You are the Keeper of civilisation.  Sacred Symbols are everywhere!  Messages come – do you see, hear or feel them?

Why is honey comb the hexagonal shape?  The roots of trees and deep and strong – holding the tree and anchoring it to the ground and connecting it to nutrients and nourishment from source, Mother Earth energy.

The Sun and the Moon are round – Circles – spheres of light.

Stars are shaped in a star formation – 5 points.  Where else do we see stars depicted in myth, religion, devotion. The cosmos intelligence is deep.

What other correspondences can you see, feel, think of?  
– astrology, sun, moon, elements, matrix

It is when you start to ask the question.  Gives birth and rise to more questions.

The Universe is magical.  Correlations and patterns repeat in the musical notes and harmonies, crystals, above ground material world, in the animal kingdom.

Mind blowing really!!

Receiving and accessing this information.

What are we supposed to do with the information?

How are we going to crack the code?

All puzzle pieces are being put together for a representation of a reality?  Can you feel it?

Cracking the code of life or creating awareness of patterns is the transformational journey.  It is the legacy and the footprints you access and create to align, to live a better life.  Ensuring that your children, people you connect with, family and friends have a profound and happier journey in this 3 dimensional human body, body, mind and soul.

So when you are out and about, doing your normal things in your daily life, give a consideration to the patterns, the symbols, the sacred objects that cross your path.  This is the magic.  I always so awareness is the key, transformation the gift and conscious evolution the result.

Magic in your life and Business?

It is possible! Spirituality, magic, and consciousness allow you to go BIG! If you feel like you’re doing ok, but you know you can do much better, it’s true! You can! Check out My Circles and Free Resources so you can let the magic in!

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