Don’t Judge Me

Do you ever judge yourself?

In my training program for the New York Marathon, I completed 3X30kms runs. The last 2 X 30kms training runs were plagued with judgment. It was heavy, dense and tough.

Even with all that judgment, I found the resolve to complete the task ahead. That was the triumph – it felt regenerating, reinvigorating and it was like I was reinventing me. It felt fantastic.

30km Posts – it was raw

“Oh my God – I DID IT 30km ‪#‎inthebank‬ it started not as I had hoped “the not enough” thoughts were dogging me for most of the way – not fast enough, not light enough and lots of different versions along the way. I felt heavy, depleted and battered from the inside. I did some healing work on me, then it was focus and one step after another. The only way to transcend these feelings and thoughts is to feel them rather than resist. I felt them – it made it my hardest run to date. But I have to say it was also my best. The only way to quieten ego and fear is show it that it is false – not true. When I got home, all those feelings were no longer present. The feelings of triumph, excitement and success surfaced and it feels amazing. ‪#‎inspired‬ ‪#‎2015NewYorkMarathon‬ ‪#‎mariaheals‬‪#‎maverickmanifestor‬ ‪#‎FFFF‬


“6x5kms done ‪#‎inthebank‬ At 20km called my coach (Kevin) and he gave me the option – if I couldn’t go on to stop – I said – no, I know that is not an option – i changed the route – thought yep that’s a great option – this gave me energy – adventure vibes (forgot about the fatigue) then the Universe said oh I’ll help you out – thank you – I was checking out the scenery, my friend Robyn called out my name – I thought it was a mirage but it was real so we chatted for another 4km – woohoo – now I had 6 to go – with a bit of grunt, determination and perseverance yep – you got it 30km (I think I did a little over, but whose counting?!) #inthebank ‪#‎2015NewYorkMarathon‬ ‪#‎mariaheals‬‪#‎maverickmanifestor‬ ‪#‎FFFF‬


How does the shadow Judge turn up in your life?

I did some deep internal work (healing this shadow aspect) to find out why the judge has been so vocal. It has been showing up a lot lately – so it was time to thank it and help it move on.

After digging deep, I found that the shadow Judge helps me with 3 motivators, which are crucial when it comes to achieving my goal. So in fact it has a big role in my personal development.

My 3 motivators fuelled by the Judge

  1. Resolve, dig deep and find something new
  2. Tenacity – to keep going – way beyond my comfort zone
  3. Drive – the fuel that keeps me going.

Our shadow aspects can be good for us too.

They help us achieve, beyond our wildest dreams. I found this new insight has provided me with a sense of peace and calm. Because no matter what contrast presents, I know I have the tools to cope with it. Contrast supports me to grow – thank you and release it.

How do you release contrast?

It is a 3 phase approach.

  • name it,
  • describe it
  • release it

This is not an easy process. It is deep and sometimes has to be dug out – ready to be released and then some shifts occur for it to release. But after having said all that, I can attest that the insights are profound. The lessons acknowledged and the achievements celebrated.

The tough part of this is releasing. You know I have been there and done that – I get it, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. The embodiment of the shadow aspect can create havoc with us on a very cellular level, which manifests in energy variances and physical symptoms.

Need some help with this – this is what I do – help you release the contrast from your life. Check out the Medical Intuitive Session here.

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I went to India and brought back “Namaste”

What’s with that??????

In 2013 I went to India. I was there for 2 weeks.  I was invited to be a speaker at an International Conference, LifeBloom.  I was excited to be sharing my work and taking it to the world.


I thought India was an adventure and a time of self discovery.  India offered incredible divine spots and also not so divine too, it was eclectic, diverse, colourful and intriguing.

It was a time of spiritual transformation, energy clearing, healing, self discovery and divine sacred support.

So today I was reflecting.

When did I start saying Namaste?

When did I bring my hands together in a gesture of connection, humility and presence?

buddha-504204_1280I am an Italian Catholic – what!!?

It was that journey that cemented my desire to go deeper with my spiritual transformation. As well as discover my offerings to humanity and stay true to my calling.

Wow what does that even mean?

I don’t need to know now but years ago I would have found it airy fairy and not real. Today it so real I can taste it.

The awakening process can be challenging, judgmental and full of subversive criticism.

