Crystal grids are an arrangement of crystals in a sacred geometry shape that we charge with a clear intention. They are powerful because they bring pieces of the world together: location, energy, and lifetimes of connection.

We call the act of creating crystal grids “gridding”.

Sacred geometry is the hidden mathematical language of nature. It can be found everywhere, from the tiniest grain of sand, to the shapes of galaxies. It’s the magical, perfect order of the Universe binding everything together. Geometrical representations of these shapes and divine proportions are venerated in many ancient cultures. Crystals hold in their structure the essence of that sacred geometry.

When we grid we connect to the power of Divine Creation.

Creating a grid bypasses the conscious mind. That means we stop overthinking, tapping into the imaginary, the in-between world. A place where desires are met and intentions held. No ego to keep you safe. Instead, a spirit that soars, an unapologetic soul that has a sacred soul mission.

What is the crystalline matrix?

Each crystal has its own alchemy, its own combination of minerals that creates a particular type of frequency; hence giving each crystal its particular magical properties. The molecules of these minerals arrange in geometrical forms that follow the dive patterns of sacred geometry, the path found all around nature.

The crystalline matrix is essentially the way these sacred patterns appear to us. The shapes and forms we perceive inside of each crystal. These patterns magically emit tiny particles of white light that hit the atmosphere and alter frequency. When we tap into the power of these magical frequencies we are tapping into the creative power of Spirit. This produces an experience beyond the physical, as we connect with something bigger than us.

We are tapping into connection, support, and beauty.

Why grid?

Creating a grid is a divine formula for co-creation. We are connecting our intentions with the perfect, unseen patterns of Spirit. This intention then bypasses our conscious mind, moving to the realm of the soul. Crystal guides are a guide to access the deepest source of intelligence, way beyond the abilities of our brain. It’s the unimaginable coming together to create a new reality.

A sacred path is set for each one of us. As humans, we forget this path. We get bogged down in societal narratives that deviate us from our soul’s purpose and mission. Crystals bring us back. They have a way of talking to our soul through the very essence of creation. They hold the power of connection to sacred Mother Earth and all its beauty. As we align ourselves with the sacred patterns of the Divine, we are aligning our intentions with the sacred path that is perfectly designed for us.

When I first started to take crystals seriously, I studied them in depth. I looked at their formation, location, geology, and geography. There was this magical connection that grew inside of me. Then, one day, as I looked at the pockets of crystal formation in a crystal, I saw a familiar, magical shape in them. They were forming a Merkaba, an ancient sacred geometry symbol of the light body. That part of us that is eternally connected to Spirit. Our body may be physical matter, but we are encoded with light frequencies. These light frequencies are activated by the crystalline matrix.


Why grid together? 

When we grid together, we are amplifying the energy of our intentions. The energetic container grows as we all, as we all focus on creating. My container joins to your container and then joins with the container of other people in the group. That’s how we create a solid matrix of support, each one amplifying the contribution we want to see in the world.

When we grid together we create a connection, to each other and the Divine. We create commitment since we are now held accountable by our community. We are contributing to the world as we come together to bring change.


How to create a crystal grid.

I’ll share with you a simplified way to do your crystal grids. Learning how to create crystal grids is something I teach inside my Circles. We go in-depth as we understand how they work and choose the right crystal, the right geometry, and the rituals that go with it.

You can do a simplified version of the process, and it will work just fine. Just remember to trust and believe, that’s the true power of magic. Here are some easy steps for you to follow to grid.

  1. Decide where to put the grid and clear your space.

You can place the grid anywhere you like (yes, even in your office). Take into account the size of the crystals and try to find a place where you can often see them and get inspired by their energy. Then sage or use your favorite technique to clear the energy of the space.

  1. Choose your sacred geometry and crystals.

First and foremost, follow your intuition. Before deciding what geometry and what crystals to use, center yourself, quiet your mind and listen. Which form speaks to you? Which crystals are calling you?  There are specific crystals and specific shapes for each intention, but trust that your soul knows what she needs.

  1. Cleanse your crystals.

Before placing your crystals you need to cleanse them. One simple way to do that is to place them under the sunlight or moonlight with a clear intention to have them cleansed.

  1. Place your crystals.

Arrange your crystals symmetrically on top of the sacred geometry shape. Once more, follow your intuition. You may experience a sort of meditative state as you place your crystals in a magical arrangement.

  1. Activate your grid.

Speak your intention aloud, then give thanks for the magic that is manifesting right now in your life. Just wait. Your intention will come to you.


Crystal magic is a power that goes beyond our understanding. It’s up to you to tap into it.

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