what does that mean?

Elements of this include seeing clearly, gain insights, know your beliefs and embrace deservedness.

My biggest aha moment was deserving to live my dream.  Deserving to be on that start line and corresponding deserving the achievement.  Yep also to be on the finish line.

I had to dig deep to become aware of this feeling of not deserving.  It was my coach, who had  belief in me and showed me that I not only deserved to be present with the other athletes but I profoundly was in the right place.

You know why?

Because he pointed out that I did all the work.  The only limitations were my beliefs because technically/intellectually, I had ticked all the boxes.

My experiences demonstrated that I had achieved, I was capable of achieving and all my physical energy pointed to success.

So why did deservedness come up?  It made no sense.

closed off

This required exploration.


It was some outdated beliefs.  My box and the way I was going to succeed was not open or free – I had some preconceptions of what it would look like.  This was my limitation.  I wanted to do a certain way but the universe had other more potent and impactful ways of succeeding.

So now it was time to let go and let God (also referred to as Source, Higher Self, Universe) who knew and had bigger plans than I could ever conceive for myself.

Once I had the ability to breathe, rest easy, release some outdated beliefs  – the success was embodied and I was set to go forth.  Succeed my way.  It was an extraordinary process.  Challenging, courageous and somewhat spontaneous.

So worth it!

deserveDid I overcome the idea that I deserved to be there?!  Sure did!

I transcended!

I conquered!

I let go!

I succeeded!

I certainly deserved all of it.

Do you deserve success?  What does this mean for you?  If you want to explore it further to gain clarity and vision how this can work for you, then let’s chat.  I work with generous souls who believe they can achieve their dreams and realise their potential.  I would love to chat with you.