But from someone who has been there and felt all that at her core, it has been an amazing journey through to the other side. To wonder, gratitude, love, surrender and flow.

Which brings me back to Namaste – it is an all encompassing greeting and salute. Almost a salvation. It is

I am not a yogi. I am an ordinary woman who has now awakened to her spirituality. Do you need to be anyone other than yourself? I say if it calls and it feels right, use it, do it.

Be seen my friend. It is so much easier to be you and be true.

“My soul honours your soul.  

I honour the love, light, beauty, truth and kindness within you because it is also within me.

In sharing these things there is no distance and no difference between us.

We are the same.  

We are one.”


2 thoughts on “I went to India and brought back “Namaste”

  1. Jayne

    This gave me goosebumps reading it! I've finally realized (or is that 'admitted' ;)) I am on that journey and I boy do I really get this… "The awakening process can be challenging, judgmental and full of subversive criticism." …mostly from me…to me!

    I look forward to where this enlightenment is taking me. I'm filled with deep gratitude for what it has already show me and given me permission to let go.

    Thanks for sharing your journey and running alongside with those of us on ours.

    Namaste xx

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Thank you for helping me

Thank you for helping me.

I just finished listening to Matt Kahn, a spiritual mentor and guide,  speak this phrase   It presented a real solution and invitation towards more enlightenment.  I wanted to share it with you.  I love it.  I am going to use this phrase.  How about you?  Will you give it go?  Let me explain why you may want to consider it.

This is a phrase of spiritual transformation, engagement and remembering.  I am feeling grateful for all my experiences.

This phrase will help shift to you to a new way of feeling and to prosperity consciousness. It is inspirational and lightness in one.

massage-599476_1280Try saying this phrase next time you are encountered by feelings that don’t align with your self. Feelings that are far removed from who you really are.  Think icky, confrontational, egoic, non truths, not liking, shame, guilt, triggers – all the stuff, us human need to transcend when we are challenged, pushed or misguided in any way.

Thank you for helping me

Say this when you encounter or interact with someone who is making you feel less than.

This diffuses the intensity of feelings. Helps you remember that you are a cellular being and neutralises the malignancy of thought towards yourself and the other person.

Everything is an experience. Everything works out.

Thank you for helping me.

Helping me see a part of me that needs to be loved and healed. Thank you for helping me remember so I can become aware and then release.

Thank you for helping me come back to a place of love.

Thank you for showing me where I need attention and show myself more love.

heart-799138_1280Thank you for helping me – say it next time you are in a place of forgetting the amazing love being that you are.

Becoming conscious to a process. This statement will support you in an amazing journey of spiritual transformation, cleansing you of past hurts, misunderstandings and incongruencies.

Thank you for helping me.

Want to know more watch this video by Matt Kahn. Enlightening, truth and paradigm shifting.

“Thank you helping me” is beautiful,  heartfelt and simple. Next time you are shown something in you that needs attention, say it – it will change your world and how you behave in it.

Thank you for helping me – very powerful, inducing and infusing a sense of peace, balance and love.

Blessings and thank you for helping me.

8 thoughts on “Thank you for helping me

  1. farah

    oh I love it! "Thank you for helping me". As a receiver, how can you not become even more open towards another who says this? It goes beyond thank you. It persoanlises and acknowledges and honours the other so graciously. Beautiful. I will eek out an hour or so to watch the video too. Thank you for helping me Maria!

  2. april

    what a lovely phrase, maria . . . "thank you for helping me." i am often encouraging my clients to embrace all of their emotions, even the so-called negative ones, so they can begin to understand what their feelings are trying to tell them. this is the perfect phrase to help them understand the lessons their emotions contain. thank you, maria, for helping me.

  3. Michelle

    I was just practicing this during a painful situation this week, Maria. This often happens with your posts. Something happens over the course of the week, and then a few days later, I read about how I've been approaching the "something" over here. It's happened more times that I can count. We are definitely connected, soul sister o' mine. 🙂 xo

    1. Maria Post author

      hi Michelle
      it's funny you should say that because I feel the same way with you – definitely soul siStars – thank you gorgeous soul xx

  4. Cathy Sykora

    I love this! This is a great reminder that every uncomfortable or "icky" encounter can be a wonderful learning opportunity and a chance to become aware of potential needs. It is a great way to practice faith in the process and let go of circumstance. Thank you for this reminder!

