I was reflecting on how excited I am to be mentoring some special souls and sharing the research I have gathered, on the physiological innate traits of Empaths and Highly Sensitive People.

This integrates all of my work with the body.  It highlights what I have been working with the thinking body.    This is all about the thinking cells and the physiology of our gifts.

So if you have ever felt defective or not quite right?  Feel you are an Empath?  Just know that this is your time to shine.

fruition for Empaths

Read on for some interesting information.

Because of the alignments now, up and coming Empaths don’t have to go through this pain or as great a pain as many of us had to go through, for a number of reasons;-

  • there are more numbers of us standing up and helping
  • the universal energy currently vibrating at a higher frequency
  • some of the parents of the really important children are waking up.  These parents are supporting these gifted children.  The empowerment of generational change and them being aware of the special gifts their children bring into the modern world.

The combination of what we have learnt and the combination of the available energies, we don’t have to do the depressive tendencies and the anxiety patterns as deeply as we did years ago.

This is the development of what I am doing today.  The important part is knowing that its not just helping people through what I went through.  Because I am on the other side, I am helping Empaths to resonate at a level to what is now possible.  It has never been possible at this frequency before now.  The time is right.  Everything is aligned.

Information and scientific research is supporting the awakening process

About 10 years ago, we did not have all this information.  The world was not as open as it is today.  Years ago, being an Empath felt like a big misfit.  There wasn’t alot known about it and the only treatment was depression or anxiety medication.  Universally, today, the feeling of being a misfit is not as big as it used to be.

empath - beautiful soul The beautiful souls who I am coaching just get it – they are so quick and responsive, it is a joy to facilitate the process which leads to their awakening.  Today there are no elemental structures in place that are blocking their awareness.

The energy what we create in the healing space and the universal energies that are available are very supportive of this transition and transformation.

We just have to look how fast paced the world is now to resonate with this epic paradigm shift in energies and acceptance.

If you are an Empath and want some great resources download my free Empath Resource Guide https://mariaheals.com/resourceguide/