As a Medical Intuitive I have seen how the body speaks to you and this is sometimes hard to know what it is saying.  A disconnect from the body.  This can exacerbate into life altering diseases and even life threatening disease.

The more you can connect your body, the message, the dialogue, form and function – the more freedom you will find in life.

I teach resonance, vibrations, chakra and tapping, navigating to the language of the body.  Each of us has a unique language.  It takes time and guidance to develop an appreciation of the language.  I teach and guide you to access your own unique body talk and ultimately soul speak.  Through sensation practices (getting to know what your senses are conveying to you), tap into your central nervous system and teach you how to recalibrate it so that you came back to homeostasis – this is where you heal your patterns of flight, flight, freeze and fawn. And guide you with ancestral soul medicine and other energetic practices to release trauma from your body.

I find when the body releases trauma, it also releases disease.

It begins at the physical level.  Being able to read your energy and becoming an energy master is a skill set that can open the gates to your freedom from pain and disease.

I teach embodiment as a healing process.

The healing process begins with a 30mins 1:1 session with me.  This is booked via this link https://marialheals.as.me/intuitivesession which gives you access to my diary.  If during this session, we discover that the cause is something which is deeply layered I will invite you to work with me for 10 days which is specialised healing protocol which I have developed.  And has supported people from all across the world from with a variety of life threatening diseases including  Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Acquired Brain Injuries and Autoimmune Disease.  

I have witnessed instant miracles and there have been times where the layers peel back slowly too.   

After this initial healing session, should we both feel it beneficial to continue the healing journey, I will invite to the Medical Intuition 12 days Supported Healing Program.

12 Days Medical Intuitive Supported Healing experience which includes

  • 1 hour 1:1 Medical Intuitive Session
  • a channeled Healing Grid which is a portal for healing – you receive an image and some of the programmed crystals which will support your continued healing.  This will be sent to your home. 
  • 10 days supported healing – for 10 days we touch base and what ever is arising, we work with it. Continued healing sent – distance healing, processes and layers peel back during this time. We do this via email, text or FB Messenger. 
  • Day 12 follow up with a 1:1 30mins session 

Embodiment healing process is the gateway to freedom.