The poorest man is he whose only wealth is money.

You are the one that defines what wealth is for you in your life. It may be money to build your dream lifestyle, or purely being surrounded with the harmonious lifestyle and all the gracious goods you have always dreamed off.

How do you manifest this into your life?  Here are some guides to help you attract your wealth.

Positive Thinking

It’s very easy to allow ourselves to loose sight of our wealth vision when other challenges come along, but it’s important that we keep positive and focused on the path we want to travel and the ‘wealth’ we want in that path’s journey.

Remove the negativity

Don’t focus on what you have not got or how little money you have. You should focus on all the good that is around you and remembering that wealth comes in multiple forms, not just financially.

Wealth 2

Levels of wealth

In visualising your wealth you may have certain levels of wealth you want along your life’s path.  So keep those visions strong in your mind, know what, when and how you want to achieve these.  Use small triggers to keep them frequently popping up in your consciousness, for example, save your password as a your dream amount you want to earn that year.  Create an image to reflect that amount and frame it.  Place it in a location that you will see daily.

Be clear on how you ask

Be specific but cautious when asking for your money.  For example, yes you want money, but don’t say you want money in case of emergency.  Because in this situation you are also asking for an emergency!!

Give to create space

Don’t be shy to donate or give money to those in need.  In the realms of the law of attraction, this is creating space for more wealth.

Don’t be afraid to love

Don’t be afraid to love the wealth and money you have coming in, your love for it will attract more of it.  Having an appreciation for what it emotionally stands for in your life, is where the law of attraction brings it forth to you.


Including into your regular practice of meditation, the energy you need to draw your powers and manifest the wealth you seek.  Put yourself in your end vision, embrace how you feel, what you smell, see and how heightened you are.

And remember, the Proverb says “If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy.”