Giving from a place of lack, creates more lack!!

When you give from a place of lack, you may as well not give, at all!

Is over-giving selfish or selfless?


What a huge realisation!

Let’s unpack this.

Have you ever thought to yourself, I am giving a great service, why are they not receiving?  Why am I not getting the accolades that I deserve! 

Earning as much as you should, could?! What?!  I am giving more than I have.  I am giving, giving, giving – are they receiving?  Why aren’t they receiving?  Are you in judgement of them or really YOU?

These can be the layers of ego challenging you.

Arrgh – good old EGO – “edging god out” or inviting god in?!

Is ego good or bad?

Neither – it is awareness that is a gold, here!

Ask yourself . . .

Are you doing the best you can?

Do you do your own inner work?  eg. Meditation, forgiveness – the spiritual work. Creating space in your soul to balance your giving and receiving.

By over-giving, it is a sort of punishment to you.  Hear me out!

Over giving will lead you to energy depletion.  Over giving leads you to over whelm for you and your clients.

The punishment is a deserving element.  This forms the discussion around value and worth.  What you value, grows and is worth more than you ever could imagine. 

Are you valuing your worth?  Do you consider what you are providing valuable? 

What can you do instead?

When you feel you are overwhelmed – pause and review! 

What is scratching at the surface?  What are 3 things you can do today?  Become aware of it.

Have that courageous conservation with yourself and then ask for support?  How can you do it differently?

You want to give everything you have, but others need to be ready to receive.

You are giving from a place of what you need! Give from a place of what they need!

You also know that they also need it in bite sized digestible parts – in ways that they can absorb and implement.

You are the teacher, you are the guidance.

I am saying this as much to myself, as I am to you.  

Be confident in your delivery and you will never over-give again.  You will give from a balanced, well deserving and sharing place.  

Sharing the love, sharing the experiences and teaching along the way.  

Nurture yourself.  Because when you are nurtured, everyone around you will be replenished.  An ode to sacred self!  

Honouring you is the journey.  Finding your balance – what do you feel is a good service, giving and receiving, worth and value – all important parts of your path to success.  Do the inner spiritual work to find your own unique path to balance and peace too.  It will support you to provide safety, security and prosperity. 

Be the kind of service you want to receive without any lack element at all.  By the way, lack is hard to discern – you just know that something feels off.  When you strive for balance – everything else is balanced too. 

Navigate your own path of service.  There in lies the gold.

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