Egypt as a whole is an expansive experience. Visiting the 3 chambers of the Great Pyramid comes with great authority and responsibility. My experience felt as if I  was suspended between worlds. I have visited Egypt three times by now, this time I felt called to share with you a detailed description of my experience. By now I know this: what I unblock and release in myself is unblocked and released in others through my own experience. This is why I share with you my experience, so you too can experience the expansion, in your own body, life and journey.


It is 2.30am and I am nervously anticipating one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. The driver, the guide and his wife pick me up. We drive to the main entrance of the Giza Plateau, the home of the 3 main pyramids.  We have private permission to enter the Great Pyramid for 2 hours. The escort team is composed of 10 men in total.


It feels huge. I’m feeling nervous, reverent and supported.

To top it all, a guardian dog approaches us and greets us, escorting us to the entrance of the great pyramid.


There is a short climb to the entrance. This aids to help you experience an opening and rebirth of yourself. That’s what it felt like to me as the men with flashlights were lighting the way. Our guide, an archeologist goes in before us and turns on the lights. So we have safe passage through this uneven hallway, narrow with turns that weaves into an opening.


The first chamber we enter is the Queens Chamber.

The archaeologist takes out his keys and unlocks the gate. There is a deep reverence within, a wisdom which is birthing. That key unlocked not only the lock but also something inside of me. I bent over and started to make my way through the narrow opening walkway/tunnel to access this extraordinary chamber. I felt shivers and a deep sacred awakening, an awe that is unparalleled. After an immersive inordinate time and pause, with gratitude we exited this chamber.

queen's chamber

The King’s Chamber

We then made our way to the Kings Chamber, a gallery and symphony of excitement and anticipation. The gallery is itself a healing chamber, requires fortitude and grit and prepares you for entry. A cathartic cleanse of not know and clearing with every step.

I make it. I am at the top. Ready to bend in half to walk through the last tunnel to access and stand in the Kings Chamber. This is my third time in the chamber and it just gets better. I feel the frequency, the attunement to thousands of years of ancient wisdom. It is hard to describe my imagination and channel is now wide open. I begin to tone, channel and I feel a deep shift and connection to the ancients and the ancients within me.

My soul ignites. I stand, sit and lie down to absorb this miracle.

It is time to exit the Kings chamber. We make our way down the galley. It feels easy, light, like I’m not there but I know I am. Something has changed. 



king's chamber

One last stop.

The last chamber is a subterranean chamber where we descend deeper into the pyramid. Bent over taking one step at a time backwards down a lit up galley. Then it’s on my hands and knees to crawl and enter a chamber which greets us with a different energy. The attunement takes a few moments. It is dark and we have our phone lights which gives us vision.  I pause. It is almost impossible to take it all in. I try! The vibration, frequency and resonance is out of this world.



There is cavern which is fenced off,  I look down but cannot see the bottom. The wonder is elusive. There are no conclusions. More curiosity and enquiry osmoses in my whole being.
In reflection the seed of the awe that anything is possible, the potential of the extraordinary is real. The wonder continues. The curiosity expands.

As we exit the Great Pyramid, there is a sense that something deep and sacred has occurred within me.

Our guardian dog is waiting for us. Escorts us back to the car. We are human again.

But before we get in the car, our guide shares something magical, mystical even, an imprint in the floor of the Great Pyramid – an imprint of a fish, a skeleton from the pre-diluvian  days.  When the world was flooded. Extraordinary!!


Pinch me – it was one of the most reverent sacred experiences of my life. 


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Egypt Sacred Soul Journey by Maria Heals