Body Appreciation

Nothing needs to change

Just find the balance

Find inspiration daily

You are moving forward without effort

We ARE moving forward


We’re often walking backwards because we need to fix our past




Stuck looking backwards so you can’t look forward

Passion is being in the moment and letting it all happen

Start with the why

Driving force moving you forward

Falling forward

Surrender to it

Take the next step

Let the passion drive you

Just surrender

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9 thoughts on “Body Appreciation

  1. Michelle

    Oh, Maria. How I needed these words of encouragement today. You have no idea. Well, you do have an idea. You've been there. Which is why you wrote this piece. 🙂 THANK YOU! Hugs.

  2. Lori

    I often remind myself to live in the moment and be present. One cannot go back in the past to fix or change things. We must learn lessons from the past as well as allow a release from the bondage of hurts and regrets.

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