awaken I wanted to know more. 

How to maintain this sense of being free to be me?  How to lean in to the present moment?

What other information is out there? Boy – there is a lot.

I was intrigued by the term “unconscious competence”.  It is part of a paradigm, a matrix, a personality diagnostic tool or simply a theory.

The Four stages of Competence are

  1. Unconscious incompetence
  2. Conscious incompetence
  3. Conscious competence
  4. Unconscious competence 

As I began to investigate and discuss this theory with a colleague, I heard the term “unconsciousness incompetence” for the first time.  Wow this was a big aha moment. What are we, if we continue to not be conscious? I think, personally I was asleep for a long time. I did not want to hear or know or appreciate my inner gifts. I probably was unconsciously incompetent and that’s why it was a big WTF moment.

awakening consciousnessNow what I know in my heart…

That life and living is more than just existing.

Life is about enjoying the little things.

It is wondering and philosophizing about life, engaging in the potential.

It is being in awe of nature and the beauty within.

It is appreciating the struggle and living through it without suppressing emotions, feelings.

It is an energetic loop of giving and receiving.

It is looking at every aspect of ourselves and loving our innate gifts from the inside out.

Life and living consciously is loving the lessons and embracing the shifts.

So where I am now with my work as a Healer, I am at the steps of being unconsciously competent. 

Now I would love to know where you are on this spectrum of consciousness. Comment below – we are always learning – oh boy what a ride – isn’t it magic!!

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