It doesn’t take a big live event to learn how to be compassionate.

It’s cold.
It’s 9am.
And I’m still in bed.
As I grew up, having sleep ins and pyjama days, even mental health days were unheard of.
They were deemed “being lazy”.
You know what?!! – that rhetoric sticks at a cellular level.   It has taken decades of unravelling to know that it’s ok to heed the inner calling of rest.

Stop feeling guilty of being compassionate towards yourself.

Not languish. Not hibernation. Not withdrawing All sort of judgey takes of self care. Instead nourishment, nurturing, loving and caring.
Developing compassion is an ongoing process. Stripping away the stories we buy into. The childhood imperatives and foundations that anchored deep. The external societal narratives that often hang around like a bad smell that is hidden. The mould that festers.

Tap into that soul’s requirement of requited love for self.

What do you need?
In this present moment.
Is it quiet?
There is so much noise out there. I am committed to dialling down the noise and to add value.
Is it nourishment?
If it is on what level?
            • Physical
            • Emotional
            • Mental
            • Spiritual
Is it nurturing
            • Check in with the temperature, hot, cold or perfect.
            • Where do you need more “warmth” so you can regulate that nervous system. Warmth comes in many levels.

My relationship with Compassion

It wasn’t until I experienced cancer that I really dived deep into compassion.
I thought I had, but the cancer was a gift that provided the impetus to embody compassion. And it also heed the call to be curious about the times when I’m not compassionate towards myself.
It’s been such a reverent journey to compassion. I am truly grateful to have seen and experienced the other side of it.

To know and embody compassion is to live fully with liberty and freedom to be. Authentic and with integrity.

I’ll leave you with this – the opposite of compassion is judgement which turns into resentment.
More on what that does in the body in the next blogs. It’s not fun!
So be curious

When you feel less than compassionate towards yourself – ask what do I need? What is the nudge?

Until next time . . .


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