In 2009 I travelled with my daughter to Europe. It was also the start of my awakening.  My soul could no longer be ignored. It needed to be heard. I was stubborn.

It started with my daughter mentioning to me that I would make noises, verbal messages, now I recognise this was light language. The gift was becoming conscious. My insights were waking up.

25775_10150176144800111_3959008_nBut mere mortal me did not appreciate or comprehend the enormity of this. So I suppressed it. Became fearful. Did not want to know. Carried a burden instead of opening my heart to the essence of the Gift.

My soul kept speaking to me, my ego was also vocal. My ego won. I was not going to do all this airy fairy intangible mumbo jumbo, even hippy or enlightened work. I didn’t know then but I do know that this was fear of the unknown. And my past lives haunting me and ego keeping me safe. I know, sounds a little Gaga but soul approves. Shining is better than dimming. I decided that you know what you know until you know something different. Right?!

My body was showing signs of shut down. My soul was really trying to get my attention. Balance was being called. The masculine energy of taking and running with “have to” had taken over. My cortisol excretion was rampant and all I wanted to do was runaway. If you are feeling the need to runaway then listen to you, it is your flight response. Your body and soul wanting rest or reframe.

My whole right side functionally was shutting down, contracting. My right eye was closing off. My right shoulder, my right hip and my right foot – all contracted – no amount of stretching, massage, anti inflammatory was helping. It was an inside job. My need to constantly prove my worth from the outside was being questioned by my soul.

I didn’t listen. I broke my right arm at the end of 2009. Still not listening. I trained for a half marathon with a broken arm – very painful. But I needed to prove my worth – doesn’t make sense now but made sense at he time. One week out from running the half marathon, I broke my right leg- this was devastating. I was now wheelchair bound (I couldn’t use my arm for stability – it was too weak from the break). There was a long dark recovery ahead of me. The body is so resilient and the soul talks loudly when you stop to listen.

I still wasn’t listening and at the end of 2010 I broke my second toe, on my left foot. This was the final stage. I broke down which was my breakthrough.

My journey was set in motion. What unfolded and is unfolding is a million miles away from anything I had ever dreamed.


I tell you this because I know what it is like to feel broken and your body showing you the symptoms of this thought pattern. I also know what it is like to enlightened. It is magical. Turning the intangible into tangible is my biggest calling.

I was asked last night – what was I doing in life? I said I am into personal development and transformational spiritual development both for myself and for my clients. Knowing the clues from your body is a powerful insight into your future.  The awareness is the first step. How to release the patterns is the profound missing piece in the journey. I know because I have and continue to do so. This is my zone of genius. I help you form and solidify the miracle that you are. Living in your body with joy, feeling blessed and energetically vibrant is the goal. Are you up for the challenge? Are you worth the time? Check out my programs here.  Spiritual transformation and energy clearing is the offer.   Your journey is unique.  Support is invaluable.  If you are ready, willing and able – I am here to support you.  Handholding, guiding, mentoring and shining the light on your unique path.   Are you ready to change your life?