Law of attraction Awareness

“Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness.” James Thurber

Through the principles of the law of attraction, we know we need to acknowledge all that we desire and show gratitude for all that we have. Now, we must also acknowledge that which is around us in the present. Being AWARE of the actions we take, the way we respond, the way we process information, and the way we step forward. These are all reflective of us being aware of the present.

‘Awareness allows us to get outside of our mind and observe it in action.’ Dan Brule

So how do you bring the awareness into your daily life.

Taking 5

We can so easily become caught up in reliving the past or dreaming about our future.   However, we need to stop daily and take note of what we have around us. What we see, smell, hear, touch, connect with and feel.   Rather than allowing us to get caught up in the emotions of a negative moment, just stop and take an objective look at the situation from the outside. Can you clearly identify your emotions, can you see how the situation is going to play out, and most importantly can you identify where you are wasting your internal and external energies on a situation that doesn’t require them.

By stopping you can, take a breath, reflect and change your present moment to be that of a harmonious positive impact. Allow yourself the freedom to be able to control your reactions and impact on the situation.

A practical meditative process you do anywhere is – become aware of the palms of your hands or the souls of your feet. Giving them some intentional attention. Take a few deep breaths. This will quieten your nervous system and bring you back to present time. It has an immediate impact on stress levels. Try it and see! Let me know – I’d love to hear.

Law of attraction Awareness 2


Throughout this series I’ve reflected on the many principles that mediation has, and the great benefits it brings. Awareness is definitely a part of this journey. Through meditation we learn to bring calmness and heighten our senses to see and feel what is surrounding us, making us more in the present moment and very conscious of our inner being and feelings through to our outer feelings.

It is important in your journey to try and meditate, if not daily at least every couple of days. This will always help you obtain and retain your calmness, become aware of your senses and allow you to stay in the present, and put your messages to the universe on where you desire to go.

Meditation also has a physiological dynamic. It unloads our physical cells and releases stuck energy. It is like the magic potion we have been looking for. Aim for progress, not perfection. There are so many variables in how to do your meditation. My prescription is to do one that stills the mind, focuses your breathing and creates space in your soul. Meditate and breathe – it is integrative and a life source.

Increasing your intuition

A state of awareness, helps increase and raises your intuition. Your intuitions enable you to look internally for guidance on answers you seek from the present moment. You can constantly check your intuition throughout your day with each decision you have to make. It’s a matter of stopping and listening to what is being said to you.

For example, my friend recently had to have a root canal on a back tooth. She said her intuitions were telling her NO, to have the tooth removed. The dentist persisted but she said no, she had to following her instinct. It turned out her intuition was right. The tooth had issues from the roots upwards, something the dentist was unable to see until the tooth itself was extracted.

Daily Affirmations

Add to your mix of affirmation, words to recognise your presences. The moment you are in, the awareness you have for the moment. Here are some examples you can use;

  • I acknowledge and grow daily in my awareness state
  • I will enable myself to become more aware of my intuitions and listen to what I’m being guided towards
  • I am a perfectly divine in my being and intuition
  • I love myself, all that is around me, all that is being presented to me and all that enables me to grow
  • My intuition grows stronger everyday, as I learn to grow embrace and recognise all that is within me.

I ask you right now to take five minutes and listen to what is around you and coming from within you. If you are struggling to be connected with your intuition, then I encourage you to sign up to my free mini e-course ‘How to develop your intuition’ today, and allow me to teach you the wonderful gift you can have.