  5. Cathy

    This is something I remind my clients about when they have a symptom or a thought-pattern that keeps them stuck: thank it for the way it's protected you up until now, so that you can send it peaceably on its way. What you're talking about here is the same thing, but you show how it goes so much deeper than clearing symptoms. I don't even know how to express myself about this properly, other than to say that reading this touched a very soft spot in me tonight and its energy is reverberating around my body in a very powerful way.

    Going to watch the video now…

    Thank you for this, Maria. xo

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Fragmentation – BE GONE!!!!!

Fragmentation sucks

Hits hard

Is annoying


Conscious thought provoking

Brain stopping

Heart hurting

fireworks fragmentation

Bring back all parts of me

I am losing myself

In anger



in shoulds, coulds, woulds


Needing the insights to finish

Commanding the process to be complete


Fragmentation be gone!

Alignment of all pieces

Come back

To me

Nurtured with compassion

Aligned with soul, mind and body

Whole and complete

Today, NOW and Forever.

dance of love

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  1. AntonyYHages

    Having read through this I believed it was extremely enlightening.
    I appreciate you spending a while as well as to set this
    content together. One time i again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and leaving comments.
    But just what exactly, it had been still worthwhile!

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Take Your Power Back

Have you ever asked someone else to make a decision for you because you just weren’t certain of which way to go? But you knew internally that you wanted a safe decision. One where you didn’t hurt anyone, let anyone down and definitely didn’t put yourself first.  What about if putting your needs first is ok? What about if clarity was so clear that knowing your needs was enough to make the right decisions for you?


Let me explain?

This all has to do with self realisation, decision and being worthy of putting your needs above everyone else’s.

This morning I was sitting having coffee with my friend – she turned to me and asked me – do pilates and yoga practices complement each other?

As well as being a Medical Intuitive, I am a Pilates Instructor and an Anatomy expert, I feel equipped to answer the question from a physiology standpoint. I gave her the anatomy facts and the difference between the practices. Yes indeed they do complement each other.

Then she spoke about time management – how her life was being managed by schedule commitments and that Pilates was proving difficult to get to.

She said “you gave me some information but I want you to tell me what I should do?” Ok that was the real reason – she wanted someone else to decide – so that she wouldn’t have to decide but more so that she didn’t feel enough of her power base to feel good about her decision.  Have you ever done this? Then said oh but so and so who is an expert said this and that. Can I tell you that no one in this world is more expert than you are!

Take your power back – you have the right to make decisions and prioritise your time for things that support your goals in life.

Be clear with your GOAL SETTING

Be clear on what your goals are. Stand in your truth and sit in your power.  No one else knows what is happening on your insides. Heed the warnings and listen to your gut. Your intuition is your guiding light – your internal compass. We are all fully supported when we start taking inspired action and support ourselves.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 9.52.18 PM

Going back to my friend who said – “can’t you tell me?”

I said “no.  It really is your decision.  This is what I can say, it is about prioritising and being clear”.  Her self realisation kicked in she said – “this is my decision”. Yay!

She and only she, can make decisions for her life. She took her power back and her decision was solid.


Decisions can be challenging but once you make them – it feels solid. It feels like you are on a path to somewhere rather than going round in circles.


Healing begins

Decisions made after self realisations are the most profound.

Want to know more? Needing some clarity in your life? Struggling to prioritise your goals? Need to peel back to find the real you and enjoy your core desires? Then book in for a Medical Intuition Session. Healing starts with knowledge and clarity. Sometimes we just need support to peel back layers so we can see our path clearly xx

16 thoughts on “Take Your Power Back

  1. april

    "take your power back – you have the right to make decisions."

    this is something that i spend a great deal of time on with my clients. many of these women, after dealing with an eating disorder for many years, are used to giving their power away (primarily to their illness). i coach them and encourage them and support them in TAKING IT BACK. an important message, maria – thank you.

    1. Maria Post author

      hi April – I agree – this is a pattern and is almost a relearning or new learning of being. God Bless for the work that you do xx

  2. Elizabeth MacLeod

    Interesting Maria… you know, I was feeling like taking a bath…it's the middle of the afternoon and thought, I really should wait for evening… I've been on antibiotics now… a heavy dose.. for the past 9 days… and although I feel better, I poop out quickly… I kept thinking, just keep going, rest later… and then I read this sentence in your post…. "Can I tell you that no one in this world is more expert than you are!" … and within the few sentences to follow I thought,… what the heck are you doing?… go have a bath. Your body is speaking. Your intuition knows. .… who cares if you think there is more to do or that's not the norm!. You are tired. Your intuition is speaking. You'll have the energy later… then do it then.

