Healing is a very personal process, but in community and collaboration we find inspiration. That’s why I love sharing with you my “Collaborations and Resources” page. 

Here you will find: blogs, podcasts, media content, and events with thoughtful and inspiring content for your healing and growth process.

Let's Chat

I had a wonderful conversation with Tony and Simon about how Spirituality connects with our business life and success.

Watch here:

Modeling Success Successfully

Spiritual Mentor Helping Women On a Mission to Succeed Internally and financially. 


“The Energy Shift” podcast

The Magic of Numbers, episode 55. Numbers are one of the foundations of our existence. Numbers have energy. If we think of certain numbers, we will attract them. Number 11 is a powerful number for me, I see both 11:11 and number 1 all the time and it is a symbol to me that I am in alignment. Today we have a special guest Maria Davis to share the energy of numbers and what they can reveal to us

The Simplifiers Podcast

the simplifiers podcast

The Simplifiers Podcast, “How to tap into your soul’s calling and purpose, define your core gifts and open yourself up to the path of expansion.” visit: https://thesimplifiers.com/thepodcast

#thisisme series with Karen Gunton

 “I’m liberating myself” episode. Click https://www.karengunton.com/podcast to listen to the podcast.

Karen Gunton podcast

How Our Emotions Affect Our Health.

How Emotions can create Illness, Maria Davis with Diana Marchand rawfoodsmadesimple.com

Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality

Live More Mindfully: 9 Tips to Try at Home

I’m always thankful to collaborate in mindful living awareness and opportunities, sharing a little magic and healing resources. Happy to be featured in this article for 9 Tips to Live More Mindfully at Home.


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5 days 5 spells
5 days 5 spells
5 days 5 spells
5 days 5 spells
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