worrier to warrior by Maria Davis

What some readers are saying about “Worrier to Warrior”

Fascinating and easy to read and understand. Thank you for sharing your gifts not only with us but with the world!  


This book will give you inspiration and tools to achieve all that you desire in life. Learn to trust and follow your heart. I am so excited to have a copy and just wish to share her gifts.


Your book has already shifted my thinking in many ways. When I read your book you mentioned about the power of collective prayer and healing.

It gave me goosebumps. Thank you for being a true warrior and healer.

You have the intuitive power to make your wildest dreams come true. Magic is real, and it’s innate to all of us.

Why is it so hard to let go of the patterns that keep us stuck? Is there something wrong with us, and if so, how can we fix it?

“Maria shows us the way back to our innate, natural force using the power of our intuition. We can all heal our body, mind, and soul and become the magnificent beings we are meant to be. These pages are packed with the wisdom and tools you’ve been looking for. As Maria says, just give it a try and gather evidence of what’s possible!”

In this book I share my journey from Worrier to Warrior. Honestly, I really hope I can inspire you to walk and find your own! I love being able to share and guide others. However, intuitive healing is that… Taking what you know and asking within. The key part is to learn what you need to ask!

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Worrier to Warrior free resources listed below:

All of the resources below are shared in my book. You can choose what you need to develop on your own, or you can reach out to get personal 1-on-1 sessions to continue your journey. There is also a webinar available to help you work on your own and make Worrier to Warrior work for you!


5 days 5 spells
5 days 5 spells

Magic Tools

5 days 5 spells
5 days 5 spells
5 days 5 spells

Business Growth

5 days 5 spells
5 days 5 spells


5 days 5 spells

Take the next steps in your own Worrier to Warrior Journey!

Intuitive healing requires practice and a deeper journey of self-discovery. I hope reading my book allowed you to discover that, just like I did, you also have resources within you. Actually, your power is all yours and ready for you to grow into it and listen to it!

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