The most powerful magic for growth

is the power of Gratitude

Deep dive Monthly circles Maria heals

Step into a space of Gratitude and Growth in my monthly Gratitude Circles.

men's circle

It is time to come together. For ourselves, for our communities, and for the planet. Join me and a community of loving souls in a magical powerful space of Gratitude. 

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When do we meet?

Every Month for 30 minutes at 7 a.m. Australian Time and 7 p.m. Australian Time (check this page for coming dates).

It doesn’t matter where on the planet you may be, we can come together. For 30 minutes, you can join me in free live ceremonies of gratitude. Come together in community, and enjoy the expansion of energy that we can create as we join our gratitude energies. 


Coming Events

July 13th

Are you in? 

If you’re not sure about your local time click below to find your local time for each Gratitude Circle

(A 7a.m. B 7p.m.)

Circle A

7 a.m. Melbourne

July 12th

10 p.m. London

 5 p.m. New York


 Circle B

7 p.m. Melbourne

10 a.m. London

Do you need more magic in your life?

Join me!

Deep dive Monthly circles Maria heals