Let’s talk manifesting.

If you want to start manifesting… Let’s explore manifesting, intention, co-creation, asking, spells.

The art of manifesting is simply the art of asking.

Doubts look like this
  • Really?
  • Who do you think you are? To ask?
  • Do you deserve it?
  • No, that won’t happen?
In manifesting, you become aware of these pesky doubts. Some of these doubts may not even be yours. They could be societal narratives or generational limitations. After you acknowledged the inner “nay sayers”, that is when you get to work. But what does that mean?
It means:
  • Calling in
  • Setting intention
  • Having a devotional practice
  • Become a disciple to your manifest
  • Your ask
  • Your intention.
  • To begin manifesting,  consider what you will work on.
What are you calling in?

How to manifest

Here are some simple techniques to start manifesting:

Write it down as if it has come to pass – in present time. “Thank you for . . . “
3 main topics of manifestation include love, health, money.
So call it and have gratitude for it coming to you. Thank you!
Layer it with sensations.
How will you feel when you receive it. Invoke these feelings when you write your intention out.

Keep it present

What reminds you of your ask?
Is it a picture, a candle, a flower, a crystal? Whatever it is, place them in a clean sacred space. Then, visit this space with the focus and intention. You can ask daily for anywhere from 3, 10 or 30 days.

Happy manifesting!
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