    So… going to run the bath now… thank you Maria…. 🙂 great post! deep bow!

  3. Cathy Sykora

    This is a beautiful reminder that we do not need any external validation when we know what we truly need. So many people feel that their internal gauge is not enough of a reason to base their decisions on, and this post is a great reminder of how important it is to honor ourselves and be true to ourselves. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Sue Ann Gleason

    Yes, I can relate. There are times in my life when I know at a really deep level what I want/need to do but I still look to that outside source to confirm it, be a trusted friend or a guide. Fortunately for me I have some very wise guides who lead me back to self!

    1. Maria Post author

      mmm – Sue Ann – I love that back to self – that's where it is, really – sometimes we do need some guidance – I put my hand up too xx

  5. Kelly Hine

    I used to struggle with indecision – stuck for too long in not knowing which way to go and turning the pros and cons over in my head. I'm just so glad that now I'm so much more in touch with myself and my intuition. It makes decision making (mostly) effortless. Just a gentle tuning in to what feels right. And it works!

    1. Maria Post author

      I love the "gentle tuning in to what feel right" – perfect. I also speak about effortless effort – mmmmm – love this <3

  6. Cathy

    One thing I've come to learn, when a decision becomes too overwhelming, is to give the weight of the decision over to a higher power so that all I have to do is work with the facts and how I feel about the different choices. When I have the desperate need for someone else to decide for me, it's usually a need for permission, or some other need based in fear. It truly is powerful to acknowledge that a decision is my own.

    "Decisions made after self realisation are the most profound." I love that. So true.

    1. Maria Post author

      Oh thank you Cathy – you and me both – it is the permission to be and tune in that is the most profound xx

  7. Susie

    This resonates with me Maria!!

    When people ask me what I do, I often reply 'I help overwhelmed women make decisions' whether it's planning an event or giving advice many want me to decide so they can give the ownership away.

    I try to help them to tap into what they like and what feels right to them too.

    1. Maria Post author

      I just love that Susie – it is about helping women make decisions but in a guided soul essence presence xx

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Healing and Life Drawing

What does healing have to do with drawing? You might ask.

Creativity and Healing?  Is there a parallel or inverse relationship between the two?  You bet!

So I have found that I really wanted to do something creative for years.   As luck or synchronicity would have it, an art studio opened up around the corner from my home about 3 years ago. I have been in, collected biz cards to make a time. But never actually got round to going in and doing a class.  The intention was there but something stopped me.   That is until today. I drove past and there was a sign out that said “today life drawing 1-4pm”.  Today was the day.  I was ready to explore this parallel of creativity and healing.

healing through creativity

I walked into the studio – an absolute novice and jumped in. There was a life model, posing for us, in position for us to create.  I started at the beginning, became grounded and then created.  Whilst dissecting the model, I felt it was not unlike what I do with energies and anatomy. I started to look at patterns and shades. Actually cool when you just stay present without expectation. It is healing in itself. Just being – without judgement of self or others. It just felt good. Exploring the right brain creativity in such a different setting to the norm.

Effect: Relaxed my nervous system

I am so thrilled with the results. I found that it totally relaxed my nervous system too. By the end of the session, my breathing was slow and methodical – just the sweeps of the charcoal I was using.

healing and creativity

It was delightful to be in a room with people who were just present and focused on the life drawing, creating, enjoying, being. There was a synergy in the room.

Feeling disconnected or frazzled?

So next time you feel disconnected or just frazzled with life, do something creative and play – no expectations – just fun.

How do you relax your nervous system? What fun things do you do regularly?

If you would like to heal through creativity, find something fun to do – something that nourishes your soul.

8 thoughts on “Healing and Life Drawing

  1. hotels in columbus ms

    I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style of blogging. I added it to my favorites blog site list and will be checking back soon. Please check out my site as well and let me know what you think.

  2. Champions Towing

    I've recently been meditating on the very same thing personally recently. Happy to see another person on the same wavelength! Nice article.

