Law of attraction Wisdom

Wisdom : noun
the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.

Wisdom, how do we define this and how do we interpret this?  It’s very common for people to think of wisdom and being of highly intelligence, but that’s not wisdom at all.

Some of the most intelligent people around us, who may know it all, don’t actually apply wisdom to their mix.  Wisdom can be seen as common sense, the ability to put together all the pieces to make the perfect puzzle.

You don’t have to have multiple degrees to be defined as having wisdom.  Some of the most wealthy, rich and famous people are those who have learnt through life’s hard knocks.  What made them climb to where they are, wisdom, their inner knowingness.  Their ability to learn from their experiences, apply the knowledge they’ve gain and be able to use their senses and intuition to make wise judgments moving forwards.

How do you then apply wisdom into your lives through the realms of the law of attraction?


Within us we have our intuition (guides) and our ego (brain). Frequently we are faced with decision making situations, our ‘gut instinct’ tells us one thing and the longer we procrastinate over it, the more our ego gets involved and takes over.   When this happens, we should walk away from the decision to be made, refresh yourself and then come back to it.  Listen instinctively to what your intuition is telling you.   Very rarely does your instinct steer you wrong.  It is important to remember, that if the outcomes aren’t quite what we hoped or wanted, it is most likely happening for a reason and one we must acknowledge and learn from.

Putting the pieces together

Listening to your intuition is one important factor in empowering your wisdom in making decisions through your life’s journey.  The other components, or pieces to the puzzle, you need to included are your past experiences and knowledge (what you learnt from those experiences) so that you can make a truly informed decision and know you have made the choice you feel is 100% right for you.

Law of attraction Wisdom 2

Blocking the doubts

We all do it, we all get those seeds of doubt.  The ‘what ifs’ or ‘should I’s’.  These can come from those surrounding us in our lives, who may only be trying to help us, but in reality the decisions must be made from within and is what we feel is right for us at that time.  Remember we have to live with these decisions.   The other seed of doubt is our own ego.  The more we think over things the more our brain (AKA ego) tries to tell us otherwise to what we feel we should be doing.   The wisdom in this is to block the confusion taking over and learn to trust ourselves and our decisions.

Practice makes perfect

Every day in life we have to use our wisdom in all that we do.  There is no miracle antidote; it is simply about practicing and learning to trust yourself.  The more you practice listening to yourself and knowing what is right for you, the more you achieve a great sense of confidence and comfort within, knowing you will do what feels 100% right for you.


Here are some wonderful wisdom affirmations to help encourage your in making those wise decision that instinctively work for you.

  • My wisdom increases my intuition.
  • My wisdom gives me the ability to review, acknowledge, listen and grow in each decision I make.
  • I embrace the wisdom that presents to me daily.
  • I am a fountain of wisdom.  I listen instinctively and following that which is within me.

Remember, each step we take in life creates a large pool of experiences in make our life and in turn grows our intuitive wisdom stronger.  Believe in yourself.

If you are ready to tap into that innate wisdom or inner knowingness, book in for a Body Whisperer Session.  I will guide you to develop that intuitive muscle by listening to your body.  After all, our body is our subconscious (our place of knowingness) – let it guide you to be the wise person you are meant to be.