Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.   Gandhi

Living a harmonious life is one where we have taken the time to balance out all the good and challenging things that come our way.  In seeking harmony through the law of attraction, it means at times when life can bring challenges to us and it’s how we perceive the challenge and the steps we take to manage or deal with that challenge.  Whilst we can all wish for a life with no pain, suffering or lessons to be learnt, in being truly honest with ourselves, we know that isn’t really living nor does life come that way?  I firmly believe challenges in life are given to those who can handle them, who have the inner strength and guidance from those above to help them work their way through those challenges.

You will find those people who appreciate what their life has brought them and, learn from their own challenges are the one that have a great sense of the harmony in the life they lead.   Yes, we all visualise having a perfect life with everything perfectly presented to us our hearts greatest desires and wants.

A life of harmony isn’t getting those ‘things’ we may desire such as material items – cars, homes, money.  It is more the sense of knowing what we have already is perfect in it’s own right and valuing the life we’re able to lead.  Remember, not everyone has the level of harmony you may already be experiencing.

We can however feel so lost in the fog that we don’t know what is the harmony we seek.  So to help guide you on that path to identifying and bringing that harmony (balance) into your life, here are some steps;

Focus on the positives, not the negatives

It is so easy to see the worst in all situations, but take a few deep breathes and step outside the situation.  Review it as if you were an outsider looking into someone else’s life.  It will enable you to change your view/ perspective of the situation and to realise all the positives that are surrounding that situation.  You can then step back into your role and see all the positives.

Practice daily meditation and visual what brings you balance and harmony

Taking time out daily to mediate is a great way to centre yourself, bring calm and tranquillity, and to enable you to regain your perspective and focus.  It enables you to control your emotions and take a calmer view of the situations around you.  Also, enables you to see it’s not all as bad as you may have felt at the start.

Reflect on your life’s path, create a vision of where you want to be 

When you think of harmony in your life, what do you visualise.  How does it make you feel.  Create a daily vision board that incorporates the harmony you want in your life.

Here are samples of the things that give me harmony in my life.

Harmony Images

And I make it a point daily to feel so grateful for these foundations around me, as they balance all the other challenges that present to me.  I keep pictures of my family with me, and I take walks at the beach almost daily, breathing in the fresh sea water, soaking up the sun and thanking those guides and angels around me for the life they’re presenting me, for giving me the choices I have.

Remove negativity and stress from your life

Sometime in life we just need to know when to walk away.  It may be from friends, family, careers or any elements in our lives that give us nothing but the highest level of stress, negativity, or creates the emotional downfall we truly don’t want.  Walking away doesn’t need to be a negative experience, or the situations may not be ‘walking away’ that we undertake, it may be building wall blockages to stop people or situations from hurting us and disturbing the harmonious life we seek.  It’s about protecting yourself and the life you seek.

Remember you have only one beautiful life, so make it the life you want – a beautiful harmonious life with all the good graces you deserve and seek.