  3. Rosaura

    I have recently started a site, the information you offer on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

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As the Story Unfolds

medical intuition, healing

As our soul regenerates.

As we peel back the layers, the stories dissolve.

As we become aware, our soul starts to breathe.

As we create space, our bodies start to breathe

As we expand and nurture, our bodies and mind start to experience with more passion and compassion.

Appreciating our past so that we can experience our future

Enliven our moment

With energy and vitality that transcend what we know

Enhancing the vibrational cell with forgiveness and gratitude

Exploring the soul

Acknowledging the physical

Engaging the mind

Life is worthy, you are worthy, we are worthy

We are one

Lets enjoy the moment together

the journey

18 thoughts on “As the Story Unfolds

  1. Fiona Rutland

    Just perfect synchronicity your gifts in your SHARINGS !!!!!!!!! I have to pinch myself that you are actually our Journey Practitioner of the Highest !!!! Blessings darling xoxoxo
    Lovingly Fifi

  2. Lori

    This was beautifully written. I especially like the idea of appreciating our past so that we can experience the future. We are a compilation of all that we have lived through. Thank you, Maria.

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The Art of Receiving

This year has been a year of abundance. Abundance and prosperity comes from within.

The art of receiving is something that I am learning along the way. It is not a natural state for me. However, the art of giving is more than natural, it was my modus operandi. To the point of over giving and then becoming depleted.

Does this resonate?

This year it finally clicked that the art of giving, without the art of receiving is actually creating a deficiency in my energetic loop and depleting me from the inside out.

the key

Unless I opened myself to receive, I could not give anymore. Oh my, this created a whole energetic, paradigm shift. I sat with this, fought with this and finally decided that if I was going to succeed in business, this was something I had to tackle with clarity, assuredness and observation.

The learning curve was beginning and more importantly the significant shift in identity was about to take place.

Once this penny dropped, I was on a mission. I started to look for guidance. I googled.

giving and receivingOne of the first insights into this world of receiving came from a Denise Duffield Thomas, also known as Lucky Bitch. She had a free audio on her website which I devoured. I also downloaded her book – Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. Then I was lucky enough to go along to a one day mastermind with Denise, herself in March last year. This just proved to me that she was sharing a journey that I was just embarking on. However, she had been on the journey and was on the other side. So many insights.

I came home from that one day and purchased Denise’s Lucky Bitch Bootcamp.

The bootcamp itself is paradigm shifting as she gives a lot of great value, including subtle energetic shifts which happen along the way. Yes, your thoughts about receiving do change.

transformation, abundance, propserityMy journey thus far has included becoming open to receive from a generous space. My self-esteem has increased. I can actually write this now. “I serve, I deserve.” In retrospect, it does start with opening your heart to yourself, but when I was first beginning, I wasn’t aware of this small but fundamental detail. Prosperity can only come from within.

Coming from a place of service and having the innate ability of closing the chasm between giving and receiving will only enhance your mission and open you up to potential and possibilities.

If you are ready to choose both giving and receiving as an energetic complete loop which will fill your heart and your world with your desires, then I highly recommend sourcing guidance. This program and the community is wonderful and can lead to paradigm shifts which indeed can make you a lucky rich bitch too.

Here’s to raising the prosperity consciousness of all the generational change agents and women entrepreneurs in the world.


New York Is Calling

Call me crazy but with guaranteed entry into the New Marathon for 2015, I am committed. It is 48 weeks away, I am 30kgs overweight but I am doing it. I have started to train.

As a way of keeping me accountable and a record – I put it out into the world – see my facebook post.

new york marathon facebook post

My first goal post is 5km.

This comes in 2 phases.  One is to cover the distance (walking/running) and then the second is to run the whole distance. My body is in revolt and my spirit is soaring. This is an experiment. Change your thoughts, change your world. 

I have been at it for 4 weeks now and yesterday, I completed the 5kms. It was exhilarating to achieve the first of many milestones. Along the way I spoke my mantras and called on my angels and guardians. Especially, in the last kilometer, of which I ran continuously. This is the longest stretch of running I have completed since I broke my leg back in 2010 and I felt very accomplished.


