I want to tell you a story of insight, wisdom and a little inner child rebellion.

My mum was lying in emergency after a suspected heart attack. It was still being  investigated.

So my sister and I are waiting with Mum to find out definitively what was causing this inexplicable chest pain. Mum was sleeping on and off.

My sister says to my Mum for some reason – not sure what sparked off this conversation.

Maybe it was truth and trust on us being there always  – “you wouldn’t fart in front of your son (our brother) but you don’t mind farting in front of us.”

In that instance I thought – there you go – no wonder we feel like second class – “not enough” is running us. I conveyed this to my sister. There was instant agreement.  A preview of victim and martyrdom – oh the stories we carry. They are not always true. We get to choose.

Old story: You know the idea that my brother is better than us in some way.

However, there was a little nudge, a thought that Mum can’t share all of herself with the men in her life. Maybe its cultural, maybe it’s wisdom, maybe it’s feelings of not being equal.

It got me thinking!

Is this a story?

Does this represent an inner deeper wisdom?

Maybe it is all of the above but also a traditional aspect of our culture. A deep truth.

It is about sharing every part of you with trust, honour and humility. A sacred sister code. Mum has the wisdom to know that she chooses who she shares all of herself with. Waste and all. Where she feels safe, honoured and sacred. There are no pedastools – rather innate knowing.

Who do you share all of you with? 

Are they honoured to receive and be the witness?

Do you release that which doesn’t serve with a trusted few?

Energetically and culturally we are programmed to follow a path. Do you follow it, judge or allow it to be your path to awakening?

It’s ok that mum feels that I am her equal and therefore ready to share all of herself. There is no worse or better, just is . . . So it is

Ancient wisdom in action.

The fart is a metaphor for releasing the toxins in life. It is physiological and it is a release.

There is a profound bond between mother and daughter. Thank you Mum for all the lessons.

Who are you willing to share with?

Do you have a sacred sisterhood?