OMG what am I saying?  Ditch Gratitude – it is a practice which has created so much freedom in my soul and the souls of my clients.

But take a pause here.

When we ditch gratitude and simmer consistently on appreciation, something magical happens.

You see it is no longer looking through rose coloured glasses and seeking the end of the rainbow.

It is really solidifying and taking stock of all the things you appreciate in your life, right now.

It is not saying thank you for that crap moment of illness, stress, catastrophic trajectory which has occurred in your life.

It is merely saying in that breath, this sucks and this is OK.  I can do it.

It is seeing the precious in appreciation. 

The Journey is about becoming curious of the experience.  Considering the elements and the energy.  Who was involved, how can I lean and see, feel the gratitude the preciousness, appreciate it for what it can deliver in this instance.  

Having great awareness of all the energetic elements which are involved in any experience, is mastery.  If you need further support with an easy assessment tool, download my FREE Spiritual Assessment Tool by clicking here.