The first inkling that there was a deeper meaning to intuition landed when I was listening to a podcast – can’t recall who it was – but I heard – your intuition is your soul tutoring you. 


Tuition from this inside.

I truly believe that you the answers to all our experiences, directions and clarity come from within. 

Sometimes there is a need to take a journey.   You navigate through in the dark to the answers.  It’s when you are in this dark place that you need support.  This is when I can support you to navigate through to your light.

It doesn’t matter how many books you read, how many pauses you have – you know what you know until you know something different!!

That layer needs support to crack open. 

The soul knows.

Your intuition is a skill set like anything else.  Practice tapping in and your world will grow and expand. I have mentored 1000s of souls through some dark times. So they create awareness and trust their in-tuition.  I teach you how to speak to your soul, so that you know how to access your answers. 

I teach how to develop your intuition through my programs – Circle, Alchemize or VIP 1:1 program.