I am so thrilled to be invited to this blog tour by the enigmatic Kylie Patchett. (Kylie is Your Delicious Life + Business Mentor (and if you want to get formal about it:: ex-geneticist, forensic biologist and physiologist, human behaviour specialist, shiatsu therapist and Oriental psychology-trained lover of all things Eastern philosophy).

So here goes my writing process……..

Q1. What am I working on?

I am working on spreading the word that healing is an innate ability within us all, we are the author of our story and that we have choices. No one knows better than you do. Own it! Live it! I help guide those who are called to work with me, to awaken this ability by creating embodied, neural and conscious experiences. This leads to an opportunity to reflect on past experiences as simply stories, increasing today’s knowledge base and saying goodbye to investment. Is this simple? No! But is it doable – absolutely. Everything I teach actually comes from my own experiences. I personally have suffered various autonomic diseases and they are now dormant. I live a happy and blissful life. My perception and reality has changed immeasurably. I live from abundance and love. Empathy and compassion are a big part of my work. Hearing and identifying the story by listening on a neural, channelled level. Identifying the lessons and creating a super conscious awareness of reality today. Banish and recognise fear-based reaction and start to react with love. Healing by self-love, awareness, acknowledgement and acceptance. Truly profound and changes our current perception. Changes the way you live in the world. Dis-ease, dysfunction and pain dissolves and disappears. Life becomes less of a struggle and embracing today is the norm. I am offering healing programs – personalised programs where you can work with me, workshops, retreats. I am excited to reveal that my healing circle program will be launched in Oct 2014. This will include every healing modality I have used, which have had profound results for me personally and for my clients.

Q2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I am a scientifically informed healer. My ability is innate but I denied it for a long time. I am a 3rd generation healer. I have unique understanding of how your body works. This is a profound and humbling skill. I honour and respect this ability. I help you release the negative energy from your body. I have also studied with internationally renowned scientists for the past 10 years. Areas of interest are movement, function, fascial integration, pain management, (the thinking cells of the body) central nervous system and peripheral nervous systems (sympathetic and parasympathetic). I have been personally tutored by leading surgeons in gross anatomy labs to understand the functionality of the physical body. Belief in the metaphysical took a while. Nearly 30+ years. I questioned everything. However, as I treated 1000s of people through my clinic – I now know that thoughts do create reality. There is no doubt in my mind. I have seen the results and love what I can introduce into peoples reality. Change your thoughts, change your reality. By introducing simple doable changes which lead to feelings of success, the new way of doing things feels good and is integrated within your body, belief and how you function, mind, body and soul. Is this simple? No! Can you do yourself? No! Can you create this? Absolutely with support – Yes! Q3. Why do I write what I do? To give hope and inspiration. To ignite the passion and compassion within my tribe. To teach and share latest research and knowledge. To provide insights. I want to share real life experiences to show potential and power involved when self realisations occur.

Q3. Why do I write what I do?

To give hope and inspiration.

To ignite the passion and compassion within my tribe.

To teach and share latest research and knowledge.

To provide insights.

I want to share real life experiences to show potential and power involved when self realisations occur.

Q4. How does my writing process work?

I live my passion of igniting the inner healer within. I am inspired by so many things – daily experiences, the meaning of lessons presented, clients’ healings. My experiences are earthy and real life. As I give myself permission to share my insights – my hope is that others find the freedom to share too. By sharing and showing others what is accessible – the healing process begins.

These beautiful souls will be sharing their answers to the questions next week.

SamanthaSamantha Leith is a successful performer, entrepreneur and single mum.  She is an inspiring business owner, having taken her business from nada to major in only a couple of years. Part Business Strategist, part Systems Specialist and all diva. She started her working life as a professional singer, then got side tracked down the ‘safer’ business roads.  She’s gone from Financial Controller to hand holding business coach and now shares her message that everyone can have a Show Stopping Business and Life by working Smart Not Hard! Samantha guarantees to Entertain, Educate and Empower everyone that crosses her path. You can find Samantha here www.SamanthaLeith.com

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Anne Clark works behind the scene of many successful entrepreneurs.  A Virtual Assistant by name, however always delivers so much more.  Specialising in areas such as social media, newsletters, graphics, system process and the list goes on. Once upon a time, Anne was branded the nickname ‘Scout’ because “You’re always prepared”. Anne doesn’t believe you should always be fire fighting, and where possible planning and knowing what needs to be done, ensures lots of ‘risks’ are eliminated. Anne is super excited as she has finally launched her new website and with this her excitement to  blog regularly.  For so long she’s been writing content for her clients website and now she can finally write for her own website.  You can find Anne at www.firststepvirtualassistant.com.au 

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AngelaAngela Raspass is The Business Success Mentor supporting women to enjoy more freedom, flexibility and financial abundance by building wholehearted businesses and lives. Angela believes that everything is possible when you align your purpose, values and passion with strong business and marketing strategy and robust self-belief in a Wholehearted Success Trilogy and she provides personal guidance, online programs, workshops and retreats as well as inspiring keynote addresses that act as catalysts for change. She blogs at: http://angelaraspass.com/blog/