“Women will save the world”  Dalai Lama

By reclaiming our sovereignty wearing our crown and lead with the inherent gifts and with our economic status, women in their maga phase can heal the world.

We just have to show up.

Sharing our knowledge, our gifts, our money is profound, transformational for the woman and the world.  I say we heal ourselves and we heal the world as a result.

This is spiritual development and leadership training.

I invite women between the age of 45 to 60 to own their gifts and share their gifts, experiences and wisdom with the world.  So the world becomes a better place.

Leadership training includes unique pathways to provide a service.  I teach capacity and agency. 

Capacity – how many in your client base

Agency – authority, how to lead

Spiritual Development is energy mastery for women who are wise and experienced.

If you are interested in wearing your crown without apology, then look at the Women’s Circles.

When Women come together in community, their world heals as a result the world heals too.