I have a few clients that are working through and healing generational, ancestral and societal narratives.

They are super creative… Such gifted people! But the walls can be so thick, that it feels like wading through mud to get to the other side.

They can see their vision. They illuminate it. But then a shadow envelopes the vision and it’s gets opaque, not as clear as it was at inception.

Here we find entanglements, stories at a soul level that require attention.

Where does it come from?

Ancestral pain and societal narratives can come from cellular experiences of our ancestors. If they learned that riches come from hard work or are hard to get. If they learned that new things were dangerous. All of those learned experiences that they stored at a cellular level, become unconscious bias that can run our lives.

What are some types of ancestral pain and societal narratives?

  • Money blocks
  • Inability to receive beyond what you’re used to
  • New experiences
  • Feeling “not enough” or inadequate
  • Impostor syndrome (Who do I think I am?)

Intention is powerful

Holding onto to the generational, ancestral, and societal narratives that lead to ancestral pain deepens an intention. That  intention in your mind can only present resistance if the loop is on repeat. Then, it carves itself deeper. And it can stop you completely from delivering your soul mission in this lifetime.

What can you do about it?

Break the pattern
Cast a spell

Yep you heard me. Cast a powerful ask to the Universe with a pure belief from your heart, soul and spirit. Then… forget it all. Allow the Universe to deliver.

The awareness creates the gateway

Unpacking the stories is often entangled with cellular core wounds which repeat over lifetimes. Awareness is key. We need to navigate to the elements of the stories, gathering the nuggets. Creating awareness releases the story. It is like unlocking the door to the path ahead. It energises the mind, body and soul. It brings you back to you. The pieces out there come back so you can feel whole and complete.

Can it be that easy?

Yes it can – with the right person by your side, a Spiritual Mentor who can work this process.In all seriousness you can’t do this work by yourself as it’s too deep and too recessed in your cells. Find an aligned ally and things materialise as if by magic. I know!I see it daily!! I am happy to talk to you about this process if you want my mentorship through this process.

Treasure your gifts and Your gifts will deliver treasure.

Blessings Spiritual Seeker ♥️? 



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