Medical Intuition – begin here 

The medical intuition experience is intense and supports layers of energetic shifts. It’s a process that requires lots of energy and commitment for both myself and client. So it’s a well thought out and considered inspired action by the time my client books in. It’s not like other healing session. It’s a multi layered multiversed insight into your layered bodies – physical, emotional, mental, psychic and spiritual. The healing begins the moment you decide to book for Medical Intuition.

Spiritual Mentoring – begin here 

So you are interested in Spiritual Mentoring – let’s chat.  I have a few programs and I offer custom 1:1 packages too.  The first thing to do is to chat and explore which offer most suits your needs. Inner Circle Work – Spiritual Circle Level 2 or Alchemize and 1:1 Spiritual Mentoring – Custom