Law of attraction SuccessWe all strive for success in our lives. This can be in many forms; such as financial, freedom, empowerment, recognition, abundance, material items, and so forth. You are the only one that can define what your success is.

I welcome with open arms all the success that comes to me.

It is very easy in our lives to get caught in comparing ourselves to others, and comparing what we feel we don’t have in our lives. Through our own universal messages you can change how this is to be, and also how you perceive it. Here are some steps to help you achieve your own successes you desire in your life.

Believe Believe Believe

Believe that you deserve to be successful. Believe in yourself. Believe that the universe will provide for you.   Start your day with an affirmation for success, here are some samples to help you.

  • I am positive the universe will bring me all the divine successes I embrace and desire.
  • I am wholeheartedly successful.
  • I will magnet in my life an abundance of heartwarming success.
  • I am releasing my old habits and changing my views to bring my universal successes.
  • I am worthy, I believe in me and I believe the universe believes in me.

Acknowledging each step

Don’t allow yourself to think success is the BIG things, it is each and every step you take towards your ultimate universal success. Always take time to appreciate where you’ve come from and where you’re going.

Old Habits

If you have found yourself not achieving the successes your heart most desires, or you may feel the universe isn’t perhaps listening. Time to look within and see what old habits need to change. We can become very easily complacent and not realised we are sabotaging our own successes. Be open minded and objective, and take it one step at a time to make that positive change in your life.

Law of attraction Success 2

Define your own successes

With daily meditation and the creation of a vision board. Constantly acknowledge what you desire in your life as a success. And remember sometime it’s delivered and we can miss the sign. So always be clear on your definition of success.

If you are ready to tap into that innate wisdom or inner knowingness, book in for a Body Whisperer Session.  I will guide you to develop that intuitive muscle by listening to your body.  After all, our body is our subconscious (our place of knowingness) – let it guide you to be the wise person you are meant to be.