I am so excited to share with you my first interview in a series with Powerful Spiritual Leaders.

In this series, we will be delving into:

  • Consistency,
  • Transformation
  • Success in Business as a Spiritual Entrepreneur.

My first interview is with the amazing Kari Samuels.

The intention of this particular interview was to understand what does it take to be a success in the Spiritual online space?

How to become a Leader and influencer?

What can you do to step into your sovereign power?

This interview is particularly relevant to all the women who have been called to be of service as Lightworkers and Healers across the world.

You can watch the full video (click on image) or read the highlights below.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and I would love to hear what were your key takeaways in the comments below.

I asked Kari

What does power, leadership and influence mean to you?

“Well, those are three different words, but they are combined, aren’t they? It’s interesting because I’m doing a lot of collaborations right now with other people, preparing things like we’re doing right now. I really love collaborating and I do think that is, part of leadership is collaborating. It’s funny because I have a very successful business.

Yet what motivates me and my measure of success and business is how much influence I’ve had on the world. Because I have a mission to change as many lives as possible. That is part of why I make my programmes not expensive at all. There are some people, they’re very boutique in the way where they want to … It’s all about in-depth influencing a few people.

I used to do readings one on one, and I did that for 20 years. My heart then was all about reaching lots and lots and lots of people in a way to make other lightworkers in the world remember their light. 

To ignite the light in other people.

 Power ultimately is being a channel for something greater where you’re allowing yourself to be that empty vessel where greatness can be channelled through you. That’s when you’re lighting up the world. I hope that makes sense. That’s the way my brain works, it’s not a linear”

This was powerful – when Kari shared how she sees power.

We chatted about the masculine and feminine attributes of power.

Kari shared

“I see the word power as a spiritual word, not a masculine word.

Power, leadership and integrity to me doesn’t even feel masculine because of how I’ve shaped them in my world. I always see these as like an energy that I’m channelling from a divine source. I know that I used to have trouble with those.

This is power. Something greater than us.”

We chatted about branding and visibility and how important this is in the online world.  This is the way our clients to find us.

Kari shared her journey

It’s very important for you to be the face of your brand. For you or me, because the thing is, people then associate you with your message. They know, “Oh, this is Maria, this is Kari. I know I can trust her.” That’s why it’s so important that it’s a very different paradigm we’re in right now. We’re back in our past lives when we were like monks and nuns and priests and priestesses. It was all about conformity and fitting in and being the same.

 Now we’re moving on to this other level where we’re individuating and we have to, this is what the lightworkers pack now is being like shiny, extra shiny as your individual self. It’s not even all about giving all the glory to a higher power. I couldn’t do what I do without my guides or my angels or the Creator. Yet I have to be very conscious that I am the channel which they chose for me to share my unique message.

It’s super important. It’s so important that all that past programming about not being shiny, not standing out, not boasting, all that. It needs to be redefined and reshaped because it is important for you to be the name. It’s important for you to stand out from the crowd. It’s actually important for you to take credit for all the work that you have to do to be a clear channel. Over time, my guides have shown me the importance of that.

 It’s something I like to share with others. I’m grateful to be on here with you so that other people listening can perhaps see an example. Because I’m very anti conceitedness. It’s one of my things that, or people who are all about money and stuff like that, towards me. Yet, I’ve managed to have a very successful thriving business and have my name be liked, shared in a very way that, I have 1.6 million views on YouTube now just with one monthly video. I don’t do it weekly. If they’re not evergreen videos, they’re videos that just go away after the month.

I still manage to do that with consistency, but it’s like, people because, I’m Kari Samuels and I’m your coach and what I’m going to tell you, you can trust me.” I built that trust but I had to be okay with being Kari Samuels, the face of the information. It was a very long and challenging process because it almost goes against my nature of, like wanting to … Because I’m a little bit of, I have a little bit of distaste.

I absolutely loved what Kari share here – you have to be ok with being the face of your brand –

Know who you are inside and out.

Know your path forward.

Have your vision.

And Yes!! Be on a mission.

I asked Kari about her daily energy practices and she shared about her practice of “Beditation” – which I thought was perfect.  She commits to her day energetically and sends light energy to her projects.  I love that as she is working in the matrix right from the get-go.  Inspiring and so doable.

Here is how Kari shared her Spiritual practice

Before I get out of bed, and I could do this now, I’m self-employed so I can get the time for it. If I don’t do this, it’s like the day doesn’t go as well. I’ll beditate where I’m lying there and I’m, “Oh good, I’m still alive.” I scan my body and bring light into the room and bring light into my home and bring light into my body. I cleanse my Chakras and connect with my guides and go through the day a little bit and what I have going on and bringing light to it.

Bringing light to, especially if there seems, there’s some stuck energy there. I’ll just move light through my day before I do it. I like to beditate. Some people meditate on a mat and do their yoga first but I just like it. That’s what I like to do before I get out of bed.

As healers, you will resonate with this so much

I want to help people so badly. I want to help people so much with family and friends. I’ll offer things that weren’t asked for because I’m like, “I know I could do this. I know I can help you so I’m just going to give it.” It ends badly for both of us, because it’s like, that’s a grace thing. You talked about grace. It’s like having the grace not to impose your help unless someone is wanting, ready, eager, asking to receive it.

This another nugget too

I asked Kari about the popularity of her month forecast.  Consistently for at least 6 years – if not more. . .

The reason it’s so popular is not that I need to do this. It’s because I love doing this and I speak from my heart. I can even do once a year, and it would be popular if I did that. If you’re only doing it because you want to be like people that, don’t do it then. Just don’t do it. Don’t do it.

I love what Kari shared – that if you do things through a lens of love, then all will be in flow.  This is what viewers are picking up too.

Attachment to outcome

I asked Kari what is one thing you know today that you didn’t know 12 months ago . .

Here’s Kari’s response – it was around not being so attached to outcome

These are daily practices to learn how to stay helpful and stay connected and keep myself with action and a positive momentum without being attached to saving everyone myself.

She continues to chat about boundaries and attachment – very much interlinked.  You know what I think of boundaries – I wrote a whole course on Energetic Boundaries when I was navigating the world as a conscious aware Empath. As a Healer providing a service, the outcome is not up to us – we are there to collaborate, channel and support.  At the end of the day, everyone is responsible for their own journey.  We hold space.

That is, the boundaries and the attachments are connected. It’s, with clients, and this was a big journey for me while I was doing clients is, that’s again, couldn’t give him the power like your channel and you have to take responsibility for being that channel. It’s not up to you to change people. To heal them in one session, to heal them in 10 sessions. It’s not up to you. It’s that detachment from the outcome of whether they’re lives. You want people to change their lives. It’s always nice to hear that. We can be attached to it. I’m still learning that.

It was an absolute honour to interview Kari.

I have taken some of the nuggets and included them here.

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