People often focus ‘health’ as just our body’s physical wellbeing.  Being trim and terrific.  However, that is just one minor step in the overall Law of Attraction to Health.  Health is defined through our mind, body and spirit.  This encompasses our physical and mental wellbeing, our spiritual happiness and our relationships with ourselves, and those around us.

Often there are emotional blocks that cause a person to have put on weight, loose sight of what makes them happy and mentally they no longer feel self-love.   Here are some techniques you can include in your life to create that perfect health formula for you.

Physical Health

You’ve put on weight or your unhappy with your appearance. Don’t allow ‘negativity’ to absorb your emotional and mental wellbeing.  Look to the positives that surround you.    Yes you’ve put on weight, but you can walk.  Give yourself a break and don’t be so hard on yourself.  Got for a walk, not for the mentality of exercise, but to just get a break from the routine you’ve gotten yourself into.   Change your routine slightly.  So organise a catch up with a friend that is within a walking distance for you and pop on those runners and walk to meet your friend.   You will feel better within yourself for each little step you take.  It is about what you want and seek, so seek and give yourself the acknowledgment for ALL the little steps you take towards your overall health.    When walking, think of yourself in the vision you want to be, picture yourself in the outfit you have always wanted, the shoes you want to wear or the event you want to attend.

Louise Hay has a great affirmation for weight loss;

“I am the only person who has control over my eating habits. I can always resist something if I choose to.”

Here are some great affirmations for overall health by Louise Hay;

“Lovingly do everything I can to assist my body in maintaining perfect health.”

“I get plenty of sleep every night. My body appreciates how I take care of it.”

“I let go of all negativity that rests in my body and mind.”

“I look forward to a healthy old age because I take loving care of my body now.”

”I am constantly discovering new ways to improve my health.”

Meditate Daily


5 minutes is all it takes.  Connect with your inner soul, visualise your life, your body, your friends, your work, your dream and all that makes your happy.  HAPPINESS = HEALTHINESS

When you are visualising, you are asking the laws of attraction to swing into action.   Connecting with your inner self is a great way to see that which your heart most desires.  Ask for signs for where you should be heading, or what you should be doing.  Ask for answers/signs to your questions.

Create those 5 minutes of inner peace.  This will help you the mentality to become calmer and stronger.  It allows you to be more aware of what you’ll tolerate and not-tolerate.  You may find your path in life changes, your tolerance levels grow and your sense of balance restore.


#4The journey to health, can be the through the removal of pain barriers our body is carrying.  Not all pain relates to a physical element, this is where I as a Medical Intuitive Healer, can help you remove the pain in your body, both physically and mentally.  Thought a journey with me, you are ‘rebirthed’ to a newer you, one that you like and love.

Greater Health

To give yourself the ultimate law of attraction of health, you need to identify the what, why, where, how and which way to go.  You need to learn to listen to your inner self, connect, ask it and take notices of the signs being presented to you.

At time where you feel overwhelmed and can’t see what is in front of you, then take the opportunity to talk to someone who you know will listen, support and help guide you in this journey to a new inner and outer healthier you.