The real story began in 2009

This is where the real story began. It was 2009 and I was clinically depressed as I crossed the finish line of the London Marathon. Each step of the 33,000 steps was filled with dread, heaviness and sadness. I didn’t know it at the time that I was suppressing the depression and pushing against it. But the black dog was there and it wasn’t until many years later, on reflection really, that I really got it. It is now 5 years down the track and the memory is trying to protect me by keeping me safe. Safety is doing nothing. Safety is standing still. Safety is being numb. Safety is being protected by the weight, which is a cocoon.

But I can tell you, I am breaking out one step at a time. 

For me, the wakeup call came in three parts. 

Post London Marathon, 7 months later, I broke my arm by slipping during my son’s swimming excursion. I was very angry, but still not taking the message to heart. I defied gravity and tried to run, even though painful with a broken arm.  I stopped running albeit very resentful.

Then 6 months after, I slipped again and broke my leg. This was severe. This stopped me in my tracks. I was declared an invalid and disabled. This was the catastrophic trajectory that changed my life. I was in a wheel chair, I was housebound, I was hopeless. Now I was clinically depressed as well as suicidal.

I was being treated for the depression. With the mix of sedentary life and the medication, the weight piled on. At the end of the 6 months, I was 30 kgs heavier and was not me anymore. My identity had shifted and I was lost.

I tried to go back to my normal life. I was at work, on the outside looked bubbly and well, but on the inside really didn’t want to be here. Another message, I mishandled a piece of equipment in the studio and it dropped on my toe. My toe was broken. That was the end. I was making plans.

I recoiled and withdrew. They were dark times.

Fast forward to the end of 2014

I am now training for the New York Marathon for 2015. Each step of my training is a step into the light. I am using all my healing work on myself. I understand and appreciate the body, the subconscious mind and my heart space.

Can I do it? Absolutely yes!

Will I do it from a space of lightness and transcendence? This is what I am striving for and call on my supporters every step I take – I am documenting the journey with pics on my facebook page – you can follow me here. 

Moral of this story – asking for help is ok and taking inspired action with tiny steps can be the catalyst to big results. 

If you are resonating with this, then please seek medical advice. For me, it was a mix of physiology as well as thoughts, which created my reality. I required medical assistance but also wanted and needed the support of an earth angel who could help me find my way. I wish I knew someone like me back then – this is my catalyst to being here. This is my mission. I am available for sessions or programs. Apply here to set up a time. Blessings xx

18 thoughts on “New York Is Calling

  1. WileyZTastet

    Excellent site you might have got here.. It's difficult to find good quality writing like
    yours these days. I truly appreciate individuals just like you!
    Take care!!

  2. Deb

    Thanks for sharing Maria! Yes, plunging into the deorhs and then coming back strong is amaxing! Keep it up – and call out if you ever need a hand at anybtime – love deb

  3. Cathy Sykora

    Congratulations on making the commitment and also for putting it out there! I think it is wonderful to share our goals with others, accountability can make such a huge difference. It sounds like you have quite an inspiring story and it is wonderful that you are taking the steps, creating and working toward your goals, and moving forward. What an inspiration! Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Elizabeth MacLeod

    That was riveting … Maria… you are a brave soul. Thank you for sharing your self in such a real and most beautiful way. I send you big hugs and love … I wish you had someone like you back then too….. Geeze… I wonder… if I could come and watch you do this in NY… hmmm…. wouldn't that be amazing… hmmm… when exactly is it? I can't find the date….

    1. Maria Post author

      Thank you Elizabeth. I so appreciate it.

      New York Marathon for 2015 is Sunday November 1, 2015 and that would be amazing xx

      Yes, YES come to New York xx

  5. Dana

    Ahh, way to go Maria! Congrats on the 5k. I ran my first marathon in 2013 I trained for forever to do it. It will be an amazing accomplishment, you've got this!

  6. april

    wow – way to go, maria! i've seen some of your pictures on facebook and your radiant smiling face is truly inspiring. good luck with the training journey!

    1. Maria Post author

      Hi Karen, it would be great to catch up Karen – lets set a date – see you in New York xx

  7. Susie

    Congratulation Maria!! This makes me so happy for you and this New Yorker will be cheering you on. Loving your journey 🙂

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Peeling Back the Layers

My experience with strolling beneath the skin was mind blowing, soul shifting and a synaptic evolutionary process.

It all started with watching a youtube video. Attending a conference. Awakening the hunger and the need to know more.

