Something we’ve been exploring in Circle and Leadership training is the concept of self esteem. It’s a construct that makes no sense but is highly valued on some levels.

The question often is “do you have self esteem?” Or self reflection “do I have self esteem?” What’s your immediate response?

It depends where you’re at on the transformational stages of life. This notion that we don’t have self esteem is man made – it’s not spiritual.

The universe/god/higher self gave you enough steam. When you run out – do you replenish?

Self esteem is feeling up your receptor with your own steam, your own fuel.

I was looking into the Italian culture and asking do we have a word for self-esteem – what is it? “Stima di se” Essence of self!!

Maybe self esteem is when one knows oneself inside out at the core. No need for validation, curiosity rather than judgement. Forego labels and just “be”.

I don’t use the word “self esteem” and it generally frustrates me.

For me confidence, motivation, inspiration, value, contribution are all words I’d rather use.

Filling your bucket first