My Mentor and Teachers

My mentor and teachers have paved the journey into the physical and the metaphysical.


So the story begins in a Gross Medical Lab

metaphysical and physicalgross medical lab sign

A few years ago, I found myself in a gross medical anatomy lab. A lifeless physical body in front of me. I was standing there with a scalpel and hemostat. Ready for the journey. Ready to explore the physical body in the most profound, humbling and honoured experience. The exploration of strolling under the skin started with the first incision. Peeling back the skin, exposing the layers of matter. Anatomy, structure, lines, fascia, unknown, known, theorized facts, came to life in my hands.

As I peeled back the layers in front of me, I also peeled back my own layers. My protection, my shield and opened my heart to what is possible. To experiences beyond my wildest dreams.

Cathartic Process

Such a cathartic process! It felt like a rebirth.  Here I was thinking that I was quenching my thirst and curiosity to know more, help my clients and educate the masses. But I actually supported my own metamorphosis.

Feeding my soul, healing my past (my life and many past lives) and allowing potential and possibilities.

The physical matter is only one part of us. The spirit is a major component. In that wet lab, my spirit was soaring.

I flew into my future

The combination of physical and metaphysical.  My practice of being a Medical Intuitive was born.  Appreciating the energetic presences, the thought patterns. Seeing and feeling what these could do to the physical.


As I continue to feel, see, connect with souls, I am reminded and I go back to my time standing with the scalpel ready to peel back the layers – these are our stories. What stories are you telling and what story is your body portraying? The cells carry our stories, past, present and future. What are the choices you are making?

Back in the lab, I chose to accept, acknowledge and take inspired action. The first thing I did was forgive myself and appreciate me, for all that I am. Body, mind and soul.

This cathartic experience opened my heart to what is possible. It showed me that pain is temporary; honesty and choices will free us all permanently.


18 thoughts on “Peeling Back the Layers

  1. mit Geschenkband verpacken

    Thanks for writing this. I really feel as though I know so much more about this than I did before. Your blog really brought some things to light that I never would have thought about before reading it. You should continue this, Im sure most people would agree youve got a gift.

  2. april

    "Here I was thinking that I was quenching my thirst and curiosity to know more, help my clients and educate the masses. But I actually supported my own metamorphosis." though different experiences, a transformation has been happening in my own life (as i've been seeking greater inspiration and knowledge to assist my clients). what a fascinating adventure this must have been, maria! thanks for allowing me a glimpse.

  3. Dana

    Maria, as a former LP nurse, I relate to this metaphor…my body has been speaking since birth..I began listening and gauging my environment this way as a child. AND yes, how did you get in that lab???

    1. Maria Post author

      Hi Dana – it was a journey but an amazing one. I just knew I had to be there and off I went to make it happen. It all started at a Pilates Conference in Sydney and then the pieces just fell into place. xx

  4. Cathy

    Fantastic story – I too want to hear more about it. it seems crazy that we tend to focus so heavily on the state of the tissue, but it really is just the shell, the first layer of the onion skin. How amazing to start exploring the parts way below the surface that animate the tissue, that direct the actions of the cells, and to see that we are so much more than the sum of our parts.

  5. Susan Seale

    Was that Bruce Lipton? It sure looked like him. lol
    Maria you are amazing. I so love the humble tone of your writing, there is so much love in your words.
    So, we're all waiting expectantly now for more posts on your journey…

    1. Maria Post author

      Hi Susan, I have met Bruce Lipton but no that was the amazing Professor Elbermani (an incredible scholar, head of the school of Medicine in Boston) He said he taught most of the Doctors in the Boston area.

      Oh yes I look forward to sharing my journey too. Thank you xx

  6. Susie

    WOW! Peeling back the layers both literally and spiritually must've been an unbelievable experience. I would love to hear about all of the steps that got you to where you are as a medical intuitive.

    So fascinating to me!!

    1. Maria Post author

      Hi Susie, it was amazing and life changing. I see things through different eyes. My journey as a Medical Intuitive began on so many levels. I would love to share the experience with you Susie – let's chat soon. xx

  7. Sue Ann Gleason

    Wow, Maria, I want to know more about 'that' story. How did you end up in a gross anatomy lab?
    My body has much to tell me when I take the time to honor its wisdom and listen with a wide open heart.

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